Pray for Others

Please pray for me (Mary Jane).

Healthy relationship for both of us.

Please pray that God will afford Paula - a good night rest & please pray that God will work miricles in Paula & her families lives so that their lives will be so pleasing to God that he will make even their enemies live @ peace with them for God's honor & glory Amen

Please for our upcoming moving which is on the 6th May. We are somewhat stress over the move. The money is needed as well. My mother will be leaving so she can rest and can finish the new place for us. Mother and I are still having some issues with our health she suffering with pain in her shoulders and feet and I sufferng with lowerback pain all the time. We both suffer with hand cramping and we do not why it come on us. I pray the name of Jesus and I continue do what I need even though it hurting really bad and I just go on. My mother cry when it hit her but I go and help her situation when it come. Please prayer for us that God will be merciful on us and heal us and give us the minds to think on him this I ask in Jesus name. Amen

Dear Lord,
Please help me at my job
IN Jesus Name,
And I love you

Dear Heavenly Father I'm praying to you that because I heard a rumor that my fiancée might a father to his roomate Mariah . I haven't heard from him in two days and I'm praying to you he will call me and tell me the truth and it's not true and he still love me and care about me and he doesn't want lose me as his girlfriend and his fiancée father god can you please show me a sign that this rumor is not truth . We still together and we still getting married to each other . Father please don't break my heart and don't let me lose him father god . I don't want lose him at all . Father god surround me with angels and don't let go though metal break Down and I'm praying that my fiancée will call me tomorrow and talk to me and be honest with me and tell me the truth and don't break my heart and he doesn't lose me and I don't lose him at all father god please bring me back to him . All this in Jesus name I do pray amen .

not receiving social security payments getting desperate . not able to pay bills because of lack of funds.

Please pray for our house to sell. We are retired and down sizing. Please pray for a Christian family to buy our large home. We own two homes right now and can only afford one.

request prayers for nick as he was just found that he has lung cancer.

Dear Lord,
Please help me with my work.
I need your help,
In Jesus Name,