Pray for Others

Please pray for peace and health during chemotherapy treatments.

Please pray for Jerry he's been having dizzy spells and falling-Chrisi

Will need surgery on my wrist again and hopefully I will be able to use it again and for my kidneys to keep working. They are shut down on paper now. Thank you God Biess

Next week will be the most stressful in my life. It concerns money and paying taxes and other debts. I have to also do some traveling and I am 81 years old and please pray that I will be able to have the strength to get thru all I have to do. Thank you for your prayers and may God bless each of you for your needs.

I am 60 years old. I need prayer that I can keep my job and not be layed off. Also pray for improved relationship with newer employees I deal with and with my current co-worker. God Bless You.

Please pray for Max.

Please pray for Darryl to quit smoking .

Please pray for a healing of minds and hearts in our country. People write such mean comments on social media like Facebook, even claiming to be religious while they say hateful things. Please pray with me that people come to realize the harm they are doing and think about what our Lord would want them to do.
Thank you.

I need prayers for my daughter's health. I pray the Holy Spirit fills my daughter's mind, mouth and heart with God's love. Amen!

Please pray that the house issue with my ex can be resolved amicably. I don't want to create any conflicts just want peace for this situation. Also that my current husband RR will be understanding about it.