Pray for Others

Please pray for Tatianna.

Please pray for me (Marielu).

Please pray for me.I have numerous burdens .
For my spiritual growth my troubled relationships
And my financial needs I ask this day for my Heavenly Fathers favor and Jesus name I do pray.amen

Please pray for me (Bernice).

Please pray that my daughter can find a summer job that she will love. She was working for her grandmother, but the business has been too slow that she hasn't been able to give her hours.
Please help her find something that will work with her school schedule (and have weekends off). Some place where she can grow in her future field of public relations.
Please help give her the confidence to fulfill her dreams, passion and future career. Also a job that will help her become more independent and be able to afford to have an apartment and provide a good life on her on.
Empower her, dear Lord to follow her dreams. Please place her in the right place at the right time where she is noticed and given an amazing job and opportunity.

request prayer for healing gracies and mercies against negative medical report

For Jef T- and Leif Josh traveling from the P- to O-, Canada

Coverage and protection for Kat and RA on board a P- Airlines plane bound for L- scheduled to arrive 620 pm PST. Thank you.

Please pray for me (Margaret).

Please Lord protect Amanda and the unborn child.. Allow them to be healthy and to feel your presence of love... I ask this in your name Jesus Christ.. Amen