Pray for Others

Please pray for my husband & i. We have been having a rough time lately. We need to learn to trust & love each other again.
Thank you

Please pray that my husband's mother will be content in her new home. Pray that a business transaction will go through that my family is depending on to be settled. Also, pray for protection for my son-in-law's job and his job security.

Please pray that I will be able to end my self imposed isolation and allow myself to be with other people and finally make a friend or two.

Prayer for my family,friends,neighbors,our homes,cars,jobs,spouses,children,and our pets, particular,my cats Hobo,Little John,Six Pack,Sie,and the rest.

Please pray for my daughter. Please please bring her back to me and her family. My heart is broken. Pray she sees the toxic relationship shes in and bring her back to us , please please answer my prayer.

Please pray for healing for Nancy who is in her way to the hospital via ambulance with a possible heart attack. Please pray for safe travels for Stevan and Deanna as they are on their way to the hospital to be with her.
Please pray for healing for Deanna and that she will be able to find a specialist within the network that she will be able to see for her health issue.

steady flow of decent clients for my chair in the salon

hedge of protection,keep inappropriate men away from my life

Please pray for my relationship with Elva. I have offended her. Not exactly sure in what way but she is being rude and snippy. I need God's help. Sandy

For Tracie and Caden. Tracie been terminated from her job. Needs wisdom to fight it or walk gracefully into another job. She will have no finances, health insurance. Her car is giving out.