Pray for Others

Prayer for Sarah with kidney problems,Neil,Chris,as well as my family,friends,pets,health,finances,and for the Lord to keep guiding me,softening my heart,giving me understanding.

Prayers our state tax refund will be in our checking account tomorrow morning.

God please show me the right way in all my life and help me with all my needs. Amen.

Please pray for my son Nicholas that his blood work comes back normal. that he is in good health. Thank you. Esther.

Please pray Diane does not have any health problems or symptoms of health problems! Please pray she is in good health in every way!

My son in law's mother has been given a few weeks for his mother to live. She comes from P. R. and was brought here for them to find ways of taking care of us - she's had Alzheimer's and has been in a caring center steadily get worse until now. My son in law wants to send her body back to P. R. to a plot next to her sister and her daughter. I don't know how they will be able to do that - they cannot afford such a thing - he does not want her cremated - My daughter is carrying the load of paying all the bills as he makes good at a brand new job after being laid off for some time. It would take a miracle. Thank you
Also I wrote several weeks ago about collecting pennies as did the ladies who were saving for a house. How many I have found since then and how many I have given away, telling each recipient to keep it in a pocket because it still says" In God We Trust. "

I am a single mother of two. I am praying for a promotion and ability to grasp what I am learning at work. SOmetimes I feel I have a learning disability that challenges my ability to grasp what I need to know. I need God to place me where I need to be and provide for my home. I have an interview next week for a different state. I ask that if it is not Gods will that He do not give it to me. If it is his will to stay where I live currently to please send unexpected resources. I ask that he also help me discipline my spending habits and deal with saving on a new level . thank you so much.

Please pray for me if you can. I was involved in a bad car accident causing hand and wrist pain along with my car being totaled. Please pray for healing of my hand and for insurance and the finances of the crash to allow me to fund a car without too much financial struggle. Please send a car so I can get around Lord. Lastly, my boss at work has been rough. Please pray softening of her heart and for me to make the right decision of where to work. In Jesus Christ's Name, Amen.

Lord please look after my family keep them healthy and well and happy in body and mind. Please look after my mum especially keep her healthy and her hernia small,let her cough go and be nothing serious and let her tablets work and keep her heart healthy and let her blood sugar and cholesterol levels get to normal healthy levels. Please look after my sister keep her well and her throat clear and healthy,look after my brother keep his gallbladder under control, please look after me keep my chest clear of chest infections, coughs, cold, flu or viruses and keep my gallbladder under control and let my bowels and stomach problems clear quickly and keep my heart healthy and my breathing clear and easy. Please look after my friends and carers keep them healthy and well. Let there be peace throughout the world.
Thank you

Pray for Russ to find a computer job.