Pray for Others

Please pray for relief and healing for my beloved 74-year old mother, Bonnie, who suffers from multiple serious illnesses, including fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, spinal stenosis, degenerative disc disease, bad knees, bowel and bladder problems, anxiety, and depression. She is almost completely immobile. Please pray for solutions, whether they are knee surgery, physical therapy and/or water therapy, so she can regain mobility and stop the degeneration. Please pray for doctors who are guided by God. Please pray for her body, mind, and spirit. God bless you!

Please pray for healing for my beloved 20-year old daughter, Rebecca-, who suffers from acne, OCD/body dysmorphia, depression, food sensitivities, and a Nonverbal Learning Disability (NLD), a pervasive developmental disability similar to Asperger’s that leads to social anxiety and difficulty functioning in both school and career. Her life is so isolated and limited right now. Please pray for healing of her mind and body, including her acne (this is very important to her), for willingness to accept help and support so she can grow towards independence, and for great friendships, happiness, and a clear, positive direction. Please pray for whatever will help her feel better, whether it is allopathic and/or natural medicine. Thank you and God bless you!

Please pray that my beloved 76-year old dad, Al, finds solutions so he doesn't continue to get frequent pneumonia from acid reflux. Please pray his Hepatitis C heals and that his liver is strong. Please pray for strengthened digestion for unusual system (changed by surgeries). Please pray for his general health and that he makes wise choices regarding food, and drinks enough water and not too much coffee, so he can enjoy life for many more years. He is the supporter of our family and we love and need him. Thank you and God Bless you!

Please pray for 12 year old Jacob - of A. He is missing.

Please pray for my financial situation to improve. In Jesus name amen.

merna sleeps and cry all the time her husband is not good to her has very bad deppreson

I ask that you join me in prayer and ask God to allow me to keep my job I currently am working at. I ask this in his name my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ amen. Thank you for your prayers.

God I pray for my soul mate. I pray for someone to love and be loved by. Some one to marry and have a family with. Someone who will accept me as I am and who I accept for who they are. I pray for a love so wonderful that we will never doubt that you brought us together. God I pray that it is Scott. I pray that he feels the same I do and wants to start a relationship with me as well. I pray that if it is your will he is the one I marry and have a family with. I pray for him to be the miracle I have been praying for and that I am his miracle. God I want it to be Scott. Please swiftly guide us together if it is your will. I pray that he asks me out this week and we can spend more time together. God I pray that Scott is the one. If he is please help us to open our hearts and lives to one another. God I pray for a very clear sign and answer. Amen!

I lost my Dad July 23 of this year...I'm having a hard time with it...Also I need prayer for finances!!!

Please pray for me (Judy).