Pray for Others

Our 19 yr grandson is addicted to synthetic drugs. He does not want to quit even tho he has been close to death.

complete recovery and regeneration of bone marrow and muscles of my both arms so that i wont have to go through another surgery for bone grafting

Dear Prayer Ministry - Please pray that my daughter Catherine lifts herself out of depression and fear of failure. She is constantly worried about looking foolish, fat, ugly. None of these are true. She has an MBA but gives up looking for better work. Everything is "I should have done this or that". She has no friends male or female since she returned home from college. What really makes me sad, is I have given her Dr. Peales books and she tells me they might work for others, but not for her. I tell her to read them again and apply the principles - but to no avail. It is so hard when parents do and the child does not. I feel the more I say, the harder she resists. I have finally decided to just turn her situation over to prayer - lots of it.
Thank you again.
A saddened mother

Please pray that I find strength to go through my divorce and help my children out. May God give me signs to know what to do.

Please Lord watch over Tabitha and John going to the H. i. for their wedding... May have a blessed time... I ask this in your name Jesus Christ.. Amen

I have a spirit of depression... and / or grief. I literally get stuck and can hardly move or think unless I cry very deeply for a considerable amount of time. I'm not sure exactly what the spirit is but please pr against it.

I pray for my best friend Morgan, she so lost now, she doesn't know what she wants anymore, and she's losing sight of what she had... Her heart has always been in the right place... But unfortunately she's just always been with the wrong people. When she's by herself she has so much greatness. But she pulled away from me, but all I can do is pray. I Pray for her... I pray for her heart.. And I pray for her to see the message she once did.

My Brother Dave is having eye surgery on August 18th. He is diabetic and his eyesight has recently left his left eye and the right eye has minimal vision. Because of the sudden loss, he is having anxiety. Please pray that God will allow him to see upon the surgery and to give him peace. If God's answer is that he become blind please help him to find peace in the journey. But our fervent prayer is for sight. Thank you!

I was laid off the month of July from work, due to the summer break. I am a school busdriver. I am very thankful to have started work this month, for the beginning of school. I had financial difficulties in July. And, the month of August is always the hardest because I have to wait a while before I see a full check. I am late on my auto insurance and I don't have money to buy food. I don't qualify for food assistance from the county. Please pray for me and all others in my situation. Thank you.

Please lift up our friend Jean who had a stroke. Healing and complete recovery for her. Please lift up our daughter Mylea to have peace during studying for finals. Lift up her relationship with Scott. Help him to draw to God and God's purpose for his life. Lift up seeing each other and the distance between them. Go before him assuring her with an engagement ring. Lift up provision to see each other. Go before his job with Oracle. Give him wisdom in this relationship with Mylea. Give Mylea wisdom and peace. Go before my husband Scott and help him to close some deals. Go before provision.