Pray for Others

Please pray for me (Mary).

Please pray for me (Hope work pick up n maybe work extra days I got a call n they say not to come in just want favor n hours n a stable job ).

I want to speak up more. I get very shy and anxious and wish I would speak up. Please pray, thank you. .

Her previous employer is persecuting her. She was fired and saying stuff that she did not do. My sister knows so much about so many anomalies that that company is doing and so she was fired because of that. So just pray for peace of mind, wisdom, strength and protection from evil scheme and from that lady boss she had. She is afraid that she will not be able to find a job because of her and that she will be after her. Please pray that she will be able to find a job in God's perfect timing and that this problem will not consume her and lost her faith.

I want to live with a closer relationship with Christ and a reminder to always believe in him..

Dear Lord I ask you to help my daughter Michelle and I and these dear people who read these messages to send us healing. In our working life we never seem to find peace as we are peaceful souls but have been bullied more than once. Just when we think we're ok again someone else at the workplace are making our lives miserable. At present there are two people by the name Geraldine (Gerry) and Ez who are quite devious and manipulative a bit of a subtle bullies who like to cause trouble. We pray for this souls to stop doing the things they are doing and find peace within themselves.Please pray for Michelle and me, (Rose) also. We want to stay at our workplace for we have been there for more than 15 years. We want to be happy we cannot afford to leave our job, as it is hard to find a stable job. You may ask why don't we report them but it isnt that simple and we would prefer a more peaceful and loving outcome and peaceful workplace. Dear Lord hear my prayers. Amen.

Please pray for me (Hope work pick up n maybe work extra days I got a call n they say not to come in just want favor ).

please say prayers that his blood work for cancer is normal tommorrow at the Drs.

In thanksgiving for prayers answered! Thank you, Heavenly Father!! Glory and praise to you, Lord Jesus, Christ!

Father, I ask you to please let my husband get the job so we can pay the rent! Amen