Pray for Others

Please pray for Carrielyn .

Please pray for Lisa who was diagnosed with lymphoma. We pray for complete healing in her body, mind, soul, and spirit. We pray God’s comfort and grace upon her as she begins her journey towards healing and it leads to a closer walk with Him.

Please pray for my hard head granddaughter. She is leaving for M. this coming week. Her aunt is a stripper up there. We are trying to keep her from going up there. She is so money hungry itt is ashamed. Please pray for her.Her dad and brother being in and out of jail. We don't won't her to following in their footstep. My daughter is so stress right about now. Please pray for her andme.My granddaughter let other people info her about fast money. We told her that a quick way to the grave or jail. Please pray for her she is only 19.and the world is cold. No job and money.

My friend Diane is a prayer warrior and is experiencing bad health. She had cancer 5 years ago and was healed. She wants to do Gods will and is having a difficult time trying to do Gods will because she is always in pain. Could you please pray for her health and well being. May God bless each Of you!

Please pray for me (Jt).

Please pray for me (Tam).

Our 2 1/2 year old grandson, "T" is unable to talk and wants to. Please believe with us for God to loose his tongue so that he can talk . God bless you for your precious prayers.

I am asking for your prayers as I undergo diagnostic tests in the morning for cancer. Since my husband's lengthy illness and subsequent death, hospitals, doctors and clinics cause me much anxiety.

Help me lord, I worry every day, stress about my finances, making rent, running out of good for my children. I fear failing them.

Please pray for coworkers. Very stressful environment and the enemy has a foothold. Pray for peace to soften hearts for one another.