Pray for Others

I am looking for a job from 6 months now and have applied so many places but the outcome is negative. Every time on the final discussion some obstacles or roadblocks comes. Please pray for me that I should get a job this month to support my family in the mighty name of Jesus. amen.

Want to find a local church where the Holy Spirit is strong. A church that we will be accepted in.
Also want prayer regarding relationships.
Would like friends that I can be in touch with on a regular basis. That I will not be mostly the only one reaching out.
And prayer regarding peace with neighbor.

pray for my knees to heal and for me to lose weight. pray for me to feel better. pray for my son's car which
needs fixed. pray for my husband's health. pray for our marriage

Please help me I am praying for my husband to stop having bipolar mood swings's he has not been to a doctor for diagnoses something is really wrong please pray for him for God to speak to him if he needs to be seen by a Dr. for this thank you

My family needs prayer. We are experiencing a lot of strife since my father passed. My prayer is for to love and respect one another.

Please pray for the 2 motorcycle accident victims on the s. highway-Chrisi

Please pray for my 11 year old little boy Ashton has large tumor on left side of neck took biopsy praying for no cancer please pray the lord heals its and it just go away as quick as it came. Please keep him in your prayers . Thank you

Please believe for a miracle job for my son-in-law, Sean.
The children are anxious due to family disagreements over finances.
Praise God He is able to fix this for all.
In Him,

Lord immediately, fully and permanently remove Ashlyn - from the life, relationship and soon to be marriage between my youngest daughter Sarah and her man, Cody. This girl Ashlyn is an ex of Cody's and is currently trying to contact them (after 2 years) through social media for whatever evil motive she has. Lord remove Ashlyn - from their/our lives now and forever and never let her return , not even through others. Lord bring faith and light to this situation immediately. E. Q. drive Ashlyn - as far as east is from west from Sarah and Cody now and for good. Lord Jehovah, place a chasm quickly in between Ashlyn - and Cody. Lord expose all deception now. God's will be done. Lord place Sarah and Cody in Your Arms, and God willing, bless, strengthen and protect their life and relationship together for always. No weapon formed against Sarah or Cody shall prosper. in Jesus Christ our Savior's Name, we pray, Amen.

I am not digesting my food properly, despite taking enzymes to assist the process. My abdomen is swelling up after each meal, which I keep small. No sugars or carbs, just protein and veggies. Please pray that this situation be healed (otherwise, my health is fine!) and the awful discomfort taken away. Thank you and God Bless! ~ J