Good Friday Day of Prayer 2021

Thank you for joining us on Good Friday Day of Prayer. As you lift each prayer before the Lord, trust that God answers all of our prayers according to His loving will.

Please pray for good health and protection from covid for me, Bill, Patty, Kevin, Laura, Lena, Thomas and Courtney. We are so grateful for all the blessings in our lives. Thank you Lord.

May God renew the love in us specially Justin, the peace and calmness the joy for life and happiness. So that our love for each other can resurrect and we can be together and have a stronger relationship. May all this struggle be to see God in our lives and get married finally and blessed by God.

Please pray for the continued health and recovery from a double transplant for my brother Antonio C

Please pray for the safety of my entire family. Please pray that God will bless my finances so that I maybe able to help others. Please pray for all those in my family that know God but have strayed from him.

Find a home immediately; how to forgive daughter for throwing us out of their home; heal friends from cancer.

Pray for God’s covering and protection around home. Please pray for a life partner.

Pray for covid to go away, for corruption to be exposed, and revival throughout the world. For my health to be healed and restored in my blood pressure, eye, heart and bladder. Thank you

On this Holy Day I ask Your blessings on this troubled world, this corrupt and divided nation and those individuals fighting the COVID virus. I ask that those political leaders who don't know Your love, Your divine powers, and the very strength of Your mercy be removed from office. Help this nation to once again place You in the position of love and respect for each other, turning us away from greed, violence, and criminal activities. Thanks you for Your great gift that gives us the opportunity of eternal life. Help me to spread your love.

Dear God, My Husband Ralph is going through
The journey of life wanting a healing power of
God to rid his body of Male Breast Cancer . He
Does not complain, he endures Chemotherapy
like Jesus endured the cross. Please Dear Lord
We ask for a healing. He enjoys life and is a
Decent, kind, and and Loving child of God

In Jesus name I pray

Please pray that my son David would find his way back to .Jesus and in doing so would overcome the depression that envelopes him.
Thank you to Guideposts for all the wonderful work you do - I've been a subscriber for about 30 years.
God bless you all