Pray for Others

please pray for kathleen that she have peace and hope and happiness.....please let Jason reach out to her
with affection and let them both see each other with God's eyes. Please let Jason listen to the Holy Spirit
and follow the values of his grandma and his dad....Please let God help them to have a real friendship.
God bless you

j stand up for kids don't be blinded don't be in fear of trish/-, will, trish confuse confound and cause discord in the enemies camp/bind lies and deceit and brainwashing from kids/trish expose all she does make her accountable/neil and wife twins/mike and Ashley baby/Brandon favor at work/dom car/val reunite with dtr e and glkids/give grandma continued favor in court - grant guardianship and custody and stand on all weapons formed against her shall be quenched and fall to her feet/t,v,t,c,g health and healing/j&m finances,marriage,home school year/Jacob speak out be bold go bk home to nan in Jesus name amen/tammy & a place to live

My grandmother had hip surgery today. I haven't been in contact with family to hear how it went but we would greatly appreciate prayers sent her way for a successful surgery and speedy recovery! Thank you in advance!

Please pray for Stuart`s health. He needs to be able to sleep peacefuly -without nightmares. Also he needs God`s mighty hand to heal from fears and worries -which have troubled him for many many years... please pray for my son as if he were your own child... May God bless you richly.

I am asking for prayer in several different areas of my life. First, for my husband to get a job that he will enjoy and not be overburdened with to the point of having medical illnesses. He has been out of work for 2 years now. Also for financial blessings. we have been managing to pay the necessary bills but it is still a constant struggle. Also for us to have children. We have been married almost 6 years and are having difficulty having children and the fertility treatments are just something that we can not afford. We both just feel lost and stuck in a rut and we need strength and courage along with mighty blessings to move forward from this place. Thank you in advance.

Please pray for me (Alan).

Dear lord I pray that you will help keep my son Alex safe today and everyday thank you

Please pray meeting with medical professionals in the morning will work in Jeff's favor to get into an rehab to get weaned off of ventilator

Please Lord Jesus I Need Your Help In A Special Matter. In Jesus Name We Pray Amen.

Dear prayer volunteers, please pray for me, for my heart is in pieces , and I can't bear the pain. The girl I love with all my heart, my friend Jordan, is still in the arms of another man, and I don't know what to do. I feel neglected and unappreciated by her, and it is bringing me so much suffering and torment because I care about her so much. Please, if you may, I humbly ask that you pray for my friendship with Jordan to strengthen with time, not wither. Please help me ask the Good Lord to open Jordan's eyes so that she can appreciate and value me for who and see how dearly I hold her in my heart. I am so afraid of losing her, all because she is with a man that occupies so much of her time. Please pray for us to grow closer despite the obstacles, and that one day soon, I may have the opportunity to visit her in S. C. Nothing would make me happier. All this I ask in Jesus's name. Amen. Thank you.