Pray for Others

Please pray that Jose's health becomes better and he's healed of his stomach tumor. Pray his surgery goes well and he's healed. Please pray for him and his family. He is the breadwinner for his family and the family will be devastated if he stays ill. Please pray for the peace and healing. Thank you.

For solutions for excess ear wax to drain out, dry up blow away, from ear canals, perfect hearing restored, EYESears/sinuses all moist & cleared, all head esp RIGHT SIDE of SKULL&NECK PAIN GONE, upper R rear teeth healed! realignment & healed MID-upper back, RIBS! Pain gone! healed & SHAKES STOP R FOOT, & R arm, incl bones, tissues, blood vessels, feet legs head neck, for healthy tissue bounceback resiliency to floors, enuf REST SLEEEP SLEEP healed STOMACH positive energies ONLY, Praise God

Imasking for healing, my blood pressure is up and I'm having problems with my sinus infection. I'm dizzie a lot from having verdago. Please father heal me in the name of Jesus I pray. Amen

Dear lord I pray that you will help my daughter Christina lose weight today and everyday thank you

​For C's breakthru breakthru BREAKTHRU now into easily sustained physical healing, & EVERYONE'S!! For PROTECTION from all NEGATIVE ENERGIES, they DECREASE steadily including negative thot actions emotions, for protection protection for all needed, WILLINGNESS for HEALING skills AVAILABLE now, t solution!! for enuf rest & SLEEP SLEEP for C & M, for courage, EAGER happy HEALING WILLINGNESS that SUSTAINS including much WEIGHT GAIN & PHYSICAL PROGRESS still SUSTAINED after all physical exertions done for day for everyone needing! For Perfect PRACTITIONERS including CHR, methods/modifications now! For rapid BOUNCEBACK tissues circulation vessels nerves TEETH Bones & emotions from physical/all stress & also contact with flooring! We pray FOR LOVE LOVE LOVE & FREEDOM FROM FEAR for ALL, for healing miracles for everyone, all drawing us closer to You Lord!

Need provision for a new set of tires for my car, please pray for God to provide and show me the path I am to take to obtain the funds. Thank you.

Pray for my brother larry that he is able to go to work on wed he was out today with sore throat stopped head etc he uas onoy been at job a year and he uusally dont call in unless feels rwally bad pray for healing tonight as he sleeps well enough to go he has only had job a year and he miised time early in summer with his heart

prayer for the position tp or in open the doors, this is for the big god, prayer for my car no prob, prayer for my tooth no prob. god bless prayer for barb ears.

I ask for prayers as I continue to search for a job. I was laid off a few months ago & am a single mom. I pray for the Lord to intercede. Thank you.

Please pray for my upcoming PhD viva voce on either 14th or 15th October 2015 (date not finalized) to be carried out Successfully without any problems from the guide, external examiner or anyone else. Also, I am worried as I am in the Post Graduate Exam Committee, so please pray that the meeting dates of the same don't clash with my Viva dates. Also, please pray that my aged Mother can attend my Viva on that date and have a Suitable Person/s to accompany her to that occasion (as I lost my father recently).
Jesus, I need You in my empty life to calm me and soothe all my fears and worries away. Please take care of my dear aged Mother's Health and lonely state.
Also, Jesus, You know we need a male person in our empty lives, so please send a suitable compatible Husband into my life soon, someone who will be there for me always and vice versa (and be supportive to my mother as well)...
Thank you and God bless,