Pray for Others

Please pray for myself bud,my children and grandchildren for independence and happiness

Please pray for me. I have committed a mortal sin and need forgiveness and continued strength to fight this addiction I have.

Please Father forgive me again my sins and give me the courage to walk away. Only you Father can help me. Please send your guardian angels to watch over me and keep me from sinning in your precious name, Amen

Pray for my sister (Rhea) she has a rash and I have hives so please pray healing for both of us. Also my friend Karen has major stomach issues she had surgery in June for a block bowel sent her home last Thursday she is in the hospital again in ICU I believe in healing we are Born Again Christians God Bless you

First I want to PRAISE GOD because HE IS AWESOME!! Next please please pray for my daughter she has had a headache and pains in her neck. Please pray for Candee she is a very miserable lady who is so mean to ALL people especially her family. Needs lots of prayers. A job for my daughter in law. Thank you for your prayers. PRAISE GOD!

I plead to you please pray for my mom who is holding on to her life from a lifelong disease she is fighting but the disease is taken over she said she is not afraid to die but doesn't want her family to need her. Please if it be God's will let her go with Him because she is suffering more and more each day.She has a never ending love for God and just needs to be at peace God bless and thank you

Im asking for PRAYERS for Laura, Donna, and Frank... Laura : she had a mini stroke on Friday ... ( healing and Salvation), Donna: has a turmor by her Brain and is waiting for results of her MRI. (healing), Frank: Marriage, Salvation. Thank You to all of the PRAYER WARRIORS. GOD BLESS!!!!

Would you please say special prayers for Andy's dad? He's in ICU and they don't know if he'll make it through the night. Please pray for Andy's dad, for Andy and other family members. Thanks.

Please pray that my so will go willingly to camp this week and next. We both need the real. He doesn't want to go but it's the best thing for him. So hoping for a smooth departure tomorrow morning!

Please pray for healing for J B. she has tumors in her lungs this is her second time with cancer.

Please pray for Gabi and Tommy.