Pray for Others

Please pray for my son Daniel to make wise and Godly decisions in dealing with his daughter. Thank you

I have many friends looking for work right now. Please pray with me for jobs for Beverly, Charles, Kathie, Alexandra, Tonya, and many more on the cusp of poverty. Pray that they will recognize God as their deliverer. Thank you!

Grace to move forward: because of the pressure of interviewing so far away and locating housing, I did not ask a number of important questions. Please ask I ask the questions correctly and the answers are brief, factual and enlightening. Grace to move forward, prioritize & consolidate. Grace over everything and everyone involved in the name of Jesus.

I Shaun ask for general prayer meaning in all areas of my life, marriage, finance, health, children, healing, job, wisdom, knowledge, understanding, peace, etc, all that god has for me in his will! I pray that God continue on showing up and blessing me like he doing keeping me more rooted in his word, pray that he restores my marriage and love for wife if it's his will, or send me the proverbs 31 woman that he has for me! I ask for prayer for God to use me how he wants to use me, show me the calling and plan that he has for my life, teach me how to love more, keep my humble and obeiant, teach me how to be a better servant, father, husban, son, Christin, etc. pray for forgiveness of all sins committed willing and unwilling, for the sins that I will commit, life more abundantly, that he open up is windows and poor out his blessn on my and my family and all my worldly sisters and brothers, run our cup over and all that he has for us and his will in Jesus name I ask and pray AMEN! AMEN!

I have beat colon, thyroid and lung cancer. But now the lung cancer has returned. I really would love to have a longer life, to see my grandkids, to grow old with my husband, to just love life. I need help and strength to survive the treatment and illness.

I would like prayer for anxiety issues I have, I have tried a lot of supplements and medication but still have bad anxiety. I am praying that God show me a way to overcome this anxiety problem. Thank You for your prayers.

A good friend I feel has wronged me and she has yet to apologize. Please pray that I can get over the fear of losing our friendship and resentment.

Please pray that Nichole will find a safe and affordable apartment soon. Thank you for your prayers.

I will receive the results of a biopsy and other tests on Friday, September 4. I am asking for prayer that the biopsy turns out good along with the other tests. I have been so nervous about this that I can't sleep. I believe that God is a healer and by his stripes we are healed.

Please pray my incarcerated daughter receives the bible I sent her, gets convicted, repents and converts to Christianity! And for her safety! Thank you for praying for her. She is a good girl!