Pray for Others

I pray for complete healing from her cancer, Jolene. And for her husband and family.

My daughter SM needs prayers to encourage her to seek help for an alcohol addiction. She doesn't want to go to AA, but I don't see how she will be able to fight this without some help. She just yesterday admitted to not wanting to drink and realizing it is not good for her. I am thankful to God for this, but am afraid to hope, especially when she doesn't want to seek support. I know God can provide the answer if I ask Him. I also know I can do nothing but pray, and ask others to pray for her as well. as well. Thank you.

Please pray for my marriage.

Please pray for my nieces and their families: Agnieszka, Anna, Karolina and their children.

Please pray for Robert.

Please pray for Michael & Amanda.

My daughter is away at college (health complaints) -stomach pain, shaking hands, brain fog, extreme fatigue, loss of appetite. Symptoms started when we returned from family vacation, she has seen her doctor many times, have gotten no help, the symptoms have escalated over the past 2 years, whole family having similar problems PLEASE PRAY! up till 3:30 in the morning praying with her last night, she is a fighter & rarely complains (Thank You & God Bless)

To accept God's will.

Please pray for Shannon Cuevas/Jerel Cuevas.

Lord Please help me to be strong, my visa was rejected because of my disability. I am hopeless Lord, feeling pity for my self. My husband and I really disappointed. Please Lord help us to appeal for my visa to be granted and hoping visa will approve soon. And start a life in A. with my husband. Pray for people can help us to appeal my visa... Please pray for us we really need it.... Thank you so much Papa God and to those do a prayers....