Pray for Others

Please pray for me (Rania ).

Please pray for Please pray for my sister, she has to have a biopsy done next week, we are praying it's not cancer....

Please pray for me (Me).

Healing prayers for my relationship with my son. He needs to return to the Lord.

My sister Karen has cancer in lymph nodes. Came home from hospital today and now has pain in her back. Requests prayer so I ask again for prayer for her

Thanks and praise to God! Please pray for filling with God's Spirit of Hope, Joy and Self control; pray for equipping of energy/endurance/skill/memory/wisdom for work; pray for God's guidance and provision of new career steps; pray for healing of depression/headaches; pray for blessings and love for B and A. In the strong name of JESUS!

Our Head Start is currently writing for three grants and all of which are vitally important, praying for wisdom with the budget that it works out so that we can make the needed changes and provide additional wages to much deserved staff. We are doing planning for the next year and need guidance, praying our team pulls together we have had many team struggles this last year. Please pray for the team and then the regional office to approve things when they come through. Thank you

Please pray for Steph & Bill.

Please pray for me (Nicki).

Please pray for my son's baptism in Holy Spirit and God's wisdom