Pray for Others

Praise God for healing, and pray that He will continue to heal me of cholangitis. Please heal Max of any afflictions. Praise God for my family and friends' health & safety. Let us all accomplish God's will!

I have found a beautiful partner, for the time I do not have to beg and belittle myself for love and affection. Moving away from toxic relationships I have finally come to realise how beautiful love can be with a genuine loving and caring man. I accept him and his daughter with all my heart but I can't say the same for my dad. I pray this when they meet in December my dad accepts our relationship with an open heart. I pray for your blessings on all of us Lord and I thank you for leading me where I am in life. I pray for kindness and understanding in my dads heart towards Eddie. I pray for our future and marriage in the name of the Lord. Amen

Please pray for my son Dominick. He has had problems all of his life. And is in need of help.
Thank you

My Thanksgiving Guideposts Our Prayer wasn't answered even though I was praying for another person . I was treated bad last night . Me & my family was acussed of things we didn't do the other day.

Please may I find a way to support myself financially.

Please pray that the W. H. I. at P. V. H. on Dec. 5, 2015 will be successful: that the actors will be funny (without any inappropriate remarks or situations), that the audience will be of decent size and that the audience will have a good time.

Please continue to pray for financial blessings for me to be able to pay my bills this month and also to be able to see my mother for her 80th birthday on 12/27. Please pray for this to happen for me. In Jesus name I pray this prayer Amen

Prayer for my family/neighbors,as wel as myself and my pets.I am beset with physical problems,financial,even crooks or hackers trying to rob me,take something I don't owe them,never bought.Pray for the devil to desist out of my life.

Prayer that all my parts are good no miss clip no miss count no miss lalbe no frid mee no suppenned me no wright up no talking or yelling at my line I can make rate small oders and I can get my oders done on time t. m. do not bother me car will stare sat belt will work car doors open and close ok

Please pray for my son - depressed, divorced, two small children, needs help.
He has an opportunity to begin a new job. Please pray for this, and lead and guide him.
Thank you.