Pray for Others

I started having insomnia. the Nurse Practitioner started me on a Benadryl based sleeping pill. I did not work last night. I also have a Phenergan based cough syrup. I tried it at 4 this morning. I still have not gotten any sleep. I left a message at 8:30 and she still has not called me back. it is 11:30. I was told not to take anything else until I hear from her. Yesterday I took an herbal supplement for the first time and I am not sure if it has anything to do with this or not. I am desperate for sleep and I don't know what to do. Please pray for me. I am crying as I write this. I am so tired I am ill. I need healing. I don't know what to do.

Please pray for my 3years old son that was diagnostic with one testicle up. Please pray for him not to go to surgery, that normally come down to the place that suppose to be. Thank you

I'm in need of prayer due to I have been a legal guardian of 2 children for 9 years and now there is a social worker who have it in to take them to add them to the worldly life due to they have had a Christian life style since they have been with me. They have filed all types for false allegations against me and it has been un proven by the courts, and she is still harassing me every other day. I fear she is attempting to apply additional allegations when school starts due to one of the children is special needs. I am in need of Gods help to guide me through the ordeal and to give me the wisdom to make a decision on weather to let go of the children or continue to fight for them, God has been with us through this battle and I pray for strength and his guidance and to make the right decision. In Gods Name I am in need of Prayer

Calling on Jehovah Rophe the Healer through Jesus blood to restore to perfect health my Mom, Santa, 80 to restore appetite over gastrointestinal tract in Jesus name and remove pain in hips. Wisdom for doctors

Please help me with my discomfort under my rib cage that I've been having for 2 months. Please help the doctor to correctly diagnose and treat me. Thank you.

Please make. Me excel at my new job n make a LOT of money!!:)thank u! God Bless You!:)

Please pray that I regain custody of my children soon I love and miss them every second of every day they are not with me. Please pray this has been a nightmare since 2014. I pray the custody evaluation went in my favor. I feel empty without my kids. I need them back please pray for me and my children. We need to be reunited with each other. Please pray for us please

My nephew Josh had a massive heart attack a few days ago. He is only 37 years old. Please pray for a complete recovery. Thank you

My husband has an infection. Please pray that the medication will cure him and make him feel better soon.

I pray that the Lord send me the man he wants me to have a relationship (marriage). As my kids have said. I choose the wrong men. Please pray that God puts the right man in my life for him.