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Lord Please give Rodney M Strength to fight this Illness Lord Rodney is so love by some many family members

Wanted to praise the Lord for the healing He’s given me over anxiety. I've sought the Lord daily in prayer on my knees throughout the day and visited multiple prayer sites praying not only for my own needs, but the Church and the needs of others. God has been merciful to me a sinner; a man who's still in need of repentance in areas, but does seek Him diligently and try to obey through His grace. He’s given me a miraculous healing with the type of anxiety that I faced; you would be amazed. Let the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ be praised and highly exalted, forever and ever!

God please heal me wholly and completely from severe depression and anxiety and akathisia. Lord God please help me get off the evil drug that has caused this and stop all the awful side effects and withdrawals. I trust you Lord, I love you Lord. Lord God please remove all generational and genetic curses from me and my family. In Jesus name I pray amen.