Pray for Others

Please pray for Gods healing for my 15 year old daughter Hannah. For three weeks she had not been able to eat without vomiting her food straight up. Drs can't find the cause. She is in hospital on a drip. Thank you.

A grassroots level revival in America, that will spread across the nation, restore our relationship to God, and then spread across the entire world. Amen

I pray w/the country this day that we may truly fall to our knees, show those who don't know that we love & trust our GOD to guide and keep us. I pray that God give us the wisdom to move aside to let Him guide this country for our future, for that of our future generations. Let us ask GOD to forgive our sins and shine His light into this ever darkening world. Thank you, Bless you and AMEN!!

Please pray for my healing physically and spiritually as I continue to serve and please God. I am weakened but I know I am strong with God. God Bless you!

Please pray for Currin.

Please pray for Barbara, Lovell and all of their Relatives.
As Lovell thank's to God is recovering from Cancer stage 4 of the lungs.
Pray God keeps them as they not too long ago lost their Grandson, "Pooh" in a shooting.
Thank you more than you will ever know!!!!

Help me, dear Lord, to seek you above all else. Help me to discern the difference between your ways and my whims. Help me to walk in your truth so faithfully that my spirit becomes more and more like yours. Amen.

Strength to over come a weakness.

Please pray for my parents, David & Mary. They are being subjected to extreme spiritual warfare. Pray for the Holy Spirit to enter into their hearts and work a mighty change that only He can do. Pray for the spirit of peace, calm, encouragement, and the fruits of the Spirit to be exhibited daily. Pray for the enemy to removed from their home and hearts in the mighty name of Jesus! Thank you.

Please pray that I am delivered from fear and stress and worry. I work in a career that is 100% commission and sometimes I just have a hard time making the money last longer than the month. Without the worry and fear of that happening I will find more peace in my career