Pray for Others

I ask for prayer that my daughter @ husband get a buyer for the home they really need to sell soon, that they have favor in the tough market where the house is. Thank you for all the prayers.

For solutions for excess ear wax to drain out, dry up blow away, from ear canals, perfect hearing restored, ears/sinuses all moist & cleared, all head pain esp RIGHT SIDE SKULL PAIN GONE, upper R rear teeth healed! For realignment & healed MID-upper back, & near liver areas! Pain gone! For healed SHAKES STOP R foot, R FOOT, & R arm, including bones, tissues, blood vessels, both feet legs head neck, for healthy tissue bounceback resiliency to floors, for comfortable Rest enuf SLEEEP Praise God!

Please pray that the lord watches over my family and helps us with our finances. I have a one month old baby and it is hard for my husband and I to live on one income. We both don't want me to have to return to work so I ask for guidance and provision from the lord for our finances.

I would like a prayer of healing to go out to baby Arnold he is only about 2 months old and in the NICU recovering from a congenital diaphragmatic hernia repair. He is still on life support but is alert and responsive but has a tough long recovery. Please pray for a healing for him and for strength and comfort to his family. I ask that he and his family be lifted up to the lord.

Please pray for lynn -who had a stroke two days ago. she is 62. It might have been a TIA which is a lesser of the strokes but her speech is very slow right now . Please pray that she is healed. Thank you.

Please pray for Sandi -my daughter's mom-in-law. She had a series of radiations on her jaw and has lost her voice and taste buds.She is losing hope and her weight is dropping and has no appetite. I know the Lord can help her.

Prayer to God to help me on my ne job to be like by my boss and co-worker. Prayer to God to help me have prosperity on my job. Prayer to God to help me win my settlement and to get more then enough money to get out of debt. Prayer to God to not be lonely and to fill my life with family and friends. Prayer to God to find a good look man that is a Christian tall and has no problem. Prayer for prosperity, abundance, overflow and miracles.
In Jesus Name Amen.

Please pray for healing for my beloved 20-year old daughter, Rebecca-, who suffers from acne, OCD/body dysmorphia, depression, food sensitivities, and a Nonverbal Learning Disability (NLD), a pervasive developmental disability similar to Asperger’s that leads to social anxiety and difficulty functioning in both school and career. Her life is so isolated and limited right now. Please pray for healing of her mind and body, including her acne (this is very important to her), for willingness to accept help and support so she can grow towards independence, and for great friendships, happiness, and a clear, positive direction. Please pray for whatever will help her feel better, whether it is allopathic and/or natural medicine. Thank you and God bless you!

Please pray for relief and healing for my beloved 74-year old mother, Bonnie, who suffers from multiple serious illnesses, including fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, spinal stenosis, degenerative disc disease, bad knees, bowel and bladder problems, anxiety, and depression. She is almost completely immobile. Please pray for solutions, whether they are knee surgery, physical therapy and/or water therapy, so she can regain mobility and stop the degeneration. Please pray for doctors who are guided by God. Please pray for her body, mind, and spirit. God bless you!

Please pray that my beloved 76-year old dad, Al, finds solutions so he doesn't continue to get frequent pneumonia from acid reflux. Please pray his Hepatitis C heals and that his liver is strong. Please pray for strengthened digestion for unusual system (changed by surgeries). Please pray for his general health and that he makes wise choices regarding food, and drinks enough water and not too much coffee, so he can enjoy life for many more years. He is the supporter of our family and we love and need him. Thank you and God Bless you!