Pray for Others

Please pray for my daughter Leanna and her boyfriend Austin to have a safe flight home tonight from N. The weather is getting real bad there! thank you!

Please pray for me. I have a severe eye sensitivity to light due to dry eyes. I am having trouble driving myself to work and my son to school. It's a struggle to keep my eyes open. I am the sole monetary supporter and only driver in my family and must get to work to pay bills. I am working with good eye professionals who are trying to help me, but seem to have no solutions. Please ask the Holy Spirit to open opportunities to help with this situation. Thank you and God bless!

O Lord Jesus please hear my prayer and completely heal John

Please pray for healing for Rebecca and Dr J. Thank you

Please pray for healing for Joyce and John, their rescued horses, rescued dogs and bird. Thank you

Please pray for disabled senior Ruby who recemtly lost her health insurance

O Lord please hear my prayer touch Marinda heart and let her to love Michael once more and please save their marriage thank you for hearing my prayer

Please pray for my son Mark who is a police officer in n. Y. forGod's protectionand also all the other Police Officers. Thank you

Pleae uphold 10year old Lexi-for her SALVATION. Please note that tomorrow she leaves on an all-family ( all born-again ) mission trip to the D.R. and also that shes 3 years emotionally behind her chronological ag because she spent her first years in C.Thank you.The LORD bless you

God Scott is sitting in church right now. Please speak to his heart. Please bring thoughts of me to his heart and mind when he prays for his future wife. God please let me be the one who marries him and has children with him. Please let me love him and be loved by him. God please put me in his heart and soul today. Please be connecting our hearts and souls together right now. Please soften his heart to me. Please open his mind to how I have all the qualities he is looking for and vice versa. God please give me a very clear sign today if you have brought us together to love one another. Please God speak to Sherry and help her intervene and help him with seeing I am the one. Please God I pray for miracle that only you can deliver. I pray for Scott and I God. I put our relationship in your hands. Thy will be done. Please show us both the way. I love him God!