Pray for Others

Please pray for Brooke .

Please pray for Brooke .

For the Lords protection, favour and mercy upon me and my son. Please pray for Him to sustain us and for our faith not to fail. For Him to meet our needs spiritual, financial and social. For strength, courage,wisdom and His guidance. Thank you Lord for being the father of the fatherless and defender of widows.

Dear Prayer Warriors, Please pray for John - and Troops will not punish him for trying to be an effective leader. Please let the Commanders andm his troops who he has helped so much, realize that he was arsh at times due to thier continued job negligence. Johnis devasted, for those who spoke negative things behind his back a few days before he depolyed to B. Please pray that God of peace, be present in the meeting along wiht God to calm
the negative spirit and that John will reigh victorious without even having to defend himself. Please allow thos who he has helped so much speak up for him in the meeting and all accusations will be null and void. Please pray for his safety in B., he deployed on yesterday. Please pray that his job performance is OUTSTANDING, as he is a hard worker. Please pray that his new Commanders will support and that he will make lifelong friends and return to the sates when his time is up, refreshed , body healthy, wieght loss, as his feet and hands heal. In Jesus Name I Pray Amem. His Mom.

Please pray for me, my. School did not. Give me my Pell grant benefits for school, the. There seems to be a problem on. Their end, Please stand with me that I will receive my Pell grant. Thank you.

I made a mistake at work today that had to be reported it was not my intention to make the mistake I don't want to lose my job please pray for me

Please pray for Gigi.

Dear Lord... Thank you for today and everyday... As i always praying please help me to solve my financial problems

Please, pray my diabetes away, and heart failure to be gone, and heal my sons past childhood memories, and that he stays out of trouble, and no more court cases, and is saved and goes to jobcorps, to get an education or to proper inherited housing, yes there is a will involved and brother trying to cheat him out of it, pray my son gets his full share of inheritance as it is divided evenly between the brothers. Also, healing for my husband from alcoholism needs rehab help. Thank you very much.

Please pray that all works out for Marshall and Hailey with everything! that they stay safe healthy happy and very successful! that God will guide him with his decision to rejoin the military and with his relationship and just with everything and everything works out!that Mitchell stays safe healthy happy and very successful and that all goes well with his classes and new classes and all!! That he has a great safe week and great safe hike and trip and all goes well with everything! that Mason and Meredith stay safe healthy happy and very successful! that Tom can get the jobs he applied for or get social security or figure out some other way for income soon asap please! that our whole family stays safe healthy happy and very successful and that our whole family stays safe while driving back and forth everywhere in all vehicles boats motorcycle plane's etc! that Tom and I can cope with everything and everything works out please!!thank you for your prayers!