Devotions for Women

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The Power of Jesus' Words

The words of Jesus would be my spiritual runaway ramp, a place to begin prayerfully putting on the brakes and sorting out all the other out-of-control aspects of my daily life.

Unique gifts from God

A Beautiful Jesus-Moment

I was convinced, once again, that our Savior loves to love us uniquely.

Challenges are occassions for joy

See Challenges as Occasions for Joy

A new faith-filled perspective to help you view life's challenges as occasions for joy.

Woman praying at sunrise

How to Pray All Day

Why you might consider putting an end to ending morning prayer with Amen.

Open Your Heart to an Animal in Need

When We Open Our Hearts...

Sometimes, when we open our hearts, God has a way of filling them more abundantly than we could ever imagine.

God’s Image Bearers

Feel great about the way you look, with this uplifting devotion from the Women's Devotional Bible.

The Faith to Overcome Fear

The Faith to Overcome Fear

Lately, Jesus has been challenging my fears. I have a lot of them.

Faith to accomplish your goals.

Put Faith Behind Your Goals

Think about a long-term project in your life. Ask Jesus to reassure you that your work is not in vain, and ask His help in making you steadfast and diligent.

Bible Verses to Live a Satisfying Life

Bible Verses for the New Year

Live a satisfying life with the wisdom from this Daily Guideposts excerpt.

Have enormous faith in Jesus

Have Enormous Faith in Jesus

Ask Jesus to make your faith as big as He is, not merely as big as your logic.