Pray for Others

Please pray for Steven.

Please pray for Joan.

Please pray for Broc's scalp condition to be healed and his hair to stop falling out. Thank you and God bless you Prayer Warriors with peace and good health, too!

I suffer from anxiety and have been overwhelmed lately so my anxiety kicks in and makes me feel so awful to the point I feel so sick... Please keep me for me that I stay strong and leave it in gods hands and know that he will always be there and never forsake us.. My mom has Alzheimer's and I take care of her and it's a lot to deal with... Thank you so much God bless

Please pray for me (Dana for new medicine to work with no bad effects. ).

Please pray for my friend Donna - of A.

Please pray for my daughter and her grandson.She was physically and verbally attacked ,she has a sprained back and arm and shoulder injury,and was held hostage today by the the childs' great grandmother,and the gr.mother got a warrant for my daughter.She loves her little gr.son so much.Please pray that this will be settled so she's not under so much stress.Please keep her on all pray lists ,she desperately needs help from God,she is a good christian.

Please please pray for these people that are either in the hospital very sick or sick FINA and Bob and Athena and RJ and jasmine and my mom Dora. Please pray for total healing for these people. Thank you also pray for me that I may be used by God to pray for these people.

please pray for Ashley who is on a breathing tube from an overdose

Tell me where Wednesday I can find a partte job. I need for guidance. Pleas e help me. I am nervous. I have to work partte to pay for insurance