Pray for Others

need help of fellow christians to denounce hatred,bigotry

Please pray for my Grandma to be healed from her health issues and be able to go back home.

My mother doesn't feel well please pray for her, her name is Marilyn

Father GOD we need you! Nobody can do this, but you! We are asking for favor in this matter. Please bring them out of this, in JESUS name. Pray for our family. Thank you

Please pray for a cousin of mines the enemy has him tormented on drugs and has try to take his life.

Hello everyone . I have been having pnemonia and bronchitis please prayer that Jesus will heal me! Thank u fir your prayers!

Please Lord help me to have more faith in you. develop a true authentic relationship with you, stop complaining, treat people how I would want to be treated, use bible scriptures against depression, if there is any sin cause me to have depression that you will let me know what it is, and to stop sinning. In Jesus Name Amen

Please pray for my Sister-in-Law Julie's healing from Throat Cancer. Two weeks ago she had teeth removed. Last week she had a feeding tube operation. This week she has last pneunomia. Radiation will begin when she gets well. She will be going on disability. Finances are a deep concern while waiting on assistance. Thank the Lord the cancer isn't in her lympnodes but chemo hasn't been ruled out. Thank you for your prayers for her and her children. God Bless You !

I need healing for my heart palpitations. The medicine I take makes me so tired.

Prayer for Sasha,Sarah,Vic,Bill,Bobby,Joice,Neil,& all of my relatives,neighbors,friends,as well as my own health(under attack from the devil),finances,and my pets.