Pray for Others

Please pray that the purchase of the house we are trying to buy goes thru for us. The seller is not submitting required paperwork and everything is on hold. However we still have to move out of the house we now live in. It has been sold to another family.
Please Lord let this all work out for us.
In your name we pray. Amen.

I would like prayer for my family and for me.

Dear Lird let us find the cure for cancer to end the pain and loss, amen

Please pray that Dean gets the job today. Thank you

Please pray that Chris feels your loving guidance in all parts of her life. Keep her strong and loving always. Let people see her true spirit! In Jesus's name...
Thank you!

Please pray for Deanna to have common sense, stay close to God, and make responsible choices.
Thank you.

Dear Representative,
Joe recently had back surgery.
So please pray for the following for Joe:
1. God will deliver and save his soul.
2. God will heal his neck, back, hips and kidneys.
3. God will heal his whole body and raise him up as a testimony.
4. God will rain him down all the blessings that he needs.

Please pray for relief and healing for me, Julie. I am suffering from depression, high anxiety, worry, and heartbreak. I have been taking care of my daughter, Rebecca, who has depression, social anxiety, and a developmental disability, for years. I ask for healing for her and for God’s guidance in finding solutions to help move her life forward safely and wisely towards health and independence, for her to get support from other people, make great friends, and take the pressure off of me. I beg for healing for my anxiety and depression. I want to be able to eat and sleep again and not feel overwhelmed by life. I would also love to create a loving, committed partnership with the right person. Thank you and God bless you!

Please pray for my brother Jack. He is in need of a place to stay and a closer walk with God. Things are bad for him right now. He has trouble with choosing women and gets his self in messes.

Please pray for relief and healing for my beloved 74-year old mother, Bonnie, who suffers from multiple illnesses, including fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, spinal stenosis, degenerative disc disease, bad knees, bowel and bladder problems, worry, and depression. Please pray for doctors who are guided by God. Please pray for her body, mind, and spirit. God bless you!