Pray for Others

Please pray for Lee! Bless her and comfort her! She is going through so much! Please pray for me too!

Please pray for my cat, max, who is currently in the emergency room. He has heart failure and today he started vomiting. He is currently in the oxygen tank. Please pray that he can be healed and recover and the Good Lord will give me longer with my cat.

Please pray for Max.

Pray that God will remove every chain that's bounding me and keeping me from the sun light of his holy spirit in the name
of Jesus

Lord, prayers for our marriage. Drinking, lies, words that can't be taken back. We both are guilty of this behavior. Lord, I ask for forgiveness , I ask for your guidance to see the path to travel. Lord, forgiveness is what we need from each other , Amen, Debby

May people open their hearts to Jesus and know his love this holiday season.

Am asking for prayer for an interview this morning at 11a est. This is an opportunity that will allow me to utilize my administrative skills. Please ask the Holy Spirit to empower me and to shine staying calm and answering questions with God's words. Thank you! Mary

Praying about my heavy heart and for thomas O. To call me today with remorse about what he heart is confused because i thought i was finally in the right relationship and then this confusion about his truly hurt and thinking about finding another church as he is the deacon of mines...i dont appreciate the games he tried to play and would like a clear understanding of why

Praying for Grace and understanding. Thank you Jesus for work. God I don't know what to do. God have you way in my life I need you, IN Jesus Name Amen

Thank God for his answered prayers. Please pray for God's continued healing of Mark after his release from the hospital. May God continue to keep the door open at his workplace. Please pray for our family. Amen