Pray for Others

Please pray for my son Patrick. He is suffering from bipolar disorder . He is so lonely and sad right now. He needs to have his spirits lifted from God. Amen

I really really need a blessing of financial help,

Dear God, please heal the outbreak of sores on Matt's nose completely; praying that the diagnosis after biopsy is not skin cancer!
Please heal Matt, in Jesus name Father! Amen.

Please pray for my friend who is staying at a motel tonight because her partner is being verbally abusive.

that I will be able to find a car that I can afford with low milage. And in red.

I have to go back to work, my 3 months old daughter will not take the bottle, she only wants to be breastfeed. Please help me pray


Please pray for my sister and her daughter. They have been through a death in their family and need Gods hand to bring them together in love. There is anger between them and I pray God will take it away and replace it with love. Thank you for praying for my family.

Please pray for me (Lu).

God I pray for my soul mate. I pray that this is the week he comes into my life. I pray for someone who will completely to me and I completely open my heart to him. For someone who will accept me for who I am and I accept him for who he is. God I am ready for marriage and a family of my own. God I pray for a very clear answer as to whether or not Scott is the one. If he is please let something start growing between us tomorrow. Please God let me love him and be loved by him if it is your will. Please guide us together.I pray for love to flood our lives. I pray that tomorrow he looks at me and feels something. That he wants to pursue a relationship as well . God I put us into your hands. AMEN!