Pray for Others

My husband's (Kurt) company will be announcing layoffs in the next week. He believes his entire department will be eliminated. He is 61 and we have 3 young children (ages 12, 10 and 7). Please pray for us to trust that God will continue to provide for us. Also, pray for all those who will be losing their jobs. Your prayers are greatly appreciated.

Pray that my children and grandchildren make wise spiritual choices and cease to live for satan. Help them to love God with all their heart and turn to him in any trouble in this world. Help my spouse to cooperate with medical staff relative to his health. I pray for a financial blessings for my self and children. Help them to always lean on you and honor you. In Jesus Name I pray, I give you all the glory Lord. amen

Bethany has been pregnant and expecting delivery about December 15th. She went into labor this afternoon , after her water broke .and was flown to S. L. c. needs prayer for self and baby.. her husband and 4 yr. old daughter are on the way by car (a 3 hour drive ) to join her. pray for their safety.

Prayers of healing over my body, systemic candida overgrowth an epstein barr virus levels high infection. I pray the Lord remove these infections from my body. I praise God for giving me strength daily an the healing he is doing. Thank You an God bless you!

Protection over my marriage as we go thro these storms. Gaurd my husbands heart an mind an keep him growing in relationship with You God. Remove all his self reliance, ego, lust an all evil that is in him. Keep us committed to God an each other. God bless you

Please pray for my sister's HEALING. Kidney stones, mass on her ribs. Please pray for my daughter in law she just received a job offer PRAISE GOD. Waiting for background investigation so she can start on Monday. May it come in tomorrow in the PRECIOUS NAME OF JESUS. My husband not to be clingy and gropping me. 37 years and I cannot tolerate the clinging and gropping. Thank you for your prayers.

Over mybson aaron his life, health. I pray that he sees Gods work in his life an surrenders an believes an receives Jesus as his Saviour

Please pray that my niece Jennifer - has a great two day in sales. She needs to sale over $40,000 to make her goal for this month. If she doesn't make it she won't be able to pay her mortgage payment. I ask this in Jesus name. Amen

That Buds lights go on

Please God let Franny be ready to come back to me and our relationship. He cheated on me this past summer and after confronting him and ending the relationship and heavy praying over it- I do have a good idea as to why he did it- which is something God has really laid on my heart about. I have seen God working on him. I am asking that he is ready to come back and start making it up to me and making things right with me and he is ready to rebuild our relationship and move past this and start the healing and forgiveness process. Please pray that God will give him that push he needs- as he is introverted and internalized everything.
The prayers are working and I have seen positive changes within Franny and I relationship- but we still need a lot of prayers to help us both overcome this and be able to move on.