Pray for Others

My wife has pain in her stomach/lower intestine that is showing some blood and mucus. Polyps were found five years ago and with time due for another colonoscopy we're hoping for a good report. A good report but a clear one.

It is my hope and prayer that God will bless me like He promised in the area of my finances. I am a giver and the enemy has been attacking me. Please touch and agree that I continue to get my disability and that my son will be approved for his as well. Praying that all finances that have been held up be released. Thank you so much and I pray a 100 fold blessing to you for praying with me. May God meet every need and desire for taking time out to pray for others in Jesus name.

Please pray for my marriage.

Please pray for me (Rennita).

Please pray for me (Rennita).

Please pray for me (Suzanne ).

Please pray for me (Inez hill).

Please pray for Lee for safe travel today! Please pray for me!

Please pray for my sister and husband they are in need of prayer. Financial please pray.

Please pray for my Husband and son for safe trip today . Also later this week my sons and a friend will be traveling pray for them that they are safe and have a good peaceful time . I pray that all things will get better for my Family over all with Gods help. Thank you all for praying for me . God Bless