Pray for Others

Prayers for my daughter, Ivy. I have a sick feeling in my gut that she is about to be/or already is heartbroken. Call it a mother's intuition, or ability to snoop on f.
She's been hurt so many times and each time her heart grows harder and more cold. It's not that I think this last guy was a wonderful catch, he's not.
I just wish she could find some happiness. And it doesn't make it any better that this is happening at Valentine's day either. I've seen the signs, now I'm noticing something wrong with what she is posting/liking on f. He's also stood her up several times recently. Please help her to see that she deserves better. Please dear Lord, bring someone wonderful into her life. Someone that has the same interest and life goals. Someone that she can be best friends with.
Help her to open up and talk to me and help me from being judgmental. My heart breaks for her. Oh dear Lord. Help her. Help me!
I'm so depressed over her happiness that it honestly smothers my happiness. Help her bounce back from this disappointment quickly. (And let this guy realize quickly his loss.)

I was in hospital to day heat my nee my lord pleas halp my sistres chaild he is 4 yous and cant wack lord pleas halp my family amen

Pray that my desires come full now. Bless me and my children with extraordinary good, wealth, peace, health, joy. Lu, Jenny, Becky

Lord my mom needs a new roof, please, I ask on Jesus name, Amen.

Please pray for my husband and our family, he has a lot of frustration in his job and feel like the devil is trying so hard to make us fail at everything we do

Please pray for Cheryl .

Please pray for me and my family for healing

Dear Lord,
Please help me succeed at work. I really need your help.
In Jesus Name,

First I want to thank all of you faithful prayer warriors. I thank God for you all. My prayer today is for my son again. He was in a very bad accident 8 yrs ago and is still on pain pills and other meds to cope. He has had a few smaller accidents since then I think due to the mesds. He says he is alright and nothing is wrong, but his dad and I see it every day. Some days he is very good. But some days he can't hardly function. I pray that God will open his eyes to the life he is living. He has an 8 yr old son that comes to visit every other weekend, and he goes to visit every week. Iam afraid for his son when He is having one of his off days and driving his son around. I try to go when I can, it is sooo depressing to watch. We live beside him so we can be here for him, but it is worse for us. I don't know what to do . I cry and plead every day to the Lord, for a hedge of protection., Mom

Thank you for all of the prayers for my husband's recovery. The Lord continues to work daily to heal him. I am waiting on the Lord to lead me to resume communication with my husband but I must also pray for God's will and perfect timing. Praise God and thank you for continued prayers.