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A memorial bench gives pause for a spiritual exercise

One Sentence Can Tell a Magnificent Story

Try this uplifting excerise excerpted from Daily Guideposts.

Leave your baggage behind and focus on Jesus

Leave Your Baggage Behind

Is your stuff getting in the way of focusing on Jesus?

A woman driving experiences a near-miss and is thankful for God's protection

A Near-Miss Is a Moment When Jesus Kept You Safe

Sometimes I wonder how many times Jesus has gotten me out of trouble, or even saved me from catastrophe, without my being aware of it.

A budding rose is a symbol to let go and let God.

The Secret to a Blooming Prayer Life

Praying about something without results? Read this devotion excerpted from Guideposts Daily Planner 2016.

Mother and daughter in the sun, feeling God's love

The True Nature of Divine Love

Would any good Christian want Jesus to love him or her more than anyone else?

A paper lantern glowing against the night sky is a reminder of God's presence

A Heavenly Reminder of God's Presence in Our Lives

What a beautiful sight our hearts can enjoy when we envision ourselves and those we love being led along by the mighty hand of a loving God.

Hands holding sand in a heart-shape to symbolize Jesus' love for us

Where Faith Becomes Real

Jesus doesn't always guide us though signs...sometimes He speaks directly to our hearts.

Resting with Jesus

Resting with Jesus

Discover the benefits of taking a break with the Lord.

A rushing light to symbolize speeding through everything... even God's Word

Are You Rushing Through God's Word?

 I'd fallen into a terrible habit of skimming through my email, Twitter...even Scripture.

Inspire your faith on the road

Re-Inspire Your Faith in One Easy Step

Recharge you spirit with this simple faith step from Mornings with Jesus.

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