Pray for Others

Father God give me the wisdom and guidance to hear your voice and feel your present and if anything is blocking me from You please remove it in the name of Jesus Amen

Please pray for 4 year old Nevaeh. She fell into a fire pit and has 90% of one leg and one arm burned. She is on pain meds in a burn unit but is not eating or walking. Thank you.

I greet you in the Name of Jesus Christ....
Wednesday the 5th of August 2015 im going for a assessment test for job at bank. Please pray for me that i do well, PLEASE.
Thanks. Stay Blessed .

Please help Teacy to understand thos I love her and was not trying to avoid help me to be honeat grateful in all my actions gelp Mark and Ktevin make the right decisions and sale of house to go smoorhly a well as debtbsettlemwnt thank u

Please pray for my daughter who is close to delivering her baby. I pray that it will be a smooth delivery and that she and the baby will be well. Please pray for my granddaughter to be well taken care of while her mommy is having the baby and may I get there on time to be with them. May my granddaughter adjust to the new baby well and may the Lord keep her safe and well. Thank you God bless.

God grant my increase

Lord please look after all my family keep them healthy and well in body and mind bless them all let my mums cough be nothing serious and the mark on her nose be normal, let my sisters throat heal. Please keep me healthy keep my chest clear of infection, coughs, colds, flu. Let my stomach be ok and the pain in my gallbladder/ribs stays away and my heart stays healthy and my tablets work. Keep my friends and carers healthy and happy. Please let there be peace in the world

i want to live better for the Lord Jesus Christ and I want to serve him with a pure heart. I want to be healed from the every sickness that has been place in my body by the enemy. For my family so they could be blessed with finances upon their lives.

Please pray that the MRI being done today on our Jess shows what is wrong and clues on how to fix it...

Heal Peter's hearing problem,David's leg problem and stomach cancer,Butch's gout,foot injury,high blood pressure,Jerome's aches and pains,Helen's aches and pains,nerves,high blood pressure,high closteral.