Pray for Others

Please pray for H. that Lord would bless and provide for all the needs. Thank you.

I have a lot of burdens on me to be a Christian. my sis Lorraine and neice both are on crack and prostitute. have been almost 20 years I,am the only one in the whole family who tals to them on the phone and try to help them. Lorraine kids, wont give her a glass of water . tomica kids all are in foster care. last name b. mom slams the phone down on them no one will give them a hot dog but me. but its wearing me down then my neighbor that lives in our apt complexed name (Barbara- is harrising every one) does not believe in god she believes in ghost evil spirts and ect. (that's what she saids). its very bad since she moved in. just pray god ill move her or save her also I have a large knot on my eye lid pray this will be healed.i need happiness not drama pray for my son Shelton he is in jail but I don't know why have not heard from him in a week pray for my finance and peace and my mom from being so mean toward me rosetta- pray thank you

Dear Heavenly Father, You alone know how it has come that I've gotten our family in debt that will be hard to overcome. Please give me the power and strength to tell my husband about our debt, and help us to find a way to overcome it. Provide for me a job opportunity that will help us to survive this time of trial, and in all that I do, allow my life to be a blessing unto you. Amen

Heavenly Father - Please help me come up with the finances I need in order to repair and update my home. Thank you. Amen.

Dear Lord, I am giving myself chance to try new things and Lord it's sometimes scary. It feels right Lord but I need stronger faith to get through this because I really don't know anything about it. And Lord please give me strength to forgive people who just gossip and don't realise anything. In your name,love,power and grace. Amen.

I was in a abusive relationship, finally left him but he ran off with my 2 kids adriana and jayden, I had not seen them since july 2015 we have a cusdosty date comming up feb18. And I'm just so scared to face him I don't think I have the strength but deeply I'm doin this because I want my kids, I don't kno how to pray so I think I need a Lil help. I really miss my babies, please pray for me

Dear God, thank you so much for your many blessings in my life. Help me to continue to trust you during these times of uncertainty. Help me to know & remember you are working behind the scenes to piece together your plan for me. Please take away any anxiety and worry. Thank you so much for healing my Dad from cancer & I pray for his health to be better than ever. Please also be with my bf deployed that you can keep him safe and take away any worries from his mind and replace with your peace, love, & happiness. I love you so much!

My late husband died in October 2011 and my fiancé died so suddenly and expectedly in April 2015. My heart has been so heavy from these terrible losses. I have been feeling my feelings, deeply, and getting help through a counselor and a group for those with sudden loss. Financially, it's been such a struggle to make ends meet. I so want financial prosperity, solvency and relief from these financial burdens, so I can feel free to enjoy life, again. It could very well mean I must move. If so, I pray that it's safe, affordable, perhaps, easy to maintain, closer to my children and grandchildren...I can't figure this out, yet...Thank you. Evie

MY Heavenly Father I Pray for my Son Michael I Pray for All your guidance and Protection Safety especially in his mental disorders illnesses and mood swings anger tantrums bad attitude depression help him out of all this emotional trauma save him from this and lead him into salvation and holiness I PRAY IN JESUS NAME AMEN,

Please pray for my son-in-law to want to have a personal relationship with Jesus. To want to go to church because of his love for Jesus.