Pray for Others

I'm 85 and last Thursday I fell in my bedroom upstairs. I twisted my ankle and I tore several ligaments and twisted it very badly. Ended up in the hospital for 3 days. Am home now. Please pray for the swelling to go down and please pray I will get used to my new room downstairs. Thank you..

Dear God thank you for answered prayers and for providing for me. God I pray your forgiveness for my sins. I pray God that you take away my anger, worry, jealousy and negativity. replace my words with kinds words, uplifting words and patience. I pray you take away my negativity. I am praying for my Dads girlfriend Laura. The doctors say she probably will not make it. I am praying that she is healed and gets out of the hospital. I pray that her children are there with her while she is in the hospital and that she is surrounded by Love and know we are here for her. God I pray for my Dad to have safe travels . I pray for Paul and his health , I pray that everything goes well with his surgery and there is nothing major. I pray for Paul to get a promotion at C. in TX A. or H. or S. A. Area. I pray for Jewel that her skin heals. I pray for Paul and I relationship keep all negativity and bad out of it. Help us grow and love each other deeper . I pray for your blessing Amen

Please pray for David, my niece's husband, struggling with severe back pain for the last 12 years. Would like to stop using ALL PAIN
MEDS they are working less and causing more side effects. Please pray for relief possibly therapy.
Thank you

Prayers for our family to get closure soon on my spouse's disability payments being reinstated. The insurance company (without any heads up at all) cut off my husband's disability checks approximately 9 months ago! My husband's doctors are appalled and have written many letters on my husband's behalf. My husband has ankylosing spondilitis and is unable to work more than 10 hours weekly. I am an Instructional Assistant and my checks are holding the family afloat (and tapping into retirement funds). I had planned to retire from my very stressful job in June of this year, but my plans are on hold owing to Ken's situation. I have multiple health challenges (lyphemdema in my legs from prior cancer surgeries, fibromyalgia, arthritis,...) and it is difficult for me to think about heading back to my work in September. Prayers for God to provide, prayers for lessened anxiety, prayers for good, restored health for all family members. Prayers that I can overcome my driving disability (I cannot drive on freeways). Many thanks for your prayers.

My dear friend Dick needs a liver transplant from a living donor. Please pray he remains healthy until the match is found. He is a very kind, generous man. Please
pray for God to keep him positive while this process works. Your prayers are very powerful, I know
God has a special Plan. Thank you.

We have been asking for prayers for this for awhile .I know you are probably getting tired of praying for this. but here we go again. We just got our foster/adopt license. Please prayers that out social worker will call very soon with a placement .We really want to help kids who needs a family. Thank you

For guidance in all the many decisions to be made after the death of spouse. For peace and comfort in knowing Jesus has my back.

Please pray for me ( When Jesus had finished saying these things, the crowds were amazed at his teaching, because he taught as one who had authority, and not as their teachers of the law. -Matthew 7:28-29 ).

Please pray for me (I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus. ~Philippians 3:14 ).

I deal with anxiety/depression issues off and on. Problems arise when I eat something I know I shouldn't or taking supplements that disrupt the delicate balance of my body. I am dealing with supplement side effects that are causing anxiety and depression. I stopped taking them almost a week ago and I am slowly getting better but I am still dealing with sone anxiety and depression. Please pray that God will return my body to its natural balance and not struggle with these issues.