Pray for Others

Please pray for me (SG).

Please pray for me (I, Sally, stop being annoying ).

Please watch over Katie, Please continue to heal her. Amen

Please God provides me and my dog a good safe place I can afford for the next week and watches out for us and that I don't run out of money.

need a great job 40 hour need favor i n eric and william need finances doors open, remove mean bosses christian and joel, or change them to give us 40 hours , or wisdom how to apply or find good job,also good health

I ask God to cure my kitty boy Ben from his bad back and anything else wrong with him and to heal my friend Jocelyn -from anything wrong or that will go wrong with her and allow both Ben and Joce to live healthy and happy till Ben is 20 years and Joce is 100 years!

Please pray for alejandro,his on a stage of coma"from a car accident in M. his one of my students dad, my little girl was very sad as she shared her concern please pray that he will be miraculously healed andbthat the surgeries performed Will be of much success for his Health Recovery.thanks love in Christ Yolanda.

Please pray for me every since I got a flu shot my stomach has been hurting with muscle spasms. Thankyou

Please pray for Jesus to give me the ability to focus and retain the extraordinary amount of information that is going to be in my many upcoming final exams. Please pray that I pass with acceptable scores on my first attempt. My family's future depends upon me being able to pass this program. Thank you all who pray for me.

Please pray for me (Amanda ).