Pray for Others

Please pray for my daughters. God, please show my girls the truth about love and life. Give me the strength to turn a cheek to the adults in that house. Negative attitudes and nastiness. I no longer want this confusion and sadness in my day.

Please pray for me (Michelle).

Please pray for Cheyenne n her dad to have a good relationship again. He hasn't talked to her n awhile n she misses him n is going to have her 1 st baby n she wants her dad n their life.

Lord I put my friend Mayte in your hands, please give her peace of mind and help her husband find the job that is best for him. Give her the peace that only you can give Lord. In Jesus name I pray. AMEN

I have had MS (Multiple Sclerosis) for 34 years, diagnosed at the age of 27. There is residual damage to my optic nerves from flareups of optic neuritis, many times during my MS journey. My prayer request is for total restoration of my optic nerves and clarity of my eyesight. Thank you.

That Michael, everyone needing, is Healed from flus, gets plenty of rest SLEEP,,easily retains food fluids, finds perfect treatment, jobs protected, takes it easy as long as he needs to, for all flu uplifted, healed, Amen!

Please help my brother,Phil, whose in the hospital with intestinal issues and the doctors don't know what is wrong with him

Please please please please pray for my family a financial miracle thank you

Please pray for my friend Alessandra. She is recovering from colon cancer surgery and will be doing chemo. She has had a lot of setbacks. I pray Jesus touches her with His hands of healing and allow her to live a long healthy life.

Please pray my furnace A/C system will work. Don't want to have to pay for a service call.