Pray for Others

I want to find a true love. One that is based on a church relationship. Someone that wants a relationship with not only me and my kids but with Jesus Lord help me find this for me and my children.

Please help my daughter Nicole find a new job. She has a phone interview tomorrow at 1pm please pray she is not nervous & has confidence in herself. Please if this does not work out bring her to something else. Thank you for this miracle. Thank you Jesus, praise the Lord.

I ask that you join me in prayer and pray that God will mend the relationship with me and my boyfriend of 2 years and bring us back together and give us a bond that no one can break. I pray that God will put us back in the same home and lead us to marriage. I pray that he will put a love in this and heart for me that will grow stronger everyday and we will be happy and have trust patience and true love in out hearts for each other that will never go away. I ask all these things in Gods name thank you and Amen

God, Please keep me & my family safe & please keep evil away from us. Our friend was shot & killed in the L. shooting & her boyfriend which is our cousin was shot but survived. Thank GOD

Hello. Mark here. 51. I don't know the medical term for a person in a wheelchair with only one working leg is. But currently, that's me. I need a part time job because of bills to pay, to pay for necessities, and for peace of mind. I cannot afford to be on an $85.00 a month allowance from this place Im currently staying in. I NEVER wanted to be in this place of senior citizens 40 yrs. older than me. Yes I'm flabbergasted!! Please pray for me that I don't lose all hope in these last days of Earth. Thank you.

Please pray that the purchase of the house we are trying to buy goes thru for us. The seller is not submitting required paperwork and everything is on hold. However we still have to move out of the house we now live in. It has been sold to another family.
Please Lord let this all work out for us.
In your name we pray. Amen.

I would like prayer for my family and for me.

Dear Lird let us find the cure for cancer to end the pain and loss, amen

Please pray that Dean gets the job today. Thank you

Please pray that Chris feels your loving guidance in all parts of her life. Keep her strong and loving always. Let people see her true spirit! In Jesus's name...
Thank you!