Pray for Others

Please prayer that my friend Lisa finds a job soon. Thank You

Thank you ...we have a serious financial need for a break through. Our business has been struggling for the past 6 months. We have paid our tithes and offers and we are waiting on God to open the windows of heaven and pour out his blessings. Also my husband Rick is not working and needs a job. Thank you and God Bless you...Lourda

having hip surger 12/2. I would appreciate prayers. Thank you.mi will send prayers to you.

I have an 89 - year - old mother who is presently in a nursing home. She fell at the end of August and has been bed ridden ever since. Medicare will not cover her fees which add up to about 15 ,000 dollars. I have messed up everything. Concerning her eligibility for Medicaid. My husband is 72 and has hip and shoulder problems. I am 66 and have extensive severe osteoarthritis . Please pray that God will have mercy on me. I i

Please send happy miracles throughout my birthday week and weekend. I have been having a hard time letting go of painful things. I really need miracles, a sense of safety and of being heard, loved and seen this week by the people closest to me, including my boyfriend and my friends. Thank you.

That Keith sees the goodness of God in his life and knows God will provide all his needs and heart desires.

Please pray for Rick.

Please pray for me (Sally to be able to afford getting my house fixed).

Please pray for Dalten to be to able do his school work.

Please pray for Lee! Bless her and comfort her! She is going through so much! Please pray for me too!