Pray for Others

Dear Lord, You are the Ultimate Healer, please lay hand on my daughter Mimi to rid her of cancer. Please give clarity to her doctor in the choice of treatment. Give strength to Mimi to go through the ordeal gracefully and to recognize your blessing in her relief. Also give courage to me and her daughter to be there as great support. Thank You.

Please pray for my son, Justin, that he will seek and receive the guidance and wisdom he needs to move forward in a career. Along with this please pray that he will find the courage to take care of his overall well being and health so that he can move confidently forward. Thank you.

Please pray for My family.

Please pray for Deanna.

Please pray for Tommy.

Please pray for CBSP .

Please pray for JSAB .

Please pray for DSBC .

Please pray for JJBCA .

Please pray for Richard, Rene,Tami, Joe, Randy, Dean, Bill, Tom.