Pray for Others

Please pray for my marriage. I don't think my husband loves me anymore. Please show me he still loves me and not starting to love someone else.Please pray he is faithful to me. please let me know he loves me. Thank you so much


Please God please Lord I beg you please please please help

Please pray for me about my job. There is so much gossip there its hard to go to work. I have been at my job for 25 years and one of my best friends have joined in on the gossip too. I am so hurt. I wish I had my relationship back better with them. I wish I would feel better about going to work with these people. Please pray the gossip stops or that my friend will see the way I feel and stop their gossiping too. I wish they could see the others gossiping and see how I feel. Thank you

God, I need a companion and/or a spouse. Is it Jerome?

Please agree with me in prayer for a miraculous healing for my sister, Jackie. She is facing a 2nd open heart surgery, due to blocked arteries!

Heal Peter's hearing problem,David's leg problem and stomach cancer,Butch's gout,foot injury,high blood pressure, Jerome's aches and pains,Helen's aches & pains,nerves,high blood pressure,high closteral.

Watch over Helen,Peter,David,Butch,Melvina,James,Frankie,Jerome and family,great nephews,great nieces,nieces,nephews, Gi-Gi,Snowflake,Carol,Devin,Heather.

Please pray for a miracle of healing in Maryann & Gerry's marriage. Thank you so much.

Please, God, please help me.........heal me..........spare me! I ask in Jesus' name. Thank you!!