Pray for Others

Please pray that my back pain will be healed. I have a lot of pain that seems to be getting worse. My pain management doctor doesn't seem to know what to do. Also, my middle daughter has turned her back on God and says she doesn't believe any more.
Please pray that somehow her eyes will be opened.

Please pray for Amy and Duncan. Amy is choosing flights so she can fly back to get Duncan at college on Dec. 19, then fly home together the following day. Duncan has never flown before. He will fly back to college by himself. Please pray for their trip(s) to be free of complications and for all aspects to go smoothly. Please also pray for all of the airline employees and the other travelers. Surround everyone with comfort, peace and a little bit of joy.
Thank you and God bless all of you.

My boyfriend, Robert (22), had court last week and was sent to prison. I pray that he and I can both learn to let go of our control and let God handle things. I pray for strength, hope, and peace during this trial. I pray that Robert can get to truly know God and know that God is with us both.

Asking for prayer for my son Robert.. He has bipolar disorder and I think is feeling overwhelmed with family visitors and also projects that he has taken on. I pray that the Lord lays his healing hands on his mind and that he find peace. I pray for the wisdom and knowledge to support him through the difficult times.

For the salvation and deliverance from all idol worship, tobacco smoking, alcohol, fear, and from negative toxic emotions for my daughter and son-in-law, Monica and Joseph, that they would make Jesus Christ the Lord of their lives, trust obey, follow Hiim, and rest in His peace. That Monica would also be delivered from a controlling spirits, rest in God's peace, and treat others and myself with Christ's love and respect. In Jesus' name. Amen

Please pray for Lukas. He is a year old and running a high fever. He has an ear infection

God's word says not to worry but to pray about everything and he shall guide you. My son had filled his months' prescription and he put it in his pocket as he got other stuff out of his sister's bf truck. He misplaced it and thought it fell out of his pocket either out in front of her house or in front of here. I have looked and he has. I am asking for Jesus guidance to find it , It cannot be refilled for another month bc the insurance. It is a new script . We don't want the kids to get ahold of it or animals. Praying we find it soon In Jesus name.. and may he get the glory. Thank you Lord for providing the wisdom to find it.

Please for healing from the pain in my legs and my

Please pray for my friend who was just diagnosed with a brain tumor. Her husband just died in September and she has two children who need her. Pray that she will be healed. Thank you for your prayers!

For my son, Hank, to be healed.