Pray for Others

Please pray for my younger son who has ambition of becoming a lawyer. He has applied to good schools. Pray that he gets into one with the means of a full scholarship...he is very studious . If it's Gods will . Thank you GodsBlessing for your Help and prayers .

I ask that you join me in prayer to give thanks and show gratitude for the financial blessing that I've received which covers my rent and other household responsibilities.

Please pray and believe for a miracle of healing for me. Please pray that my head will get completely better and there is absolutely no cancer anywhere. Please pray that I will be here for my precious daughter, she needs me and I want to live to see her grow up. I greatly desire and appreciate your prayers. Thank you

Please pray for travel late this afternoon like 4:20. Pray for us I have to go to the doctor with my granddaughter Zamira who still has a cough. Pray for my leg. I'm going to the doctor for it. My husband is taking me. Pray for me to get right in. Pray for my husband's surgery Monday. He's having surgery in his mouth. Pray for us not to fall. My granddaughter doesn't have boots.

God give me David this hour my hearts desires and bless me some way financially for i can't take it NO MORE. God where is Brynley? Why doesn't she cantact me David? God what ever or who ever is keeping Brynley and I David apart take it out of our lives. God I'm worried about Brynley and I pray that I hear from her this hour. God I love her and wish she would see that. God can you do something now so I can her from Brynley and that she still wants me? I know she loves me me Lord. Please God help Brynley to get in touch with me and I pray that where she is at now that she has no happiness and she is sad. God I pray that Brynley Misses me David and that she wishes that was with me. A man

Please Lord I am in need of a big miracle, I asking u for quick favorable IRS resolution to my tax issue that has Been going on for almost 2 years, please. Bless my attorneys,fill them with wisdom and a conciennce, since they to 5,000.00 dollars from me, they don't call back or update me, I am very concerned, but I trust u lord, you're will be done, Thank you prayer team for your prayer, I truly belive where 2 or more are gathered in his name, he is present.

We would greatly appreciate your prayers for healing for our daughter. She has been pushing herself so much recently to improve in her ballet that she is starting to experience some serious pain, especially in her right knee and her left foot. We are concerned that she may have plantar fasciitis, which will make it extremely difficult for her to continue in her pursuit of contemporary ballet as a profession. Dance has been her lifelong passion and the thought of not having dance in her life due to pain and injury is pretty overwhelming for her. She will be seeing the doctor today. Please pray for wisdom, discernment and insight for the doctor to quickly determine an accurate diagnosis for early treatment, and that God will heal her quickly and teach her how to properly care for her body to keep her free from these injuries/ailments. She is becoming quite exhausted and discouraged from the pain while trying to keep up with her school work and dance commitments. Thank you very much for your prayers!

Please thank God For His many blessings and ask Him to forgive us all of our sins. Please ask God to grant my daughter, Jen a job. Please ask God to send His aid and His angels to Jen.
Thank you and may God send His blessings to all of us including all animals. Amen

Lord please help my son make the right decision in a matter that will change his life

Married almost 55 years and husband's health has declined now in a skilled nursing facility for rehab but the whole situation needs God's guidance and wisdom to help him gain strength to possibly come home and for my health when too much is expected from me, I think. Show me the wisdom to do the best for both of us.