Pray for Others

For my son, Hank, to be healed.

(please pray)

I got baptized a year ago today and I've been hearing voices and seeing things that aren't real. It's to the point I can't eat or drink hardly and I can't function to do my job right. I need help please no one listens to me God is haunting me badly please help me get rid of the evil and the Holy Spirit. Please I can't take anymore of the in my human body that bible a curse I need help please. Jesus Christ is haunting me

I received some worrisome test results during my physical exam recently, and will have to go for more tests. I am doing my best to turn this over to God, and I do feel some peace and serenity about it, but worry is still lingering in the back of my mind. Please pray for my ability to fully submit and surrender to God's will and to truly turn over this process to Him. Thank you for your prayers.

please pray for my sister Mary who is anxious and & very depressed. We are both single and in our 70's, and have very little family beside each other. My heart is breaking for her, because she is so sad.

Please pray I will sleep peacefully every night and not wake up with depression, anxiety, and fear. Thank you!

Please pray for my daughters. Please pray that my daughter's marriage will survive and that her husband returns to their loving family. That he returns to the Lord and honors his marriage vows that he took in front of the Lord. Please pray that my other daughter leaves her unhealthy unchristian relationship and returns to the Lord.

Lord please restore my emotional health. No more depression,no more anxiety, I want to be what God made me to be in his services.

For my husband Paul to find the right job soon.

I'm 65 and would like to marry a Christian gentleman with hom to live out the rest of our lives comfortably together.

Please pray for healing for me and my family.