Pray for Others

Please pray that I pass my neurology test the first time. I have too many worries and obligations thy are distracting me. Please pray for me to be able to understand and retain what I am studying. Thank you.

This prayer is for Mike. He has liver cancer but is unable to start his treatments because of fluid in his lungs. He is getting discouraged and wants to go home but he needs to continue his antibiotics so he can get the much needed chemo and radiation. Thank you for all your prayers

Please pray for my family that our finances improve and that my children do well in school and feel cared for. Thank you

I ask for prayer for a friend who lost his job recently. He is a very hard worker and has been looking day and night for a new job but he greatly needs to receive unemployment to help get him back on his feet. He is under enormous stress and worry that his former employer will fight his unemployment. Please pray that he will receive the unemployment he is eligible for m that his former job will not bother to contest them at his upcoming hearing for benefits. Please also pray that he will find a good job very soon so he will not need to be on unemployment for long.


Please pray for Erin and David, my adult niece and nephew, who have recently lost their mother, one of my closest friends for 40 years. She died from colon cancer just before Christmas. Please also pray for me to accept her loss from this earth, even though I believe truly that she is with Jesus. Thank you and God bless you, faithful prayer warriors.

Dear friends, I don´t know how to write about my son´s situation. It has been now over three months that he received his master´s degree in European studies in , Poland. He works for prestigious magazine as an intern. At the beginning he was very happy to have daily interaction with the work-team. Now he worries about having a salary -holding a real job. Two days ago he cried a lot telling me not to be surprised if he decided to commit suicide... please pray for my son´s emotions, he has a very hard time being all by himself, his mind wanders and gets very discouraged. Today he called earlier than usual and said that last night he had sought the devil for help to improve his life. I feel unable to help him find a job, or even to offer him a home to come back to. Years ago, when he was here he did not get hired because he needed graduate studies. He went into a long period of depression -which my brothers interpreted as laziness. They disliked him tremendously, and wanted him out of the house for not being "normal", like everyone else in the family.

Please I need you to pray for D. Someone who is so cold hearted and so cruel. This man has no emotion and says the most meanest things. Pray for his hard heart and for God to deliver him. In Jesus name, Amen

Please pray for me, my neighbors are causing me anxiety and stress, I live in constant fear when I am at home .There is constant noise from loud parties, music, basketball playing... please pray for resolution help me so my home will feel like a home again, thank you ,Gabriela

Please pray for me (C).