Pray for Others

Please pray for my wife and I to sell our current home and be able to get into our new home. And please pray our new careers to be blessed by God. Help me to let go and let God handle it all. Amen!

Please pray for me (Patricia, Please pray that she gets a teaching job close to her area ).

Please pray for Prayer Request Nights WE ARE PRAYING FOR YOU! Join our prayer line Mondays at 8:00pm (est) (712) 432-0075 Access Code: 719478#.

Please pray for me (Pray intenet bill was lower not 125.00 a month through Comcast n pray gas n electric was lower on budget n pray Heidi get help paying 650.00 for rent monthly Pray my x Stacey start paying 150.00 or more every other week n start helping out n pray Heidi go back to work soon fulltime n get to work on then us line or close to home soon money tight she s single mom n don't get child support from sb or anything n carrielyn Austism don't get much Ssi ).

Please pray for Prey jennifer at apartment 2 get caught n go to jail for doing property demage n demage cars n messing with apartment 3 hot water heater n furanace I pray it stop n than jennifer lies n say Heidi did it when she didn't do anything I pray the truth be revil

Please pray for me (Pray my throat stop hurting me n I get my voice back ).

Please pray for me (Pray to go back to 3rd shift soon ☘☘☘☘Heidianna ).

Please pray for me (Wish I feel better

Please pray for son's health — heather — 2015-10-12 19:57 My three year old has had a cough for about a month. We tried antibiodics and it didnt work. I am going to take him back to the doctor, but I just want to pray that it is nothing serious. Just allergies or a virus hanging on or something simple. He also threw up today : ( I am praying that he would be totally healed and that none of it is serious or life threatening in any way. I am SOOOO thankful for him and pray he has a long healthy life ahead of him. THANK YOU, amenn .

Please pray for # baby boy's health — heather — 2016-02-09 23:28 I am feeling very nervous about a strange quiver in my 7 week old's left leg. I am just praying my heart out that it is something he will grow out of and not a sign of something more serious. I pray he has a long happy healthy life and that this nothing life threatening/altering. I also pray for him to give us some more beautiful smiles so I can stop stressing about that too, and also that he has grown significatnly and moved up on the charts at the next appointment. THANK YOU AMEN.