Pray for Others

Prayers i will get approved for disability now.Prayers my finances will increase now.

Please pray for my dear wife's total healing from MS, vision problem, and other health issues. Ask for my
healing from the side effects of chemo. Praise the Lord
for healing my cancer. His blessings upon our family, our son's family, our adopted family, our pets that we love so much, church, friends, coworkers, employers and our country. Please allow me to keep my work from job
and group insurance. We thank Him and ask these prayers in Jesus' name, Amen.

Please pray for me (Everyone ).

Please pray for Dean to get a job today.

Please pray for Deanna.

Please pray for Hunter

Please pray for me (Mark).

Please pray for protection for Lea. Father we give You praise. Please be with Lea & protect her from harm. Bless Lea with Love & success. We thank You for what You're doing in Lea's life. In Jesus precious and Holy name. Thank you for your prayers, bless you all.

please pray for Carol who went in on wed for a simple heart procedure and has developed an infection. please pray for the right medication to heal this infection and for a complete and speedy recovery. please pray for Bjorn who has had his stomach removed to avoid cancer.. please pray for his complete recovery his is a young man who does a lot for the children in his community. please prayers for a complete recovery and no cancer. thank you for all your prayers and support.

I am very sensitive to drugs. I have restless legs, and they are trying the last drug they have to help me. I have had some reaction to the new drug and I pray the Lord will relieve this reaction and the drug will be successful in helping me. If this is not possible, I pray the Lord will give me the knowledge I need to find relief from this condition. Without a drug, I can have these terrible symptoms twenty four hours nonstop. Thank you for your prayers.