Pray for Others

my husband Robert needs prayer since last march he has suffered a mild stroke a gi bleed panic attacks and has for many years dealt with a blood disorder that causes his bp to drop signicantly he needs healing wants to return to work so overwhelmed with all this

Please pray that all goes well for my Mom before, during and after her cataract procedure tomorrow!
Thank you, and God Bless!

Please ask God to remove any obstacles so I can be rehired at my old school district to begin Aug 2016 and share positive thinking with disadvantaged kids thank you for your prayers

Please pray that our son Matthew senses and follows God's guidance as he tries to make amends. Let him learn to be patient and humble. Miracles do happen. Thank you.

That Todd does not lose his job. And whoever is setting him up be found out.

Lord, thank you so much for Your loving kindness. Lord, please protect my husband and me. Lord, please especially be with my husband and protect him when he holds a conversation mother in law requested. Lord, please help each member of family to stay together if that is thy will, to be more considerate, forgiving, accommodative and not expect perfection especially mother in law. Please help mother in law to realize that the perfect world in her head does not exist in the real world. In the Lord, as she walks with the Lord, she can get very close and taste parts of heaven. Please help her realize that. Please help her to be more mature adult like in her thinking. Lord, forgive me for all the things I did incorrectly. Also, help me to be good to be myself and be kind to myself and not be hard on myself or feel guilty because I am the apple of His eye and He has already forgiven me for anything I did incorrectly and will help me to do better and do my best. Please give my husband what he needs Lord. Please bless family. In Jesus'nameIpray. Amen.

I'm asking for prayers for my daughter. I'm so worried that she may never be happy. Help her to see that her happiness should never depend on someone else opinion of her.
Help her to look at the glass half full.
I don't know if she is depressed; but nothing never seems to be good enough for her. Like she is embarrassed of the car she drives and where she lives. (We live in a nice brick home.) However, we have struggled financially; but nothing compared to what others may face. I guess the grass appears greener on the other side?
Help her to see how blessed she is. Fill her life with laughter and happiness and help her to be grateful for what she does have. There are so many less fortunate.
I know her care is older (94) and she has paid for her college. It's hard to see others (especially her cousins) who get new cars and don't have to work. I feel like I've let her down.
Anyway, please pray for God to send the right guy her way that doesn't care about material things.
Fill her future with financial stability, happiness, good health, and love.

Please pray for me (Ezra 9:9; Psalm 91:11-12; Isaiah 54:17 In Jesus' Name, I Pray God's Will for You Today I pray that you will be blessed with God's powerful protection today. May He build a wall around you and your family - a wall that will protect you from physical harm, illness, financial lack or the enemy's malicious intents. I declare that no weapon forged against you and your family will prosper. I pray that the Lord will command His angels to guard you in all your ways, so that no evil or harm will come near you. May you be covered by God's protection today. In Jesus' Name, Amen. HaVe A BleSs MoNDaY

Please pray for my 30 yr old son .
He's not a bad driver he's a horrible driver and an accident waiting to happen!!

Please pray that he would thirst and hunger for a relationship with Jesus Christ and come back to the church.

In His Name

I have been diagnosed with ALS. I know God is able to perform miracles.