Pray for Others

11/26/2015 3:03pm

I ask that your continue to join me in prayer for immediate, total and complete restoration of my marriage as well as total deliverance for my husband and release from all demons, spirits, hexes, curses, spells, enchantments and witchcraft that has been put upon him by a voodoo worker in C. Thank You and God Bless You.

I have been suffering from Chronic Fatigue for many months. Please pray for my healing, and the inflammation to be gone. It is painful.
Thank you.

Heavenly Father, Jesus of Nazareth, I plead you relieve me of the arthritis pain, particularly in my right foot and back. I trust in your healing power Lord; know that if I am suffering for others, give me endurance.

I have IBS as well as other colon problems. Lord please help me, I'm in such pain. I want to be healed. By the strips on your back, I am healed. Amen.

Please pray for Marty.

Please pray for my son Harry -that our GOD deliver him from drugs. His drug addition is out of control. My son is 45 years old and lives with me. I am broke because of his drug addition. He is sick and needs help both physical and mentally. I have been praying to our GOD for over 20 years and his addition and his temper only gets worse. I don't want to have him locked up, I just want GOD to deliver him and take the taste and dependency of drugs from him. My son have me so stressed out. My husband and I have been married for 40 years but we don't reside together because of my sons disrespect and his drug use. He only bring misery into our home. Thank you in advance for your prayers. I go to work sick because I hate being home with my son begging for money and destroying my home. I have been rebuking Satan in the blood of Jesus name to deliver my son from drugs. GOD bless you and yours

Pray for my friend Kim so that she can have this baby . Kim has lost FIVE BABIES.

shalom, pls. i ask ,for your prayer for a real financial miracle, now i must pay my renting, & bills. i really need a big financial miracle. so that i can do more for GOD S KINGDOM, & MOVE ON. GETING INTO the asignment GOD has asignd for me. & to come out of this troubles. pls. i ask with all my heart to pray for me. thank you very much .

Please pray for my daughter in law today give her strength I know she misses her husband and children please help her. Also I so grateful for my family friends my new job thank y so much