Pray for Others

please pray that the electrican I called will come and find the cause of my smoke alarms constantly going off. It seems its every couple of months and they have to be replaced.. no one else that I know of has to replace the batteries as often as I do.. and I understood that battery operated were to be a back up in case of a power outage.. my alarms are hard wired so I don't understand this constant problem . please pray that he will find the cause and not delay in getting back to me.. thank you for all your prayers and support.

please pray for my grandson Jim that he will do well on 2 college finals tomorrow. Jim works part time and school is not easy for him ,yet he tries and studies diligently.. please pray that the Holy Spirit will infuse Jim with wisdom and knowledge and that he will remember all that he has been taught and apply it correctly.. thank you for all your prayers and support.

please pray for peace america

Please pray the LORD will help me to overcome evil with good.

Molly is 13. Last week she had a headache and was taken to the ER. It turned out she had a brain tumor and was operated on. She has not regained conciousness and is on a ventilator. Please pray for guidance for her family as they decide on whether to continue life support.

Please pray for my friend Monica. She lost her oldest son tonight to suicide--just 3 weeks from his high school graduation. Pray for the family and for peace and comfort amidst this shocking tragedy.

Kindly pray that:
1)my family be protected from evil and evil men.
2)my children be guided and they know the Lord well. They be faithful to the Lord.
3)my elder son gets divorce and custody of his child.
4)my daughter and family in M. be blessed and protected.
5)we be able to complete the new house before August this year. We need to sell our 2 properties urgently to find finance for the purpose and meet other needs.
With prayer.

My marriage is falling apart. My husband has a drinking problem, and addicted to porn. We have only been married 6 yrs. He wants a divorce! I have tried to fix things but now realize that God is the One to fix our marriage. I pray for His will for our marriage!!

Please pray for the false allegations that came against us again, that the lies will end and please pray for my Grandchildren That the blood of Jesus will protect them . I pray this in Jesus name Amen

Please pray that will pass my driving test also physical and spiritual healing and that God will grant me favour .I need speed and understanding to do my best work and that I will get a financial overflow and my permanent residency in Jesus name