Pray for Others

Please pray for Todd

Please pray for Todd.

Please pray for Gigi .

Please pray for me to have the strength to be set free of my addictions!!!

Please pray for my friend Eric to realize what the truth is. He is Mormon and I really hope that he can convert to Christianity.

That God will send me the right man to share my life with. An honest man, I was badly hurt I dont know if I can trust again.


Hi thank you for being so kind to pray for me. God is good and I know he loves me. I just got home from the emergency room. They told me I gave cellulitis on my face. They put me on antibiotics. I also have problems with my esophagus. Boy I'm a mess. But I know God is the great physician the great healer and if it his will he will heal me. I'm am very upset and tired of being sick. I do thank God for you all who care about people to pray for them. So I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Dear Most High I want to pray that me and my dear friend Ms. L will become friends again she is not eager to help me out or be there for me anymore like she once was she is a Christian but has changed in a mighty way now not quick to help me out with anything anymore we are neighbor and long time friends please intervene most high. Please help me and my dear love and our children to be born again of your spirit we all have fallen off the wagon and need a full revival and a renewal of your spirit. Please remember me Our children and their father in the Lamb's book of life. Please Most High please protect our children and us on our comings and goings no incident's accidents or mishaps. I pray we can connect and come together in unity as a family now please restore me our children and their father as one god fearing family now please help us to not get caught up in the world's way of living. Help us to keep our government housing until we get something better. Please protect my eyes now. ITNOTMH .YB

Lord, bless me as I go camping this week without my husband Greg. He used to love to camp, and we had so much fun. Soften his heart while I am gone, and direct him back toward home. Thank you Lord. Amen.