Pray for Others

Been hurting in lower and top of stomach for a while please pray for healing this will get better.

Please pray for me. I had carpal tunnel surgery, and my hand is worse now. Also, my voice sounds hoarse most of the time. I need both for my job! Thank you for praying for me.

Please pray for my husband who has terrible sinus and ear trouble. He can hardly hear! The doctors have not really been much help to him.

Please pray for Michaela.

Please pray for Hunter.

Please pray for Daughter Shannon.

Please pray for Shannon.

Please pray for my husband, Chester who will be visiting the C. C. to see if he is eligible for a lung transplant. He is suffering from pulmonary fibrosis and this is his only change to get his quality of life back. Pray that if he does get the transplant, all goes well during and after surgery.

I would not like to hesitate to come to god in my hour of need I just praise god for a new employment position I ascertained. I went to a recovery meeting today and realize I can make it in 12 step if I don't self doubt and second guess myself and attend on a regular basis and with the training extensive at work and all the prayers still more are needed because I want to do my work as I need to apply and get to know individuals with whom I'm to work forgive the punctuation and grammer . But I am to hear soon about the poetry contest soon and my published poem ? and to succeed at my endeavours and to pray god's will in this situation with school and work and recovery and mental healing total restoration .

Please pray for me and my fiancee Derrick - I have offended him and have asked for forgiveness, but he won't talk to me, or acknowledge. My heart is really hurting. Thank you for your prayers.