Pray for Others


Please pray for my daughter Ivy. Last night we had a long talk about broken relationships and things that have not worked out according to her plan. She's had a tough time with relationships and so wants to find love. She told me she didn't understand how God could bring people into her life if he already knows they are going to hurt her.
I tried to explain to her that God gave us free will to make choices. That God loves us even when we have made wrong choices. God is here to help us through the good and bad.
Ivy is still struggling over things that happened to her in 10th grade. She made a bad choice with a wrong guy. She was left broken and has never gotten over it. She continues to this day to give the wrong guys a chance. She falls so quickly & hard, only to be left hurt and broken each time.
I struggle at times with asking God why. Please pray for Ivy. Pray for her to let go of past hurts, self forgiveness, and moving forward. Help me help her. Dear Lord, please bring her love, laughter, happiness and hope.

I will be going to my cancer dr on Friday for my first 3 month check up. I'm scared for the last time there was a shadow that they wanred to check I had a cat scan and will find out Friday God be with me.

Please pray for Oren's special intention of strength in his fragile health. May the medical group treat him with respect and djgnity. Amen

Please pray for good health for my parents, my son and myself. Please pray for the M--Baptist Church Sunday School Ministry - that it will be what GOD wants it to be. Please pray that my financial condition will improve so that I will not have to work three jobs. Thank you

I have very little money and no job. I am 62 so it is very hard to get employment.

Thank you for your prayers! Two years ago, during a six-week graduate immersion study in Israel & Jordan in the Middle East (the 6 month war started one week after I arrived), I was hiking an accumulate 6-7 miles per day, six days a week as we hiked the historical OT & NT trade routes throughout ALL of Israel, where Kings trekked, including an excursion to Jordan. I stayed in the Old City of Jerusalem where I heared life stories told by the local natives. My experience hiking through canyons, climbing up rock face canyon walls, trekking through the headwaters of the Jordan river... basically, walking through the Bible was an unimaginable gift :) ! Can you please pray for me? On Jan. 25, 2016 I stood up from sitting on my couch. My right leg was 100% numb. When I took a step I fell, twisted my knee, tore the meniscus in my knee & severely sprained my ankle & foot- which led to deep vein thrombosis in my right calf - 3 effected veins- one complete & still blocked with blood clots. Mid-April I began to bear a little weight on my leg using a walker. I'm 54.

My daughter, Ivy, has a Spanish mid-term this morning around 10:00 am. She needs to do well to pass this class (which is required for her major.) Anyway, on a normal day she suffers from test anxiety but this week is finals week and her anxiety is at it's max level. Please pray for her. Dear Lord, please bring blessings in her life this week. Help Ivy to see your blessings. Give her strength and knowledge to get through this week and let her feel your presence in times of worry. Dear Lord, she also needs a 90 on her statistics test for a B in the class and at least an 82 on her Science to pull her grade up to an A. She is stressing over this because if her GPA drops below a 3.0, she will lose her HOPE scholarship money. Dear Lord please help her. Help her to leave her tests and this semester knowing that she gave it her best. Help her to see that You have her and help her to trust in Your will.

My family become homeless when MY daughter was raped. Then a church lady let us stay in her rent house an her hubby made us move. Now we spend every penny we get on the motel rm. The. Rape messed wit her mind a lot she's been in and out of juvenile since he wasn't convicted it hurts I know IM a victim. I know the lili lord is the only one that can help

Pray for my mom, Sue who is having pain in her back, knees, legs and toes.