Pray for Others

I need God's favor in healing my spine. Our well and pump haven't worked for almost a month. My husband does everything he can to restore water to our home. We don't have the money to drill a new well. Please pray with us for God's blessings.

I am homeless and living on the streets with my dog and I am looking for a place to rent within my budget I only get 996.00 a month and I need to be rent pay for cable electricity and garbage water with what I have can any one help me out god bless

I have put my boyfriend jason in prayer every day and ask for God to help him get rid of his alcohol addiction and drug addiction and two change him for two yrs and he just keeps get worst...I'm lost on what to do now....thank you....

Ps pray for my husband to have a release from this bondage, we have had so much pain in our lives for the past 25 years, because of bad behaviour after drinking, that is his first love, the children and least of all I matter to him the least in life. We try to hang in , because we worry for him, we need a desperate breakthrough.

I am holidaying in the USA. I am living at my sister's house but she is not talking to me. I feel very uncomfortable. I do not want to go back to my home thin and frail. I am easily hurt by family issues. Pray that God will guide and direct me concerning how I should behave in such a difficult situation. I want to maintain my joy and peace of mind. Please pray for me.

I continue to ask for prayers for my family (myself, Gene, Michaela, Robert and Brandi) that we may do the very best in all of our efforts and endeavors. Thank you for your prayers in our finances and ask for your continued prayers in this effort. We are still waiting on a final response to our application on last week. Pray that the children will do well in their area of study this semester and in their new jobs. All of them have new jobs and pray to excel. Thank you.

prayer that I hear Gods voice more clearly.Pray for direction over a moving plan -is it also God's plan.

Please continue to pray over me daily as it as been a day to day battle both physically and emotionally as I wait for my surgery on Aug 20th. Please pray my physical heart will be calmed....please pray for healing and calmness over it. Please continue to pray over me as I wait for my surgery on Aug 20th to remove breast calcifications in my duct and it will be benign. Pray that my anxiety will not overwhelm me during this time. I've been nervous, anxious and obviously not sleeping that well. Please pray for peace, calmness and healing and for quick recovery after the surgery and favorable results.

Please pray for my husband lenny so that he makes the right decision on what job to choose...please pray that God clears his vision and guides him down the right path. Thank you

Please join me in pray and ask God to get me out of this financial distress I am in. I pray that God will provide me with the job and money to be able to pay my bills take care of my family and pay for rent and a car that I so desperately need. Please pray for me and ask these things in Jesus name amen. Thank you