Pray for Others

Please pray for my healing after yet another ending of a short relationship where I was mislead and lied to by a man I've known for 15 years and worked with years ago as well. Please pray that I regain trust in man and that I continue to be guided to the right man at the right time by God.
I also pray for him to be touched by God and to heal from his own pain and to speak only truths and treat others' with kindness and respect. In Jesus' name. Amen!

Please pray for my wife. She is working full time and going to school. She is very stressed and it is causing some health issues

Please pray for my adult daughter, Casey. Pray for her to make the right life choices and to know & do the next right thing. Please protect her & deliver her from the enemy of her soul. Please give her victory over the demons she is facing. In Jesus holy name i ask this.


Please pray for Dad.

Please pray for My family.

My wife and I are separated. As of now, it seems like she wants it headed to divorce. I've cried out since then and God has shown me a sign to Not give up and fight. I have 3 kids and it pains me to see the hurt they are going through. I pray that my wife and the other man continue to be miserable in the relationship they are having until my wife comes home. I pray that her family fights for me on my behalf. I pray her friends fight for me on my behalf. I pray that this relationship ends today and my marriage is restored today. God please move this mountain, put my wife back on the right path, open that door and let her walk through back to our family. Please put a wall of protection around her and my family. Thank you in Jesus Name. Amen

Please pray for me (Daniel and Linda).

Please pray for Heinrich who is struggling and depressed because of health issues: disc hernia and prostrate problem. Pray for his healing.

Could you please pray for my husband and his work situation. He is dealing with some challenging persons and it is difficult to navigate- could you ask for wisdom , skill and ability to effectively deal with these difficulties. Could you please pray for the whole group he is working with for harmony and peace so they can all serve the people they are working for the best they can and will enjoy their work. Thank you so much- he is very distressed-