Pray for Others

Please pray for me (Susan Roach).

Please pray for Mark who just ended a 10 year relationship. ( witch was good ) but he needs to find a girl who will steal his heart, be really good to him, and bring him back to church. Thank you!

For guidance on raising my teenage son and making the right decisions. He is being rebellious and now threatens to go live with his Dad who has abused him in the past and does not spend any significant time with him. I need God's guidance on dealing with the situation for the best of my son and myself. Worrying all night about this.

Please pray for Lee! And me!

Please pray for Frank.

Please pray for me (Teresa).

Please pray for me (Teresa).

Please pray for me (Teresa).

Pray for Randy to get help for his addictions.

Pray for Russ and his job.