Pray for Others

Please pray for me (Ginny).

Please pray for my daughter and her boyfriend for safe travels this weekend. Please pray that they also have nice weather couple they deserve a nice vacation.

Please pray for job security at my new job. Please pray that I have peace in the workplace. And please pray that God will send money to pay off my debt and get a new cat (which really need). Please be in prayer with my on these things. God is good.

Please pray for Lauren.

Please pray for Kristen.

Dear Lord, help me trust that You will bring me blessings. Give me the vision to see Your blessings instead of my fears. May I feel Your presence in times of worry and remember Your strong desire to protect and guide me is more powerful than anything on earth. Father god please surround me with poeple that love me and care about me and like me . Father god I'm praying to you that Paula will let my fiancée come home in June and I'm praying that he is being faithful toward me and my family and I'm praying that he is telling the truth that I am only girl in his life and he is my husband and my fiancée and father god please remove poeple that trying to hurt me like Christina and Brooke and Clayton I'm praying that they will leave me and my fiancée alone and I'm praying that I can trust him again and I praying that everything is okay with him and me . Father god please bless me and show me some good sign about my fiancée johnattan all this in Jesus name I do pray amen

need help of fellow christians to denounce hatred,bigotry

Please pray for my Grandma to be healed from her health issues and be able to go back home.

My mother doesn't feel well please pray for her, her name is Marilyn

Father GOD we need you! Nobody can do this, but you! We are asking for favor in this matter. Please bring them out of this, in JESUS name. Pray for our family. Thank you