Pray for Others

Please pray for my brother who suffers from mental illness that he will receive the help he needs and that he finds his way back to God.

Please pray for my friend and roommate who is in need of spiritual renewal and direction in life. Thank you.

Please pray for me (Linda).

I work as a junior associate for two lawyers. Recently the Law Society got in touch with me, advising that "my practice" was randomly chosen to be reviewed. They also sent me a list of questions to answer prior to the review. I responded, saying that I don't have my own practice, and that I therefore wouldn't know the answers to all the questions. The representative, PJ, said I should answer as many as I could, and seek out answers to those questions I don't know the answer to. I did that, but received an email today saying that my answers weren't good enough. My concern about all this is that my last day in this job is supposed to be June 30, 2016, and I don't want this situation to get in the way of that. Please pray that I leave this job on June 30, and that my reputation isn't tarnished by PJ, the Law Society, or anyone/anything else, in Jesus' Name. Please also pray for peace for me about this, and that I would sleep at night time. Thank you.

World peace and the people and our country turn back to God

Lord, hear our prayer for healing for Barbara, Ashley and Carol?

Lord, hear our prayer for a miracle healing for Lydia.

Praying for a new job in a positive environment for Rachel.

I have prayer concerns. I pray that our country will get back to honoring and loving God. I feel that our people of our country have turned away from God. I pray for our leaders to become more Christian like and move our country in the direction God would want it to go.
I have a prayer request for my husband. He is bipolar and needs healing. I pray that he will find God and that God will heal him of this terrible disease. I pray for our daughter that is going thru this to be strong and find strength in our Lord. I pray for me to be strong and rely on my faith. Thank you.

Prayers that more people will listen to God and find peace.