Pray for Others

God, I would like a companion and/or a spouse. Is it Jerome?

Please pray for my teenage (16 yr old) son who was recently arrested for possession of illegal substance. His been very disobedient & we can't trust him at all. 2 weeks prior, he took the car out without permission & does not have a driver's license. Lastly, we found out that not only is he no longer a virgin but he is having multiple sex with many different girls. I'm so confused because we have always guided him about everything, God, sex, drugs, friends and the kind of person he should be. Anytime he broke the rules theres always a consequence that followed. We thought we knew all his friends & their parents. We limited electronic devices. We all go to church and he goes to youth group at church. Where did we go wrong? Anyway please pray for me and the rest of the family as well for protection, strength & decernment from our Lord. We especially we need the Holy Spirit. Thank you in advanced.

Thank you God for your help with my finances, but there is still more to do.

I am trying to move my family back home where I have relatives and friends who care about us. But we will be leaving my husbands family behind. I am so afraid there is going to be a big fight and hurtful words said before we can leave. Please pray that this won't happen, and we have the money to actually leave.

please pray for me.
Thank you.

Please may you pray for my daughter Jenny for her to believe in herself, to not believe people's negative saying shes autistic or aspergers. If she does have it please pray God will heal her and show all she doesn't have it.

I have a condition with my intestines that causes me constant pain and I need healing for this. Thank you.

My daughter will ask for help and get herself out of a dangerous situation....many poor choices.

Please pray for my husband Kurt. He has had many health issues since he was two years old. His pancreas always produces stones in the duct and causes pain and discomfort. He has had many surgeries to correct things but is now experiencing the flare ups more frequently. Kurt needs healing he is getting so depressed because he can't plan anything because he doesn't know if he'll have to go the emergency room because of pancreas inflammation. Please pray for his recovery, he is a good man and has gone through so much. Thank you so much!!!!

Hi. I need prayer for my son Fred 26 yr.s ,Mo 24 yr.s and Owen 3 yr.s and Adam 22 day's old that God keeps them completly safe from all harm and that Fred and Mo and family will start going to a good God fearing, God teaching to the Word of God church, And I need prayer for my daughter Lila 23yr.s old that God will keep her safe completly cause some guy was following her and for Lila also to start going to a God approved church with her boyfriend Erick 23 yr.s old. Praise God and Thank u 4 your prayers.