Devotions for Women

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Shine Light on a Dark World

Shine Light on a Dark World

Take a few moments to list ten things you are grateful for today.

 Bless Your Heart with the Thanksgiving Challenge

Bless Your Heart with the Thanksgiving Challenge

What would happen in this month of Thanksgiving if I did my best to rip up my resentment score cards and start anew?

Pray in Color

Pray in Color

Jesus is creative. Why wouldn’t He want our prayers to be creative?

Deepen Your Relationship with Jesus

I Follow Jesus Because...

A devotion to help you dig deep and discover your reason for wanting a deeper relationship with God.

the faith to withstand winter with God's love

Warm Your Heart as You Prepare for Winter

Most of us dislike winter, endless days of unchanging, frigid weather, threatening to shrivel our faith and discourage our spirits

Pray the Victory Prayer

Discover the Victory Prayer

What familiar battles do you face today? Try this prayer to defeat them.

prayer for healing

Prayer for Healing

A classic devotion from Daily Guideposts to help you find comfort and healing in your moment of need.

A Blessed Moment with a Veteran

A Blessed Moment with a Veteran

Beloved Daily Guideposts author Roberta Messner receives a wonderful reminder of God's blessings.

Encouraging Bible Verses

The Perfect Question to Ask Jesus Each Morning

One of the first questions I like to ask Jesus when I wake up each morning is, “How can I encourage someone today? And who?”

A tip to help you feel God's presence

A Tip to Help You Draw Close to God

Try this when your prayers seem to bounce off invisible walls; times when, no matter what you do, you can’t seem to feel the presence of God. Excerpted from Guideposts Daily Planner 2016.