Pray for Others

O'Heavnly Father Please help paula to heal up very soon and be without pain and be able to go on with strength and wellness in Jesus name Amen

My daughter Cecilia and Diego got married nearly four years ago. I used to think that they were a happy couple. I don´t know exactly how to rquest prayer for them, maybe I am in shock. When I viited their home two years ago, he was extremely kind to me. Cecilia tells me he is a constant complainer, criticizes everything she does, blames her for having left I. -his birthland- and constantly accuses her "you want me to die, so you can marry an American". My daughter started having asthma in her teen years. She tells me that she is physically exausted by so much verbal abuse. Breathing is hard for her by the tensión caused by so much negativity. The Lord has not given them a child yet. // On the other hand, this is her last week as a substitute second grade teacher. She cried on the phone, telling me how hard it will be to be alone in the house again. She became especially attached to Aidé, a sad and timid seven year old child whose parents are divorced. This all ounds very complicated, all I know is my daughter needs good health and God´s love.

I am really in need of a miracle prayer....truly. Please pray for my job, my teaching contract with M. P. S. They have taken my contract because my students didn't perform well on state tests. My students who some live in a shelter, live in constant trauma etc. I can't believe this is happening to me. I have major depressive disorder and this is not helping . I need my job for my 4 boys and the insurance, Also, I love my job and the children I teach. This is so unfair! I am fighting with a lawyer. PLEASE PRAY that somehow someway I will get my contract back PLEASE! Thank you VERY MUCH. Koreen

O'Heavnly Father Please help my mom Jaque heal from demitia and help her live in her home and be corent and sane and be able to think well and talk well in conversation and live along time In Jesus Name men

O'Heavnly father please we pray that you let us stay in the p.g. apts in C. for many years to come and for me Katharina to stay on disability and hud housing and that ny Dr. dr. S. will sig my hud paper to live in a 2 bbedroom apt due to illnesses this year 2016 IN In Jesus name Amen

Please pray for me I have burning pain in my feet ,also my blood pressure ls high. Thank you much. God bless you all

Please pray for my best friend, Chris. She is taking action to stand her ground with a volotile sociopath ex-husband. Chris is taking legal action to protect herself in all manner and matters necessary for her physical, financial, and emotional well being. Please pray for Chris to feel God's Divine Protection, and she may know deeply that when it comes to God, her enemies "flee before You seven ways."

My youngest daughter is not speaking to our family. She is 28 With a young son. Her "best friend" moved in. She's a bad influence, drinks smokes, doesn't work. She has driven a wedge between the family. Pray my daughter comes to her senses. Our grandson is in the house. We worry about him because the friend has locked him in his room at night, supposedly because she's afraid of he woke at night she wouldn't hear him. My daughter works nights. We wanted her to leave him at our house while she works.

Please pray for my finances and for fiscal growth and organization with my business. Please also pray for my employees.

Prayer for Sasha,Sarah,Vic,Chris,Neil,Bobby,Bill,Joice,and all of my relatives,friends,neighbors,and our health,financial issues,and our children,pets,too.