Pray for Others

Please pray for me (Dana for health and no anxiety and panic).

Please pray for me I am desperately sekimg guidance and fell extremely lost at work and what I am meant to do I need guidance and the Lord to show me my path lead me to what's the right choices pray for me and my husband as we are going thru a difficult time in our marriage I would like to have a child and he does not and so it has cause a rip between us and has caused him to treat me indifferent dear Lord show me the way hold my hand and lead me down the road u have chosen for me I can not do it alone your are my strength ns my guide I give my trust and my all to you amen

Please pray for Jerry .

Please pray for me (Elena).

Please pray for me (Kim ).

Please pray for Family.

Please pray for me (Sally, that I can afford the repairs on my house).

Dear GOD, please hear my prayer. My husband cheated then left me for another woman. Please hear my prayer for a financial blessing as I have 2 rents and other bills to pay. I do not want to lose my apartment and I want to be able to help my mother pay the rent where I stay most of the time.

Please pray for the financial change I need to get out of debt ASAP. I know an answer is on it's way. Thank You to all that pray for me. Amen.

Our son just sent us an e-mail that he's in a lot of pain w/ an earache. He went to a doctor twice, but he didn't tell us what he did for him! He just said he needs prayer, so thank you for praying for him. We live miles away.