Pray for Others

Please pray for The world.

Please pray for A friend of mine.

I am praying for an 18 year old girl named Nancy she is at the hospital fighting for her life. She is my coworkers family friend even though I don't know her personally I am sadden by this due to losing my sister at a young age and having a daughter that same age. Please dear God watch over her and gave her family faith that she will be ok. Please join me in prayer for Nancy and so that her doctors can figure out what is wrong with her so they can treat her. God help her heal. Thank you all for praying for her.

We would greatly appreciate your prayers for our family. We are so discouraged. Our son has had a really rough freshman year at college struggling most recently with illness and is now in the midst of finals. He’s trying desperately to hang onto his academic scholarship, but it looks like he may not be able to keep it, because he did poorly on a group project that pushed him from an A to a C. He worked so hard this semester keeping almost all of his grades up in the A range, except Chinese, which would have enabled him to keep his scholarship. Now, we have no idea what’s next for him, because we simply cannot afford to send him to college without a scholarship. It feels like all of his hard work has just been flushed down the toilet. We just don’t know how to proceed at this point. Please pray for God to give us His wisdom and direction during this difficult time, and that He’ll make it obvious to us how to help and guide our son into the next chapter of his life, which, sadly, will most likely not involve college. Thank you.

Pray that my children, grandkids and family will have a closer walk with God in 2016.
Especially for my daughter Stephanie, that she will be totally healed in her body. She was rear ended by a big rig truck and is in pain everday all over her body. Also pray that her she will receive her money from her lawsuit now.
God's blessings and peace to you and the staff at Guidepost.

Please pray that my daughter can straighten her life out and get the job she wants and can do successfully.

Please pray for me as I am having trouble with my stomach and bowels. Forgive my being blunt here but everything goes straight through, so l would appreciate prayer for healing on Jesus name. He is given all the glory from me as He is my Lord and Savior. Thank you for being in prayer for me and may GOd bless you all

Please pray for Pizzaro Family.


Please pray for my parents' Trust & Will be honored. Pray for the NC house to sell quickly, probate folks to honor the Trust, for all to be as my parents' planned -- and soon. For I am so beyond anxious & fear! Please! In Jesus' Holy Name.