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For a renewd positive relationship with my daughter. For renewd relation ship with all that I have hurt.

Please pray for my daughter Kaylynn Michelle D that her boss Diane's boss Kelley will take a strong liking for Kaylynn and her work please pray that she will Appreciate and accept all the work Kaylynn is doing in a days time .Please Pray that Kelley will realize and understand that with this coronavirus isssues going on that people is not answering phones like they did before are that Alot of people my not be home please pray that GOD will bring that to her KNOWLEDGE and UNDERSTANDING Please Pray For Kaylynn To Enjoy And Like the job and that she will be revived refreshed and physically rejuvenated as she starts every morning please pray that she will wake up in the morning ready to start a new day.Please pray that Kaylynn's work effort will come up to the Bosses and Companies Standards And That They All Will All Like And Approve of Kaylynn's work.Please Pray For God To BUILD And STRENGTHEN Kaylynn's IMMUNE System And BUILD Up Her Faith And TRUST And Beliefs That She Can And Will Be Able To Handle This Job In JESUS NAME Please PRAY that Kaylynn will have a HAPPY JOYFUL Delightful LOVING CARING

Dear prayer community,

please pray for these three young adults struggling with addiction, alcoholism and childhood trauma: Roger, Rosemary, and Kimberly. Roger and Rosemary's dad died a long time ago and he was never an ideal healthy role model. Kimberly's mom disowned her and her father died several years ago. All three of these young adults are working to support themselves and are without healthy role models as well as without family.

The each respectively have compassionate souls but they are each broken. They also appear to be struggling with receptive self defeating toxic self destructive behavioural patterns; alcoholism, addiction, etc.

Please continue to pray with me that each of these young adults will be completed healed. As well as instilled with a desire to heal, to change, and to become well. Most importantly also pray that at least one or two healthy role models will take each young adult under their wings to morally, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually mentor these kids. Roger lives in a very big city far away. Kimberly and Rosemary live together but are both struggling with so many issues.

Thank you.