Pray for Others

Please pray for Jessica - my beloved granddaughter.

Please pray for me (Sandy).

Please pray for grace and wisdom that I may say what people need to hear at my brothers viewing and religious service friday and that my husband and family members can be tolerant of each other. Thank you

Lord father please protect my daughter Briana and I as we sleep tonight lord father ease help Ronald to be a better person in a matter of the heart he left since last night never came back or call lord I pray he would change not for me but for himself of betterment and I pray he don't come after me drunk tonight lord god please give me closure to this life style living with my unfaithful women Judy and Mary lord god ease guide me in a better direction in life I want joy and peace and someone who would love me and respect me for who I am and not ashamed of me like Ronald does lord I pray for peace in my home I Jesus name I pray amen

My son is having health issues and difficulty with his army commander. Please pray for his health and for peace and resolution to army troubles. Thank you.

Please pray for Extra prayers for marriage of CBSP. Restore their love and devotion to each other..

Please pray for Rita.

Please pray for me (Laura).

Help me find the funds I need

Please pray for my family