Pray for Others

pray for total deliverance from satan in nikki's life. remove the childhood demons from her mind and the lying she was forced to tell in childhood. Heal her emotionally, mentally, and physically and spiritually. In Jesus name I pray pray for job, schooling and being free in Christ.

Son mind healing/intense mental attack or healing of physical brain. He is believing God!

please pray for me,donna,kayli,adam,ron and all our family to trust in JESUS for all the answers to everything and to thank and praise Him for everything.thank you

Please pray that my husband, who had a stroke, will make a full physical and mental recovery, and that the urinary incontinence he developed since his stroke will go away. Also please ask Jesus to let my husband's apraxia improve and to go away, too, so that he will begin walking again with no fear or assistance whatsoever.

Please pray for my daughter Allison to find a full time job, that she would love and that has benefits. She is having a very difficult time finding her way, right now. Thanks so much!!

Please pray for Extra travel prayers please..

Please pray for my husband & I to get together real soon. He's in Nigeria & I'm in the states. He's to become King when his father passes & I will become his Queen. Please I am not happy here with my children

My car is on the verge of breaking down (making lots of bad noise). I need the finances to repair the car, so that I can get to work.
Thank you

The angiogram says I have blockage, but I still believe and trust in the healing power of God. Please pray that despite the report I can still be miraculously cured through God's healing power.

please pray for Judith , and all who are seriously ill and injured , for travel safety for david and Chrissy ,for matt, for my 93 yr old mother for safety and health, for jen for all her needs, and for me for mental health, for forgiveness for two people who seriously hurt me in the last 2 days, both thoughtless painful words, and I need to forgive, my head is so full of disorder & health issues now that I cant have anymore thoughts in my mind that are hurtful to me, please pray for my mental health and for my work mon after being off all week I will be over loaded with end of the month, please just pray for all spoken and un spoken needs amen