Pray for Others

My dog, she is not eating and feeling terrible. Please pray God will heal her and she will eat soon!

Please pray for me. I'm a veteran that suffers from anxiety, depression, and ptsd. I can't live like this any longer.

Please pray that this pigmentation above my lip will completely fade away. Thank You!

Please pray for Darrel please pray for him. He had two strokes And they are making tests to see what he has and give him treatment. Pray for me to be strong..

Please pray for me (Ag).

Please pray for me (My father).

Please pray for my sister-on-law, Mary. In January 2016 she buried her only son, a Downs Syndrome that she had faithfully cared for every day of his life, all 58 years. She is struggling with the loss.

My prayer is for my husband Nick who is guiding a group by motorcycle to W. DC on Friday. Please pray that he does not get stressed or worried about this venture. Pray also that he is able to sleep at night peacefully without anxiety. Thank you!

Please ask the Lord to help me with my divorce and restraining order against my ex. I NEED YOUR HELP AND PROTECTION, LORD!!!

Please pray for my best friend Jeff who is very depressed and despondent. Please ask the Lord to fill him with his joy, peace and unconditional love and bless him with good health and a long life. Please ask the Lord to heal his bi-polar disorder, mood swings and anger. And pray that Jeff would turn to the Lord at this very difficult time.
Also that the Lord would give Jeff his heart's desires. Thank you for praying and caring. May the Lord answer all your prayers.