Pray for Others

Pray that my big sister Taisha- will be blessed. She is such a blessing for other people but her current situation is becoming too much to bare. Please join me in prayer for her to get her out this situation because I have faith God will be faithful and deliver her from this in the name of Jesus Christ.

Please pray for my dad who has cancer. Chemo hasn't worked. He starts radiation treatments on Monday. Thank you.

Favor for parking today. That there is available parking for P1,500 that I can rent for short term contract in P. H. Thank you and God bless you as well who will be praying for and with me.

Kindly pray that my daughter be cured of ailments. Her family be blessed. With prayer.

I tried to choose Gods Wisdom and Guidance but it just kept going to Depression and that thought has crossed my mind as life has been very hectic and fairly overwhelming these past few months in every aspect of mine and my entire families life. There seems to be major issues in every direction and I feel lost, I know God knows best and I am trying my hardest not to get down and keep my faith I have been going with Let Go.....Let God....but finding less and less comfort with this approach. Started a daily Rosary to pick up my efforts. I know there are many people with much more pressing issues than what we have but I am having trouble shaking this doubt and sadness. I pray most of the day, when ever I think of it but still feel very insignifacent and dry. Thank you for your prayers. I even went to confession to try to get some extra grace. ☺️

I had an Mri and have cysts on liver kidneys and pancreas further testing has to be done before a diagnosis please pray for healing

Please pray for my physical and emotional healing. I have been sick with sinus, allergy, bronchitis and asthma related issues for the last 28 months. Emotionally it has been so draining along with having issues with my boss on and off for the last 8 years.
I got so angry today I considered hurting her. I have never felt like this before. I need to give this to God and I want to get away from this woman. I need a new job. I have been looking but so far no luck. Please pray for my healing and a new job.

Kindly pray that my elder son gets custody of his child without any problem. The enemies evil plans never succeed. My sons be able to travel near their houses for court hearing and they return safely home on 13th of this month. With prayer.

Prayer warriors! Please lift my daughter and her stepfather in prayer tonight! Their relationship is very strained they use to be very close and now they barely speak. It really makes me sad. She will be home from college this weekend for a couple of days please pray for healing for harmony. Please pray. This has gone on far to long!!!

My uncle Richard - is battling cancer We are hoping for a bone marrow transplant Please pray for God to give him strength Thank you