Pray for Others

I need God's guidance to help me to see the ministry He wants me to do. Also, I would like confirmation that
I am in the church where He wants me to be so I can accomplish His perfect will concerning me. Thank you for your prayers.

Prayers for my sister, E.Y., who is going through some emotionally testing times. Thank you!

Please pray for Cindy, she has been taken to the hospital emergency room, she already had brain damage
but needs urgent prayer now. Thank you

God will help me to hear his message.

Requesting prayer for my son Dwight Jr. He is going through some rough stages
of his life lately. He is at the point of giving up. He says, that he feels nothing is working out for him. I am trying to encourage, to continue trusting in God and believing that he will come through for him. He needs a job, or some where that he can use his talents and skills. Please pray that God will lead and direct him to the right people that will help him

Please pray for my son Michael and his family Shayna Brenna and Brecken. He has gone astray and had an affair. His family is broken. Please pray for him to repent and get rid of the other woman. No good is coming from this. Please pray for their marriage to make it through. Please pray for God to put it upon his heart the healing of his marriage. The family is devastated. I am sick and heartbroken seeing the confusion on his face and in his voice. He is trying to justify himself. I ask this in Jesus name to heal their broken marriage and bring the love to them.

Please ask Our Lord, the Great Physician, to heal my mouth from this infection, and to bind any further infections during this healing process from my sinus lift. Please pray for me that when I visit the oral surgeon on Aug 10th, the hole will be fully closed and the infection and drainage will be gone. I know God can heal me and I believe He wants to b/c He loves me so much and died for my sins. I know that the Bible says that "where two or more of you ask in my name, it will be done", so please ask for His great mercy in this healing process. In Jesus name I pray.

please pray for GOD to help kayli through being depressed about being in jail and please pray HE will talk to her and that she will hear Him and praise and obey Him.please pray that all her family and everyone she knows will pray foe her.thank you

My daughter moved to another state and into a area that is hard to get a teaching job, I asked for prayer that she get a interview with a school in her area. On Monday my daughter is getting a interview! I ask for prayer she has favor in this interview. Thank you

for Jason to stay true to the values his dad and grandma taught him and not to give into temptation,
please let him feel inside to be pure of heart