Pray for Others

I thank you for your prayers on my and my family's behalf and thank God for answering all my prayers.

I am praying for peace and guidance in my life!

My lord bless and heal me Lisa Tina Rebekah Natalie and give all a good happy healthy safe wonderful blessed awesome loving fun exciting mind healing stress free financially set life and Sunday my Lord and keep all afloat my Lord and bless and give me a great awesome life and a real easy day at work today and please heal my whole body and keep well and please help me pay all my bills my Lord and stay out of D. c. and give me awesome news about this tomorrow my Lord and bless and heal Rebekah Natalie Tina and give all three a good happy healthy safe love kindness Sunday and life my Lord and let all three have a great day together my lord and Tina take real good care of them and make them happy and safe with her my Lord and pour your mighty showers upon all over and over again my Lord and bind all closely and keep Lisa safe in B. my Lord for I pray and ask you all of this in thy most precious Jesus's name I pray to you my Lord Amen and Amen my Lord .Love and thank you

I ask your prayers and God's Miraculous Blessings and Intervention for my son who farms, to obtain a term loan for his 2015 losses due to poor yields and low commodity prices, and to obtain an operating loan for 2016 so he can continue to farm. Thank you.

I ask your prayers and God's Miraculous Blessings for each of my 4 adult children and their families and for God's spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional health and ways of life, their job's, careers, business, employment. Thank you

I ask your prayers for my relatives and friends who are sick and need God's Miraculous Healing.

I ask your prayers for God's Miraculous Healing of my wife's leg-vein surgery. Thank you.

Please pray for me (Everyone ).

Please pray for my mother. She has been in the hospital 4 times in 3 months. It has been so stressful and has cause strife in the family. I haven't been able to work and my finance are almost gone

Please pray that our son Elijah's right wrist and left foot would be fully and finally healed from his injuries by Jesus ' name and blood.