Pray for Others

Please pray for Ryan.

Please pray for me (Dawn).

I am praying for continue healing after a major abdominal surgery and for a good dr.'s visit on Monday. Thank you.

Please pray for healing. My daughter stopped talking to me. Her husband was accused of molesting my granddaughter. I believed my granddaughter. My son in law texted me today stating the police and CPS closed the case unfounded. I don't believe him. This is preventing me from seeing my 11 yr old granddaughter and the newborn baby granddaughter. I don't know how to "pretend" to like someone I can't stand. I need GOD to give me wisdom on how to handle this situation.

Pastor Barry was just rushed to the hospital in PA. The doctors think he had an aneurysm. Please pray for his recovery and total healing. Thank you and God bless you all for praying for others.
Sincerely in Christ,

Please pray for Adrienne .

Son mind healing/intense mental attack or healing of physical brain. He is believing God!

Please pray for my daughter Allison to find a full time job, that she would love and that has benefits. She is having a very difficult time finding her way, right now. Thanks so much!!

Please pray that my husband, who had a stroke, will make a full physical and mental recovery, and that the urinary incontinence he developed since his stroke will go away. Also please ask Jesus to let my husband's apraxia improve and to go away, too, so that he will begin walking again with no fear or assistance whatsoever.

please pray for me,donna,kayli,adam,ron and all our family to trust in JESUS for all the answers to everything and to thank and praise Him for everything.thank you