Pray for Others

My grandson, Christian, is in intensive care and was coded and brought back. Please pray to our Lord to place His healing hands on him and return his life to him. If it is His will. Thank you sincerely.

Please, God, help us.................heal us...................spare us! We ask in Jesus' name. Thank you!!

Please pray for me that my mammogram comes back normal and take away all my fears. Having so much anxiety lately.

Prayers for excess ear wax to drain out, dry up blow away, perfect hearing now, EYESears/sinuses all moist & mucous CLEARed, all head esp RIGHT SKULL/NECK PAIN GONE, UPPER R REAR TOOTH healed, realigned healed MIDupper back, RIBS by Shoulders& HIPS & LIVER Pain gone! That SHAKES STOP R FOOT, R arm, blood vessels, HEALED THERE &feet legs head neck, tissues bounceback fm stress! enuf REST SLEEEEP healed STOMACH/LUNGS, ONLY HEALTHY ORGANISMS, healed bladder sphincter, positive energies ONLY,Praise God!

César died last evening. He was my brother´s classmate and also my cousin Teresa´s husband. Please pray for God´s peace and comfort to all his survivors. Thank you.

Please pray for my dear wife's total healing, my healing, blessings upon our families, friends, pets,church, coworkers, employers, veterans, active military and country. We ask in Jesus' name,Amen.

Please pray for my(Shane) mental and physical health. Thank You God Bless

A man named Bubby has a very serious condition of heart failure. His sisters don't appear to won't to take care of him. It appears they expect his girlfriend to take care of him. His girlfriend has gone above the level to take care of him since they are not helping and it is taking its told on her as she is going to the doctor now for her health. God needs to help Bubby's sisters take care of him as he has no one else to help him. One lives in FL and the other close by but neither are doing anything to help. Only one has called him. Bubby is in the hospital a second time and the sisters have not called him. God help sisters and help girlfriend too because she can't keep doing it all by herself.

I am very depressed over my family situation. Prayer appreciated. Thank you.

Lord thank you for all the blessings you give us everyday!! I need guidance & wisdom. I have made so many bad choices in my life. You gave me everything I wanted & I thought I did it on my own. Than greed & listening to wrong folks, well I lost everything. I ask in Jesus name jobs, home & health. I asked for everyone to know your power your strength working in our lives when we listen to you. Read the bible and know it is instructions for our life, for a happy life. I love you father, son & holy spirit!! May I only listen to you! Amen.