Pray for Others

Please pray for my wife Rosalinda that she will be happy on Mother's Day instead of complaining. thanks

Please pray for our contractor Eli -& Eddie - move their heart & soul to expedite the renovation of our old house w/out sacrificing quality of labor w/out cutting corners so that we can move to the new house by the 2nd week of May?? in Jesus name. Amen

Please pray for the divisiveness in our country.

my husband leavie has been diagnosed with bladder cancer which is complicated with stomach obstructions which has limited his eating. he has had a large weight loss and is still not receiving treatments. dr's were trying to rectify stomach issues and now cancer has spread to lymph nodes. i am putting this in god's hands, but it is very hard to see this great loss. it has been a month of sickness and loss here at home with just the two of us.

Prayer that individually and corporately we move from being legally and politically correct to being morally correct

Praying that God will turn our hearts back to Him so that America will once again be " one nation under God " as stated in the pledge of allegiance. I also pray that we, as a nation, will repent of our sins and turn from our wicked ways so that the favor of the Lord will be with us. Thank you for agreeing with me in prayer. God bless you!

Bless j with healing and live. Give him
Peace about ash. Bless c in her life . Bless safety please

May His will be done.

Almighty Father as we look to You for guidance we see so much that is going wrong in America. Our beautiful country which was made the land of the free and the home of the brave only because You made it so. We have taken this wonderful land and all You helped our forebears establish and abused it, maligned our Constitution and elected people to positions of leadership who not only do not look to You for strength and wisdom but do not know You. I pray Father of mercy that we each will humble ourselves, pray, seek Your face, seek the forgiveness we so desperately need and turn our hearts, minds and lives back to living in and for and by Your truth and Grace, in Jesus' holy name, amen.

Please pray for our USA,