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Doodling Can Help Draw You Closer to God

Doodling Can Help Draw You Closer to God

Discover how keeping your hands busy can help you feel God's presence in this devotion excerpted from Daily Guideposts 2017.


A Teachable Life-Saving Moment

My Life-Saving Moment

Praise Jesus for the many ways He saves you in this excerpt from Mornings with Jesus Daily Bible.

An Unexpected Answer to Prayer

In this preview from Daily Guideposts 2017 a prayer is answered in a most surprising way.

Are You a People Pleaser

Daily Devotion: Are You a People Pleaser?

Instead of trying to please everyone, strive to please Jesus.

Godl loves you completely - devotion for worry

Is Jesus Listening to My Prayers?

Try this faith tip the next time you doubt God hears your prayers. Excerpted from Mornings with Jesus.

Upside of Giving Up

The Upside of Giving Up

Delve into Matthew 10:39 and discover the blessings of being willing to surrender all You have for Jesus.

Mother's Day devotion

Mother's Day Devotion

An anxious mom's worries are comforted by a blessed moment.

The Power of Jesus' Words

The words of Jesus would be my spiritual runaway ramp, a place to begin prayerfully putting on the brakes and sorting out all the other out-of-control aspects of my daily life.

Unique gifts from God

A Beautiful Jesus-Moment

I was convinced, once again, that our Savior loves to love us uniquely.

Challenges are occassions for joy

See Challenges as Occasions for Joy

A new faith-filled perspective to help you view life's challenges as occasions for joy.