Pray for Others

Plz agree for my husband to be delivered from alcoholism and his childhood scars. Lastly plz agree for my mother law to be a loving and supportive mother n law

Please save my granddaughter Taylor Marie her children and the baby inside her from abusive addictive boyfriend .. Has beat her naked W a extension cord her mind is so messed up.. I pray so earnestly The Lord intervenes before something happens. Bring some sort of sense to her. We as a family do not understand the hold he has on her... Please please hear are prayer.. Prayer for my daughter Erin going through this as a mother.. Thank u

Ears to stop ringing, not experience hearing loss. Also daughter and my back to quit hurting. Thanking God we got the leaves for the most part off the lawn.

Please pray for healing 12 days after a major surgery, thank you.

I am in need of prayer regarding my health and a recent operation that I had three days ago, abscess removal, this is the fourth time I've had this sensitive and painful operation and I was told that it can become more severe!

Please pray for us to get a very minimal rent increase, we live in S. V. and we need to stay for family reasons. They usually raise it 8 percent every year. We need it to be a lot less than that. Please also pray for our help for our business to grow. We need dependable people. Also pray for good sleep and peace of mind. Thanks

My daughter needs prayers that she find a job she may use her degree in fashion.she needs chance.please pray she will get one .thank you

Please pray for my cousin who has lung cancer .that she be healed and live a healthy happy life.this is her 4th fight with cancer.I Pray she gets through this one too.

Please pray for a job interview by the end of the year 2015. AMEN

Yvonne needs a kidney transplant to save her young life. Pray for hope and the right match for her. Give her peace.