Pray for Others

Please pray for my son Michael who has lower gastrointestinal pain and is not able to eat at this time. Please pray that the pain will go away and he will be on the road to recovery. Thank you and God bless you!

Please pray for me (Dana for health and no anxiety).

Please pray for Amy. She needs strength and faith in your will no matter what the biopsy results show. Help her to draw closer to you and find meaning in this hardship you have given her. Thank you, Lord. Amen

Please pray for Amy.

Thank you God for helping me find a deliverance minister. He told me to read these curse breaking prayers. I pray God that my heart will be in a better place to change and when I do these prayers along with deliverance I will feel so much better. I don't know what else to say but whatever I missed I pray God he will know about. In Jesus Name Amen

Please pray that the hearing will be dropped, for lack of evidence. That Alicia will stay strong,keep her mind clear. Alicia's job will be safe.

Katie, has intense, persistent pain in leg and neck; medical providers are puzzled. Pray for total healing.

Please pray for healing for mavis's back and her palsy.

my son,Cort, still will not speak with me. We need to resolve personal and
legal issues. I miss him so much, my heart is broken. Please pray he has a change of heart and mind.
Thank you for continued prayer. R

Please pray for my neighborhood their are several teens that are breaking in homes And our cars stealing from people that have worked hard for what the have. People are scared of these teens if they see them doing things in the neighborhood. Please remove them from our area please put a headgear of protection around our homes and cars. They need God and I hope they find him before they go to jail. Please send Angels to watch over Haylee as she drives keeping her from tickets and accident. Let her be aware of her sped and other drivers in Jesus HOly name I pray amen.