Pray for Others

Lord I pray that all the demonic strongholds on my dad will have NO power to manipulate him.I also pray for my siblings, that no evil manipulations be able to persist in their presence.I rebuke and cast out all this evil in JESUS name

I pray so very hard everyday that I find a new job closer to my home. My job is a mess, people can be so cruel. I work for the airlines in customer service. It is very difficult and trying especially with my co workers as well, it is a very divided culture. Please pray for me, my patience is getting slimmer by the day. I pray and go to church, its not helping, please pray for me.
God Bless and Thank you Kindly,
Carrie K.

Jesus Christ is in my hands to tell the building inspector of all the neighbors that have build a house in their lots without contractors and without permits, and they haven't been nice neighbors to me and my family and I need for You to guide me if I should or not !just guide me clearly Jesus Christ don't let satan guide me ,Jesus Christ

Yahweh Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit my husband & I , Arnold&me ,can You please help us keep our home and inherit it please?

Heavenly Father can people quit being so desrespectfull to me please ?

that Michael may be healed of his cancer

Please pray for me and my family. We are in dire need of money or will be losing everything soon!
This has been going on for a few years but has gotten increasingly worse since I have been without a paycheck and NO assistance for 7 years.
Thank you,

I pray that will speak to me and thru me that he may use me to be a blessing in someone's life that he will bless Norman and I with a loving marriage with each other with God as our guide and that God keeps my sons and all our brothers and sisters in Christ safe and blessed thru these trying times we are in I'm grateful for all gods love and blessings please agree with me in prayer lots of thanks and love tammy

Lot of debts

prayer for career employment restored, have terr come back, prayer all goes well, prayer for kk to restore employment, prayer for no prob with car, prayer for no fi bt, prayer for gods hand over me, his grace, his mercy and his favor, god bles.