Pray for Others

My grandson Christopher is very sick with the flu I know that sounds very common but he gets very sick because he has a Heart and Stomach anomaly. Please Pray with me for the healing for my 7 yr old grandson. He can't walk speak or eat. Please Pray for my CHRISTOPHER.

Please pray for my co-worker's daughter who was in a car accident for the Lord's mercy and powerful miracle..amen

I would greatly appreciate prayers for my health and healing. I am having symptoms that are making me worried and scared. A year ago I had the same symptoms and had blood work and was told it wasn't anything to worry about, but now they are back again. Please pray for me. Thank you.

Please pray for my son Andrew who is hearing voices and has been put on medication. Please pray that God would heal him. He claims to be a believer and will soon be off our health plan. I'm very concerned. Thank you.

Please pray for me (Sally that God shows me what He wants me to do in Every part of my life ).

Please pray for my brother Ryan, he had court today and I think they are putting him away since he has not been home and no one has heard from him

Please pray for Ryan.

Please pray for me to get good news at my appointment with a neurosurgeon tomorrow and for him to have wisdom of how to proceed with my surgery. Thank you! God bless you!

Please pray for mother and daughter loose weight

Please pray for Steve .