Pray for Others

Please pray for the complete healing of my body. One year ago I had a work injury and since then my life has flipped around. I finally see a neurologist this Monday. Please pray for answers. For the wisdom of the doctors. For breakthrough healings. In Jesus Christs Name, Amen

Please help my mother Shirley accept her new normal. Relieve her fear and stress. Bless my brother and intervene to keep him drug free.

I am disabled. I was collecting SSI before we got married. Now I no longer get it. My husband receives about $1200 a month and he keeps making feel guilty if I have a small bill to pay. He can spend the money but I can't. Please pray for him to understand the God helps when we need it.
Also my youngest son , John is into Wicca. He was a Christian but now he's into the Wicca. He wonders why there's so must drama in his life and the demons are after him. Please pray for him as well
Thank you

Please pray for Miriam of Canada, She is still in the process of receiving treatment for injuries from a 2006 car accident,

Dear heavenly Father,
I come to you again with a heart full of love and thanks. I know you want to see me progress in this hateful world and I am asking that you bless me with this new position so that I can earn a good living for my grandchildren and myself. This job will be a challenge and I’m going to stand strong with my faith and be successful at whatever it is that I am to do. God if this is your will please allow me to be hired on full time after my 90 days of temporary assignment. Heavenly father I am sad and I need to take all these feelings of depression away and just feel your love. I am in debt and I am about to lose everything that I have been working hard to keep. Please help erase my debts so that I can start a new clean slate and do all the things that you want me to do Lord. I ask of these things in the name of your son Jesus Christ. Amen. Amen. And Amen!!

Please pray for Susan. She meets with her oncologist this morning she had surgery for a brain tumor and not all was removed.

Please pray for Healing for Kerry of California

Please pray for me & my Mom too
4 Divine Healing,Protection,Job,Recapture & Marriage:
Please pray for me & my Mom too4 Divine Healing, Protection, Job, Recapture & Marriage:
1-This week I am suffering from severe tooth ache (decayed
teeth) & the anesthesia drug is not available to
destruct decayed teeth, please pray for me for divine
2- I am suffering from wounded & bad scar face after
(post) Herpes zoster disease. Please pray for me for rapid
healing & Restoration of normal skin of face without
scar & Pray for me for divine healing.
3-I am suffering from bronchial Atshma.
4-I am surrounded by enemies( world system,devil &
peoples) I FEAR them please Pray for me for divine
5-Please pray for me I need good Job.
6- Please pray for me that God will urgently recapture to me
my money 4950 USD that One family denied me. Please pray for
me for miracle action of God on my money return.
7-I need Godly women for marriage.
8-My Mom is critically sick pray for her also for rapid
healing & Restoration of complete health.

Please pray fervently that Diane does not have any scary health symptoms and is in excellent health and has assurance of it soon!

I would like to pray for a church in -,N.C, that is in financial distress. Their van needs repair and they can't afford to get it fixed. The church is Family Worship Ministry. The pastor,Harold -and his wife,Susie are truly servants of God. I would appreciate your prayers for this church. Thank you.