Pray for Others

My husband has been keeping financial issues away from me. We are in debt unsble to pay a major bill. He has told me somethings, but is still not telling me everything. Please pray for him to be able to tell me the cause of this mess. For God to show us a solution. Protection and peace as we move forward. Most of all the courage to forgive. My heart is angry over this.

Please pray for my marriage.

Dear Lord, You have put miraculous work into each one of us. Help me live my life so that it meets Your plans. Guide me towards Your path and fill my heart with peace and love. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Please pray for Agnieszka and her children.

Please pray for my children.

Please pray for me and all my family.

Prayer is requested for Helen - this weekend in - Ukraine taking her final Master's Degree exam there. She is very worried and stressed out but she is prepared. Pray God will quicken her to score the right answers, and that she will get a good night's rest tonight worry free. In Jesus Name, she is a Christian single mother with two sons who love her very much.

Prayer is requested for finances to come in to the business in as many ways as the Lord will provide. That the finances we have coming in will be used wisely and effectively. Thank you for agreeing the God will meet every need and request for He is Good, and does not reward His children according to their iniquities but according to His plans and His will. In Jesus Name

Lord, I am coming up short for the month and rent is due, cable, water, furniture, phone, electric, plus I need medicines to deal with the chronic disease I have. I just don't know what to do. Please help me. I am trying to do what is right. I am trying to do the things You have taught me. I can't see it, but I believe it, You will make a way out of no way. Thank you Lord for Your grace and Your Word. Hallelujah!

Please pray for me (Pray my resume stand out n pray I get a fulltime job soon on bus line n get a job ofter ).