Pray for Others

shalom, pls. i ask ,for your prayer for a real financial miracle, now i must pay my renting, & bills. i really need a big financial miracle. so that i can do more for GOD S KINGDOM, & MOVE ON. GETING INTO the asignment GOD has asignd for me. & to come out of this troubles. pls. i ask with all my heart to pray for me. thank you very much .

Please pray for my daughter in law today give her strength I know she misses her husband and children please help her. Also I so grateful for my family friends my new job thank y so much

Please pray for healing for Yvonne's back. Father we give You praise. Please pour Your healing power in Yvonne's back. Heal the discs that are herniated & slipped. Help them to go back in place. We praise You for what You're doing in Yvonne's life. In Jesus name. Thank you all for your prayers and bless you all.

Pray for healing for my son Ahmad , he has sickle cell anemia and is constantly in the hospital. I need complete healing from this disease. Also need prayers for myself for Gods help in helping me get my GED and in getting my school and career starting soon.

Please pray for Ron .

I have been very ill for a long time now. The doctors are out of ideas on how to help me. A couple of weeks ago I started shock therapy. After three sessions I quit. If God wants me better, he will help me find a way. I shouldn't have to have electric shocks in my head to get well. I need to get well. I have a 12 yr old daughter. Yesterday I spent the last of my money. I am running out of hope. Please pray for us. Thank you

I have colon and ovarian cancer and a five inch mass in my abdomen. I am asking the Lord to heal me. I have been in pain for over a year. I still have children at home and several grandchildren I want to see grow up. I am a christian and know that heaven is my home. But I can't imagine anyone else raising my children. Thank you for praying!

Almighty GOD, who art on heaven I cry out for the spirit of love to to bind our marriage, LORD, Eileen and Hector at the altar born again; at the altar our vows joined in marriage ,LORD the spirit of love joined Eileen and Hector in marriage; GOD I cast our marriage in your hands we are your children, LORD the spirit of love TAKE CONTROL in Eileen and Hector marriage for Restoration, Unification, Communication, Supplication, binding our life with marriage GOD you blessed Eileen and Hector a couple one with you LORD, in the name of JESUS
in Jesus name

God I have asked you for help so many times that I am losing faith in the words in the Holly Bible I have no help from any one and I need the money to keep from being put on the street and pay my bill by now my bills are over $50000 I am afraid to try the online make money because all want at least $49 up front which I don't have. Please God with you supply me the funding I need to pay off my bills .I ask this in Your Son Jesus name Amen

Please pray for a job. I know it's on God's timing but I want to be guided to that job. So I know that it's the one. Pray the same prayer for my two teen sons. They are looking for a job too. Thank you