Pray for Others

Please pray for Deanna to remain faithful, respectful and grateful- please keep her safe. Thank you

Please pray for Dean to get a great job he loves today.

Please pray for Alan to accept Christ today and ask God to give him hope for the future and peace of heart and mind. Pray, too, for God to release him from all addictions; heal his stomach problems; heal his back and leg without surgery or further treatments; give him strength to perform necessary tasks; guide him to wise decisions; protect him traveling; and, especially, spare his life and let him come home safely! Thank you and may God bless you all as well. I ask in the name of Christ, our Saviour. mom

Please pray for Elizabeth. In Jesus name I pray. Amen

my husband and me were married 42 years with lots of ups and downs. well right now he is having trouble with lust, and cant perform well with me , we have prayed and been praying his blood test came back good so now i blame my self see i left him 21 years ago because i could not take the verable abuse and the getting beat up i lived like that for 19 years so i left kids still in high school i went out and did my own thing but i came back to him because i loved him.but those 21 years we never talkd about anything i did nt like sex i mean i just could not look at his face because of all the hell i went through not i starting to love him all over again but he cant perform or finish he did tell me he had a lust problem , and the lord is helping him please please help me or us what should we do thankyou mona

Dear Prayer Warriors
Pls pray for my daughter Christina and son in law Christopher that our Lord blesses them soon with jobs in NZ
Thank you

I'm in a relationship that I don't trust I feel like he don't love me and is cheeting on me I'm in love with him and because of it I have let myself be week and loose my self-respect I feel depress and continues to stay in the relationship hoping that he will fall in love with me o feel like I'm going to loose myself and commit suicide if he were to leave me or be with someone . if he was I like to find put so I can end it once and for all but I need God's streaghth to get threw it cause I have small children who need me. I need to get back to reality and stop wishing a fantasy please help me lord.

Dearest Lord, PLEASE EXCUSE MY ASKING TWICE....I DO ...AND have learned to have such faith in you. The hurricane ERILA is losing force since yesterday, may I continue to plead that it go out to sea and fizzle out, hurting no one? Please allow this to be in your plans....and I would like to also aske that you please qllow my major request be granted in order to protect my family and bring them closer/back together as a family....In Jesus's name I ask, with all my heart and soul Amen and so sincerely thank you!

Lord, today I lift up my knee to you and ask for healing. I tore the miniscus and have arthritis and the doc is hesitant to do anything unless I lose weight. I understand and ask for guidance in helping me to eat healthier, exercise more and lose the weight I need to in order to maintain a healthy body. In Jesus name I pray, Amen. I love you Lord.

Please pray for my sister, Peggy. A CT scan and MRI found a mass on her pancreas. The pancreas duct is blocked. Please pray she will start feeling better. Nodules were also detected on her lungs. The doctors suspect cancer of the pancreas. They will do a biopsy September 4. Please prayer by the grace of God that the mass is not cancer and is operable. God Bless you for making it possible to reach out to other and request a prayer.