Pray for Others

Please pray for Derek and family.

Please pray for me (Mary).

Please pray for my mom, Alice.
Thank you.

please pray for my three grandchildren ages
Zac 11, Tristan 8, Tamika 6, that they will develop a more positive attitude towards going to school and that all three children will over come their bad behaviour at home and school

please pray for kathleen to have strength and not to feel so sad, let her move forward in God's will,
and please send angels to encourage her and one special angel to hang out Jesus' name

Please pray for Jose - heal from a leg with gangrene so he does not loose his leg

Y'all. The devil has fought me constantly this week!!! Please pray this man will
come to his senses about this tonight and God will give me the sign I need tonight

Please, please, please, help me pray that my partner's business would get the money from that bank urgently for work that they have completed. That his business would start phase 2 as soon as possible. We are in urgent need of money to pay our bills and for my partner to also pay for our holiday in March. Help me pray that his business would get more opportunities and that he would start his job with the home office urgently. I also want to pray for my daughter and son for calm and protection in their life. Thank you and may God bless

Please pray for Keith adrian and dashe .

Please pray for me (Laura).