Pray for Others

Please pray for my son, Michael that he is healed and that he is healed and prospers in mind, body and spirit.

I prayer for my daughter Candace - to recover from her addictions of drugs and give her life to God and to believe that she is not in charge of her life but God's is - I ask for peace in her life and she will find happiness and joy soon.

Please pray for my friend Nancy, as her cancer has come back after 12yr's in some lympnoids, and they
will be giving her a seriou of shots this time...........I pray they work.....this is her 3rd bout with cancer in
about 1 8yrs..... thank you

Please pray for husband to make extra money

Please pray for Elizabeth, a job and car thats perfect for her!.

That the rest of my pregnancy goes well and that my son stays healthy and active. That we have a safe birth and that he is 6lbs like my daughters were so the birth goes smoothly. That I have great awesome caring nurses this time. Thank you!!!

Please pray for me that my hearing will be healed also my acid reflux will be healed. Thank you for your kindness in praying for others.

I pray that I will stay faithful to the advent devotionals this year. I always end up slacking off about mid-December. I do not want to do that this year. I wish to grow closer to Jesus this Season.

Please pray for K., P., H. for Lord's mercy. That Lord would bless them and provide them with everything they need this Holiday season. That Lord would restore everything was lost. Thank you.

Please help my son Tony find a buyer for his condo that he needs to sell to relieve him of some financial burden that he has been dealing with for quite a while. Lift him in prayer please. Thank you fellow prayer warriors.