Pray for Others

Please pray for me (To get better hours, more responsibilities at work, to be a blessing and for Rick to spend time with me ).

Please pray for Rick to be completely healed, well rested, financially secure and have time to call me and spend quality time with me .

Please pray for Curtis, April, Wanda, Dalten and Gunner have a fun,safe and wonderful weekend together .

Please pray for Mom to be completely healed, well rested, and blessed .

Please pray for Grandma to be completely healed, lungs clear, no swelling in legs, can sleep comfortably in her bed and able to go places..

Please pray for me (Phyllis).

Please pray for Francine .... She was just diagnosed with lung cancer and had a stroke. Praying for complete healing and miracle. Thank you!

Please keep my son Billy and wife Tamara and grandkids Paige and Camden in prayer. They are taking Paige to N. C. for c. a. p. Pray for safe travels and surround their car with guardian angels. Please keep them safe.

Please pray for us my son and I need help, he has cancer and need therapy for depression, and so do I, he left arm was paralyzed with the cancer surgery, and i have server headaches, and stomach causing me so much weight loss, pleaase help, need spirtual renewal please please pray

O'Heavnly Father we pray that Gene will very soon go to my moms house like he said and snake out her clogged pipes in the bathroom and out let out side and clear out the roots all of them for the 75.00 dollarrs he asked for i Jesus Name Amen