Pray for Others

Please pray that there are no complications withy sons two testing a he is having on Tuesday and that everything turns out normal

Please pray that I stay stable and the cancer does not spread or come back

Please pray for supernatural financial provision for my 2 children to attend C. university. Father of children threatens to take them out

Please pray for me (Christa).

Please pray for healing for schizophrenia. Thank you!

Please pray for Lee, may the burden of illness and illness of his wife be lighter... May he have helping hands to relieve some of the pressure and may you bless him with your love and healing, I ask this in your name Jesus Christ.... Amen

Please Lord heal Amanda with all of her illnesses and pain, I ask this in your name Jesus Christ... Amen

Please Lord,allow Mike and his coworkers get some rest,allow it to rain tonight so they may get it... I ask this your name Jesus Christ.. Amen

Lord I pray that all the demonic strongholds on my dad will have NO power to manipulate him.I also pray for my siblings, that no evil manipulations be able to persist in their presence.I rebuke and cast out all this evil in JESUS name

I pray so very hard everyday that I find a new job closer to my home. My job is a mess, people can be so cruel. I work for the airlines in customer service. It is very difficult and trying especially with my co workers as well, it is a very divided culture. Please pray for me, my patience is getting slimmer by the day. I pray and go to church, its not helping, please pray for me.
God Bless and Thank you Kindly,
Carrie K.