Pray for Others

Prayers for my son please. Christian man addicted to Heroin. So many families being stricken by this. Please pray he will be able to put all this behind him and lord Jesus Christ make him new again and while again.
He was once very responsible man. Now he has lost it all and living at home. Being driven to and from work and his pay is held by family. Give him strength Jesus to keep getting better. Protect him from all evil. Amen

Please pray for my Family. You know everybody different needs and worries, dear Father. Shower us all with blessings, healing, well-biing, good health, good relationships and friends, guide us and give us wisdom. Keep us safe and protected in every way. Fill us with love, grace, peace, graditude and joy. Lead us dear Father, show us the way. We trust in You Father. Thank you for everything in our lifes. Amen.

Please pray for my daughter and son in law. Jesus renew the love they have for one another. Let them find the excitement and fun they always had with each other. Bless them Jesus keep them looking to you and each other. Amen

To be able to understand what is gods plan I have been divorced going on 3 year's &I'm very lonely &ask god to send someone to my life a real relationship THAT is Christian.

Please pray for my aunt Lucy who will intervene surgery. She's very old and fragile.

Please pray for Barbara, Tina and Donna.

May the Lord guide me accordingly in married life way. May the guy who I am deciding to spend the rest of my life will be willing to compromise to the success of our relationship.

Please pray that I know how much God loves me. I feel so unloved right now and am having a difficult time accepting his plan for my life. Relationship after relationship isn't working out and I don't know why or what I'm doing wrong. Its giving me anxiety and I'm afraid I'm just unlovable at this point.

Please pray for Mario.

Please pray for KEN recovering from surgery.