Pray for Others

God has worked thru the prayer warriors here on my behave thru prayer, and this prayer will be no different.
Please pray that those on my job will clean up their minds, and stop their sexual pervertness towards me and others. Thank you

Please pray for Robert.

Please pray for Brian.

Please pray for Agnieszka, Anna, Karolina their children and they families.

I am asking GOD to bless all of our business !!!
I pray and hope everyone who reads this will help me pray that all of our debt gets paid off this year!!!!!!!!!!!!
My son needs to find him a job, if he's going to farm he be able to do both.

Really need a mentor, someone to give me guidance. Prayer has not brought direction. Instead I'd had more negativity and disparagement.

Dear Lord why are there people who make you feel like they don't even want you to speak? Why do I take everything to heart and feel like it is a personal attack?
Please help me to always show love and kindness to others, no matter their actions towards me. I feel like so many ladies don't like me. I feel so shut out and not included so many times. I feel they don't even speak until they need me to do something for them.
Help me still shine for you. Let Your love for me be enough to make me feel complete.
Please show these other women how it feels to be treated like this. It hurts so much because I went out of my way with one of the girls when she was new. But as soon as she found her way into the clique... I became not needed. Like she shouldn't be friends because maybe the others would look down on her.
I know this is so middle school; but it is happening to me in the adult world. Feeling like I'm just not "good enough".
Praying my day, and weekend turns around.

Holy Spirit, keep us safe and loving today. Thank You for this beautiful place.

I'm praying for Otis my enemy that God blesses him. I forgive him lord and release him to you. Guide him and lead him.

Please pray for me and my family.