Pray for Others

Please pray for healing from a kidney cyst.

Pray for Randy to get help for his addictions.

Pray for my brother, Russ to find a computer job in Florida.

Please pray for healing possibly from cancer.

I pray God will bring me and my family closer than we have ever been. I thank you for letting me be a part of their lives again and pray I will be the best mother and daughter I can be. Thank you I ask all these things in Gods name amen

I ask that you join me in prayer and pray that God will allow me to keep the job he has provided for me. Thank you for blessing me amen

Please help Mark Bill Evelyn Pam Sharon with their health issues be with them Lord and help them heal thank you for all u do for me

I pray that God will cure me of my addiction! I pray in his name and ask you do the same that he will cure me if this disease that haunts me. I pray he will keep my family near and dear to me and a roof over my head. I pray he continues to bless me with a decent paying job and help me get a car and a home of my own. Please pray with and for me. Thank you and amen

Please pray that there are no complications withy sons two testing a he is having on Tuesday and that everything turns out normal

Please pray that I stay stable and the cancer does not spread or come back