Pray for Others

Please pray for Linda-Linda is having pain level 9-10 in her neck right now from bulging disc, stenosis, etc. .

May be working in 1st and 2nd grade classrooms, along with K. Asking I will be moved away from the other job that they gave me two days last week. Please help me to understand what I am to be doing, and God help me to do very well. Asking God be looking over me and showing me his love. Also felt a bit ill today, asking that soon pass.

We thank the Lord and your team for your prayers for our close friend, Skip. Yesterday, he was discharged from the hospital after 19 days there. His wife, Marty, says he is doing fairly well this morning. He had a good sleep, but is somewhat weak. The home care nurse will be there today to check in. Please pray for Skip's full recovery from the cardiac arrest that occurred after his bladder removal for CA. Please pray that Skip will adjust to having a bag for his urine elimination. Marty is a retired nurse, so she will be a big help for Skip. Love to you all. God is awesome and so are you all !

Please pray for Mr. Larry Hunter Salvation.

Please pray for Bryan V..

Please pray for my daughter that she can have a healthy communication conversation with her 12 year daughter's father. They need to reach an agreement about their daughter's living arrangement for this new school year. That they end their dislike for each other and forgive each other.

I have given their problem to the Lord for his help and guidance. Thank you.

Please pray for Sheila Disotell .

please pray that my son, ned, gets a job soon. he's trying very hard and has many gifts to offer. thank you.

Pray for families of WDBJ here in -, VA affected by killing of co-workers.

Please pray for me (Everyone ).