Pray for Others

There are so many blessings in my life & I have a lot of gratitude for all the good but I am overcome with fear, stress & uncertainty because I feel like my family life is falling apart. My husband Anthony has his own business, a family business for many years. We had an audit & now are somewhat in a financial bind. My husband works very hard, 12 hr days without time off. We have 3 children. 2 finished college & 1 in college. My husband is very bitter & angry & is his own worst enemy. I feel like my marriage is falling apart & I do not know how to help this family. We need God's grace. I feel very depressed & hopeless, please pray for me & help me ask God to bring back my family to me. It's so sad & I feel like I have no life. I am so thankful for so many things in my life & I know things could be worse but my husband does not see it that way. Pray for healing in this family. Thank you for this miracle of healing.

Praise! I found a position which is using my legal skills to help the disabled with guardianships and conservatorships! I have been praying for almost four years for a full time job close to my house. I prayed for a particular city and this is in that city! Thank you for praying with me!

Please,pray strong for my relationships with Michael.
Dear Lord,save our relationships and help us go through all this time together with Michael. In Your Holly name I am bagging You,Lord. Amen.

Please pray for V T UD KD to be touched & to hear your voice... Thank you for all our blessings.....

My son Chad and my mom Wanda are both going to get test results soon. Please help me pray to God in the name of Jesus that both of their tests come back negative

Thank you for all your prayers! Thank you for all your blessings! Please pray for the restoration of my central nervous system so that I may be completely healed and healthy and enjoy life again to the fullest so that I may have love and prosperity! Dear God I give my complete Faith and thank you for hearing and fulfilling my request I love you God with all my heart! Thank you!

Please pray for my 18 years old nephew George who is in the Hospital with cancer and he is going under surgery on FRIDAY July 31st.Pray for the entire family for mercy and Gods grace upon them.Thank you NIa

Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit please I am praying for my husband Arnold G salvation, and me praise be to You I am saved me Marta LG. but You know I am injured and I stay home and I provide with my sewing jobs but I can only make some what $ the most I made in a week is &100 and the least is $5 I don't collect from disability because I tryed one time and nothing I don't collect welfare, nor ssi , so my husband has been the main provider, but at this moment we need Your help financially way and I come humbly asking You to help us meet our financial needs according to Your will without indangering my marriage or my home or my family or me please? We need Your financial blessings and miracle ??? Please?

I am almost 13 weeks pregnant and having bad morning sickness all day and night. I am having a hard time sleeping and everything. Please pray that I and the baby are ok and that the morning sickness goes away. Please also pray that my baby your baby card is delivered tomorrow in time for my Dr's appointment I haven't been to the Dr yet and am getting pretty far along. I really really want to be able to go to the Dr tomorrow all your prayers help thank you and God bless you all!!!!

I stay so depressed. I have not seen my mom in two years . I have a old car and it wont make it. I,am disable two knee replacements. 12 years now. my sister came in town to visit mom. mom name is rosetta. I knew I was going to see my mom.