Pray for Others

Please pray for me (Mark).

This request is for Lori who has been diagnosed with a rare cancer she has surgery this Thursday to remove her uterus and any parts that may have been effected with this cancer. Please pray that the surgeons get it all and that she recovers 100% quickly.
thank you all so very much.

Dear God,
I have prayed and prayed and will continue to pray. My son is drinking and in a horrible relationship. Please help him dear Jesus. Please bring him into your light and help him to follow you.

Please pray for Colby.

Dear Lord. Please let my son understand why I did not go to Ms Evelyn's funeral today. I wanted to be there so much for my son however I gave in. I did not have the willpower to support him. It's not like me. I can't deal with loss anymore since Mom has passed. Please give me my strength back and be Anne to be strong for Chuck again. Please give me a sign tomorrow from him so I know he forgives me. I Pray.

save me

Please help me pray for my friend Simona. She was diagnosed with breast cancer last month, has started chemo and is having some issues with her blood because of the chemo. Please help me pray for her to be strong and faithful thru all of this. Please help me pray for her health and recovery. Please help me pray for all who are dealing with this disease that is trying to take over. Please pray with me.

Please pray for my daughter Stephanie as she will be put on probation tomorrow for her job. She needs her deal to close in Kansas City in order for her to keep her job. Thank you and God bless.

Please pray for my brother Joe he is hoping to close three deals on homes that he has renovated. He needs these homes to close for the income that it will bring his family. Thank you and God bless.

Please pray for our family
Linda post open heRt and stroke
Dana health, job and desire for a husband
Daniel, Krystal, Owen and Em guidance, blessing
David health guidance
Be with me guidance

Be with our repairs to trailer and Truck

God Bless You