Pray for Others

Please pray for me (JT ).

Please pray for Garry.

Please pray for me (Mary).

That my S. clearance will come back favorable so that I may start work in a posistion that was offered to me. I was supposed to start work around the 17th of July but my clearance had been archived. The company is paying for me to get another but it is a contract posistion and they may have had to fill it already and just have not communicated it to me. Please pray for the clearance and posistion that I may get it. Please pray for my finances and that I receive back pay for my claim
I am a disabled veteran and I am trying to get my back pay disability.
Thank you.

PLEASE PRAY FOR TRAVELLING MERCY AND HEALING TOUCH. PRAY FOR TERRORIST ATTACK. BLESS US JOY, PEACE, LOVE, GRACE AND HARMONY TOWARDS EACH OTHER DURING OUR TRAVEL. BLOCK ALL DEMONS AND CURSES IN OUR LIFE. Please be with us in anywhere, anytime, and always. Surround us with You Holy Guardian Angels. Protect us always from all troubles, enemies, illness and all harms. Pray for healing miracles for our loving doggy Jakzon and the travelers who are also in medications. Continue to pray that this will be a happy, beautiful, peaceful, memorable, wonderfull and enjoyable vacation. PRAY FOR ALL OF US THE TRAVELLERS, PHILLIP, MALIN, ELLIE, MARIE, ESTRELLA, ESTELA, TORBJÖRN, IRENE AND MIKAEL. SEND US TO THE RIGHT DESTINATION, TO THE RIGHT PATH AND BRING BACK US ALL TOGETHERE HOME TO S. SAFELY. PLEASE CONTINUE TO PRAY A COMPLETE HEALING FOR OU LOVING DOGGY JAKZON. He is under medication. He is dehydrated and have prostate enlargement. Healing touch for doggy Jakzon and we the travelers have peace of mind during our vacation. God Thy Will Be Done! Praise The Lord! Amen! EIM

Please God, help me to start moving forward after so many years of horribleness. Please work within myself and others in my life who can help me move on in a good way. Thank you.

Please uphold 14 year old Justin -, a faithful Christian, whos a 6/7 on the autism spectrum ( not 'high functioning' ). Not only doe s Justin need supernatural healing - if it is the Lord Christ's 'perfect will' - but failing that he needs a friend to build into him. Thank you. The LORD bless you & the person who'll Personally Prayer Respond ,thru Jesus Christ our Lord.

Please pray that business greatly improves with our new business and that we have several good customers today. We depend on it to support our family. Thank you.

My adult daughter has had extreme head pain for 4 years -she needs wisdom for which new specialist to see and that it happens soon. Pray for courage to take steps needed. Pray for healing.

Father, I pray for healing of any cancer in my lungs. May I receive strength to deal with the results of the cat scan coming up Aug 2.