Pray for Others

I pray that i dnt or wont have any health problems. Especially heart attacks and strokes

Pray for my grown kids who live with me and they dad. They don't appreciate nothing that we have done for them. Help them get their life together and get their own place. They don't do anything all day the house is a mess. Please remove all bad spirits in this house in the name of Jesus. Help get my son head right he's 22 and he have no motivation to get a job or take some college classes. Daughter she needs help she was living with a controlling man he had abuse her she is bad home and brought back some bad spirits

Please LORD help my dad be ok. Help so that his belly pain is nothing serious. Please Lord help it be something simple and that he be ok. He was doing so well help so that he keeps doing well and so that they can fix whatever is wrong. AMEN

Angel - pay her rent and keep a place to live and that she get her disability in Jesus name Amen

Immanuel - get off drugs and stop cheating on Angel in name of Jesus Amen

Please pray for my son Jared that he will keep this new job he started last night. Jared has had so many jobs he has given up on. He is 31 years old now. I pray my son Jared matures with this new job. I pray that he gives it his appearance, that he is always on time and doesn't miss work like he has with so many other jobs. Thank you so much!!!

Please pray for me (Laura ).

please pray for the health and protection of my loved ones - my mum who has been desperately poorly, my dad who is elderly (78 going on 28!) my sister and her son, my brother and his wife and lastly but most importantly my husband who I wouldnt be who I am without him.

Please pray for AJ in this difficult transitional time; to follow God's will re her boyfriend; that whoever she marries will be a kind Christian; that she will find a better suited job; to remain close to God always.

Dear Friends,
I thank you for prayers said. I didn't have any dizziness when I got up today. Please continue to pray that I sleep well & in the right position so I'm not dizzy. I pray for my nephew Keith's graduation today that his future in medicine will be a good one & that he will choose the right place to practice. I pray for his parents that they guide him in a godly fashion.I pray for Fr. Tad and his plans for a trip to Poland in July. I pray for all my appts' in June & July especially the one on the 8th re:my ear & dizziness.I pray that I don't get depressed with Fr. Tad's going away in July & his spirit is with me. I pray for JOY, HAPPINESS, PEACE for us all.I pray for leaders to govern well. I pray for all the sick that they may heal.I pray for all types of doctors That they give the right diagnosis to people and healing touch. I pray for the leaders in our Home that they are strengthened to lead & guide us. God bless. Marion