Pray for Others

Help me to stop

Please pray for me to have peace restored please and thank you!

My work is shutting down in a week , I pray that God guides me and directs me to a new job that is perfect for me....thank you Lord

Please pray for my 3 year old granddaughter. Her mother is preventing me or my son from seeing her just to be spiteful. She has a new boyfriend and does not want the child to spend time with her father or grandmother. The said thing is the child cries each time she has to return to her mother. Please pray that legally he can get this matter cleared up and be able to be a godly father to his precious child.

Father God in the name of Jesus i come to you praying healing for my uncle Jimmy, myself, my auntie Mary and Jane. Lord i pray the doctors is able to heal my uncle Jimmy. Lord Jimmy is healed by your stripes. In Jesus name i pray. Amen

Please pray for Dear Wonderful Heavenly Father, my friend needs prayer ....I don't know what for but You Jesus name.Amen.

I am so overwhelmed Lord. I'm anxious and everything just spills into other things. I know I'm not alone but it feels like it. I love you Jesus and want you to be my helper and comforter. I'm so afraid and I think I keep blocking out your help by looking at my problems. I don't want to do that anymore. Most of the things I'm worried about haven't even happened yet. Some I can't do much and some I'm stalling. Thanks Jesua in advance.

Please pray for me (JT ).

Please pray for Garry.

Please pray for me (Mary).