Pray for Others

Please continue to pray for my family.Also please pray for a coworker 's friend ,her name is Nicole and her 9 month old baby is real sick has a fever of 103,please pray healing and I don't know the circumstances of their relationship with God,please also pray for their salvation.Also please also pray for my grandson Leland and my son Chad his business to prosper he tries to serve God.Thank you

Please pray that my daughter, Jen receives a good job offer today.
Please ask God to send His angels and His aid to Jen to protect, guide and bless her.
Please thank God for His many blessings and ask Him to please continue to bless us all including all animals.
Thank you. Amen

Please pray for My family.

Please pray for Deanna.

Please pray for Tommy.

Please pray for CBSP .

Please pray for JSAB .

Please pray for DSBC .

Please pray for JJBCA .

Please pray for Richard,Rene,Tami,Joe, Randy, Dean, Bill, Tom.