Pray for Others

Please pray for Madhav Sher .

Please pray for my son Madhav... He's in USA working as a Chef and is supposed to travel back home after a year ...on Monday .. He got food poisoned last night and he was vomiting and had stomach cramps ... He went to hospital today so they admitted him and suspect appendix ... He's just had a CT Scan and now awaiting results .... Please rule out any thing serious ... Oh Lord have mercy ..
We are so far away from him and feel so helpless .... Please heal our baby ... Amen

Please pray for me (Tai poi).

Please pray for Wendy and Scott.

Please pray for Wendy and Scott.

Please pray for Aimee Colcomb.

Prayers for two very special people--our daughter Catherine and friend Kenny. Both are auditioning, music, percussion beginning today and over the next few weeks for their prospective schools of interest. That God will be there guide of mind, heart, soul and body as they begin this path of their journey. In Jesus' name.

Please be in agreement for GOD to bless me with a husband that truly loves GOD, my kids, and me. A man who has integrity and maturity and character and is financially secure and reliable, trustworthy and treats me with honor and respect. In Jesus Name!! Amen

Please pray that God will protect me and my home tonight. It is very cold and I don't have enough heat in my house. I am worried about my pipes freezing or bursting. Thanks for all prayers.

Please pray for Everyone .