Pray for Others

please pray for kayli to get rehab.and not prision for her addiction and other problems.thank you

Please pray my daughter moves in with me and not her mom. Her mom has already had her arrested twice because their fighting so loud the neighbors called the police. Her mother's B.A. Is in Drama, so I am not in the dark as to where the drama is originating... My daughter does not want to go to secular college and was ready to come live with me but her mother talked her out of it to keep child support. I would have helped her get to C. M. S. Please pray My daughter's life is not destroyed by the destroyer and the evil one is bound. She is a music major and her mother doesn't let her practice in the house and has discouraged her so much that she is ready for who knows what. She has cut me out of her life and it is not right. Please ask my daughter sees the light comes to live with me and let's me help her transfer to another state and school, something I have done successfully with God's help in the past. In Jesus name.

Please pray for my daughters' health, safety and happiness. Let them find good people to surround themselves with and help them to respect themselves.

my husband has stage four bone cancer and I had to quit my job of twenty three years to take care of him. We are trying to live on his disability check only and are really struggling. Please pray that I can find some way to help. Either at home or part time. God Bless and thank you.

Please pray for me. I have little hope and life is so disappointing and hard. It feels like nothing has gone my way in years and years. It also feels like God doesn't care.I am in desperate need of some joy and happiness.

My marriage seems over and my family is falling apart. Please pray for us.

I pray for restoration!!! Please pray with me. I pray he comes back and wants and fights for this as he did 2 years ago! I pray this isn't the end. Please don't let this be the end of us God! Pray we come together in perfect timing and he steps up and loves me the way I need to be loved, the way I deserve and commits to me/us. Until that happens, I pray for peace, comfort and hope! I pray to strengthen my spirit and focus on me so that I am where I need to be for us to reunite and be successful and happy. I pray he finds his strength and God opens his eyes to find the courage to fight for us and follow his heart and stop letting fear rule him! Please pray we are restored and I find peace during this period apart & that he finds himself, his courage to follow his heart back to me. Please pray with me!!!

I experienced something this weekend that has led me to feel extremely alone and unworthy of God's love and protection. I was locked out of my apartment (on my balcony 2nd floor, no phone, no keys). I called and called for someone to help me. A man heard me, looked my way, and then continued into his apartment, leaving me alone. A woman did call my complex's maintenance system, but would not call the police. Finally, after 2 hours, someone in a subdivision behind my apartment heard me calling out and called the police. I understand in today's society the apprehensive of being a "Good Samaritan" but to leave a woman yelling for help alone and continuing on as if nothing was heard left me to realize how alone I really am. I was paralyzed with fear and spent a relatively sleepless night wondering what I could have done to not have God help me and to make people so cold and uncaring. I am grateful I was not hurt, suffered no bad weather and eventually was rescued (after 3 hours) but my faith took a ding and I feel unworthy and cannot get past this feeling. Thank you.

I have put my boyfriend jason in prayer every day and ask for God to help him get rid of his alcohol addiction and drug addiction and two change him for two yrs and he just keeps get worst...I'm lost on what to do now....thank you....

I am homeless and living on the streets with my dog and I am looking for a place to rent within my budget I only get 996.00 a month and I need to be rent pay for cable electricity and garbage water with what I have can any one help me out god bless