Pray for Others

I am extremely nervous today. Pray for me to be calm and relaxed in Jesus name. Thank you.

MY heavenly father I come to you in prayer in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ for my son MJC and myself JCC heavenly father I pray that you help my son to recover from all drug addictions and alcohol guy named Heavenly Father until righteousness and Recovery in Jesus name I pray Amen, also I pray for myself for my health to be better my back and my feet my legs heal me father and I pray you free me from all gambling addictions fill me with good healthlong healthy life to live for my children or my grandchildren for myself and to be a blessing in your life and I'd be able to once again Prosper financially and continue to bless my orphanages that I've had for over 35 years and my Christian Ministry that I support and may I be a good father to my children and grandchildren in Jesus name I pray amen,

Please pray that I can have faith that our son will think of his wonderful wife instead of himself. I have prayed so much for him, but I need help with asking for more of God's intervention. Thank you all very much.

I would like to thank God for having the insurance adjuster grant us the finances to repair our daughter Rebecca's home. I would like to ask God for the same good results and assist us in getting our home refinanced.

Please pray for all Moms on Mother's Day!
Thank you, and God Bless!

Please pray that my husband comes clean & stops hiding things from me. In the name of Jesus. Amen!

Please pray my husband & I will be able to get pregnant. We've been trying for 9 years to have a baby & my faith won't let me give up! Having a child with the man I love means the world to me & I really need your prayers. Thank you & God bless you for praying for us!

please pray for my neighbors little dogs. They are very neglected and unloved and kept in a kennel all day and night for long periods of time. I am an animal lover,and love all of God's creations,and I am saddened by these little animal' sad life.I hesitate to call animal control because they live next to me,and would know I reported them for neglect. I have to maintain good relationships with them . They are gone for long periods of time,and I think the doggies are always hungry. Please pray for them-that these people care for them better. May God give me the right words to express my concerns to them. Thank you,and bless you.

Please pray that I find relief from the worries and anxieties that I experience daily. Please let me have a happy life. Please let me be surrounded with happy, positive people. Thank you very much for your thoughts and prayers.

please pray that my skin clears and heals. thank you very much. amen.