Pray for Others

Please pray for Barbara .

Would you please pray that I never consume alcohol or nicotine ever again starting today for the rest of my life?
God Bless!

▬Almighty GOD, I am grateful for for the daily blessings, given to me by Your "Grace", but I need Your "Favor" also.- Please!, have "Mercy" on me, listening my perennial & longtime petitions in prayer; I always ask for needs rather than greeds, and I believe they are according to Your "Will".- LORD, I am still expecting.▬

I ask for you to pray in Jesus name that God blesses me with a sharp mind, great health and a positive attitude in any situation. I ask that Jesus shows me the way to happy life. Thank you for your prayers and God bless!!!

i pray this will be the day we will receive a call from our social worker about a child from foster care, we are foster to adopt parents and are yet to receive our first placement ,please pray today is the day ,thank you

Please pray for me (James E DeBeer).

Please pray for Jack Norton.

Please pray for Marcella Barbara DeBeer.

Please pray for Gloria Jean DeBeer.

Please pray for me and my family.