Pray for Others

My young grandson is having trouble with anger/behavior at school. It all seemed to start following the recent death of my mother, his great grandmother. They were very close and this is the first big loss in his life. I would like guidance for him on his grief and behavior and for us on how to best help him to deal with this and get back on track.

My son had his second interview and now he waiting to hear if he hired. Please they will see that my son will be an asset to their company. I ask that God will be done. thank you for the prayers.

please pray for me to gain weight and to gain about 8 pounds within the next couple weeks and also to digest my food, i have severe gastroparesis and cant digest anything. also NOT been urinating at all and i drink 3 liters of fluids daily and have alot of edema in legs and feet and belly and bloating and nausea and also a urinary tract infection. im in a treatment facility for eating disorders and been here 7 weeks and they said 2-5 more weeks i could be here and im terrified of getting more food increases to gain weight and thats what causes me to vomit becausei cant digest foods and last night i was vomiting blood and lost weight this morning. please pray for healing of my digestive system, my stomach, gastroparesis, urinary tract infection and for me to urinate daily good and for NO food increases so i wont vomit and for me to gain weight fast and get out of here very soon. i miss my children terribly. im begging for these prayers and for the doctors to listen and dietician to not traumatize me anymore with food. and for healing

I am having a hard time finding employment. Please pray that God will bless me with a job that is supporting. thank you for praying.

lord draw me close to you each and everyday of our lives now and forever,in this life and in all our others amen GLORY BE TO GOD

Please pray for ABTC.

Please pray for DSBC.

Please pray for JJBCA.

Please pray for Tami,Rene,Joe,Randy,Richard .

Please pray for EDB.