Pray for Others

Please pray for Nathan and Adrienne .

Please pray for my husband and I,we are seperated and I'm praying for restoration in our marriage that my husband will come home and realize that he needs to be with his family. I love him so much I ask God that he show my husband God love.

Please pray for my family, my husband, and my daughter and my sister in law. Please pray for tension between members of my family to ease and let everyone feel love, forgiveness, and compassion towards each other.
Please help us Heavenly Father. I put my family in your hands Lord. Amen

Please pray for me , I am looking for a new job and an opening just came through at my dream company.
I ask if this is God's will I would get this job. thank you and God Bless.

I lift up Brandon that he is offered a full time with benefits position and that it is enough to cover his needed necessities. I pray that the Lord guides him to the right position . In Jesus name

Praying for financial blessing. I did some work thinking they were going to pay me but they haven't. Asking God to fight my battles and provide me with justice. I feel used and unappreciated by them.

Praying for a healing blessing for my husband and myself!

Please please pray for me. Bronchitis viral so no meds. Back, chest and under breasts I have a rash. It is so itchy. Please pray for God's healing for me. Pray for husband cough just got over pneumonia he needs to work. Also pray for him to stop treating me like I'm stupid andhe stops gropping me. I have talked cried explained that I don't like it and he continue. God bless you all. Thank you for your prayers. Please keep praying for baby Sammy.

May my sweet Wendy please sell what she needs to so she can have enough money to have her own house, happiness, and peace. I pray that good fortune and blessings come upon her now and always. In Jesus' Holy Name, I pray. Amen

Pray for Robert - he has cancer undergoing chemo