Pray for Others

Financial Release of guaranteef funds that are owed to me & 3 immediate family members. These funds are intentionally being held up from 3 different sources.

That this country will not know terrorism

Americans, put God first and peace.

please pray with me that my son s finacial knots will soon become untangled and that he will become more financial responsible for his responsibilitie

Prayers requesed for my mom and all my siblings and their spouses and their family. Also for my immediate family. Praying for a baby and health to all.

Please pray to almighty God for blessings & a good future for the USA. Bless my new first grandson, Max, that he will be healthy both physically & mentally. Bless my first grandaughter, who will be born anyday. May little Lily be a joy to all & grant her health, both physically & mentally, too. Provide comfort to Susan - as she declines with lung disease. Let her know that God is with her to help her. God bless America & may all come to know that Jesus is our answer to life, living & eternity. Thank God for all His blessings, esp for Christ. In His name, Amen.

I am getting ready to open my office in June of 2016 & I ask you to pray God's blessings that I serve the needs of the people, that God gives me knowledge, wisdom & understanding to lead & serve his people & that the business will prosper & do well & that whatsoever I do is for the glory of God. Thank you for your prayers

Lord look after my family keep them healthy and well in body and mind. Please look after my mum especially keep her hernia small and let her cough be nothing serious, keep her heart healthy and let her cholesterol and blood pressure and blood sugar levels all get to normal healthly levels and keep her well and strong. Please look after my brother let his body be healing well after surgery and let him be feeling much better and please look after my sister keep her throat clear and don't let the cysts come back. Please look after me keep my chest clear don't let me get any chest infections, coughs,colds,flu or viruses keep my lungs clear and my gallbladder under control and my bowels healthy and my pancreas healthy and my heart healthy and my breathing clear and easy and please don't let me have any blood clots and please dont let get mumps. Look after my friends and my carers. Let there be peace throughout the world.
Thank you

Lord, thank you very much that I am much better 90 per cent recovered after being sick for over a week. My husband has been helping me and doing the house chores. Please bless him. Lord, starting tomorrow I plan to get up and do things. Lord, please help all to go well. Please help me to take easy and do what needs to be done. Lord, please help me to love you more, trust and obey you. Please help me be a good witness. Please help me to be thankful for everything including this incident that you will do something wonderful and unexpected and there would be more love and peace in the house with me, my husband and mother in law particularly. Please help the kindness love and understanding to increase much for mire peaceful household. Lord, please help me to have good attitude , honor you in all I do. Please help everyone to have a great peaceful day , especially me. Thank you very much. In Jesus' name I pray. Amen.

Prayer is requested for my family and myself about my driving trip to O. to trade a car and get a new one. My son has fears for my trip as do I which is normal. But God has prepared a way for this transaction. Also as a witness to His goodness and Grace towards me, rewarding me NOT according to my iniquities but according to His Loving Kindness which is better than Life. Thank you for a better ending to a humble beginning from the suburbs of C. and beyond, In Jesus Name !!! Thank you !!!!