Pray for Others

Heavenly Father, I couldn't live with out You for a minute....Father, I pray salvation and blessings over mom,Bob,Bon,Kath,Sher....bless my Ger and thank You for putting Him in my life and filling His heart with love for me .....all glory and praise go to You...You only give the best....I love Jesus name.Amen

For Mary M. who is in hospital now to give birth prematurely. She and her husband have been abusing drugs. Please pray for the mother’s safety and for her and her husband to get and accept help. Please pray for the pregnant woman’s mother who loves her daughter and grandbaby and is worried. THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS YOU!

Please pray for 4 year old Ian who is sick again. He continually catches viruses. He also has a brain disorder called Apraxia and is beginning pre school for the 1st time Monday. Please pray for him to adjust well. And lastly he and his little brother have eating issues that we are praying to be healed. Thank you!!!

Prayers, please for our friend, John, who was just diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.

Please pray over our finances. Thank you.

Strength to carry out God's plan. I continue to love my husband but know his mental health issues are toxic.

Please pray for salvation of my family, Godly lifetime partner partner for me and my 2 sisters, provisions for B. H. and W. H., my Symmetry ministry and business to grow, and for my friend Eduardo to come back to Church and grow spiritually. Thank you!

Please pray that Deanna remains faithful and protect her always. Thank you

Someone broke into my home and stole my money and I'm praying that it can be replaced and I be made whole by them because I know who done it and that they never do it again but respect my home and me from now on. Also that this person feel a sense of sorrow for his wrong doings and let him find no peace until he does and I don't hate him but still loves him and I forgave him.

Please prayer for 21 month old Elliot who just burned his hand on the stove. Not sure how bad but he is on his way to urgent care. Please pray they can help with the pain and that he is ok. Thank you