Pray for Others

Please pray that God gives me favor with my finances. To show me the way to get out of debt and to help others in need. In Jesus Name

Please pray for my brother, Rene, who is battling a rare form of lymphoma cancer. He is currently receiving chemotherapy and just recently the medical staff collected his stem cells in the hopes they can transplant them back into his body and hopefully go into remission. He is only 59 years old and has tremendous faith. Thank you.

Please pray for Rick bless him and his business .

Pray for T. family in Ga. They lost their two sons, their only children in a fatal car crash. Pray for comfort and peace.

Please pray for me that my mammogram comes back normal and take away all my fears. Having so much anxiety lately.

Please, God, help us.................heal us...................spare us! We ask in Jesus' name. Thank you!!

My grandson, Christian, is in intensive care and was coded and brought back. Please pray to our Lord to place His healing hands on him and return his life to him. If it is His will. Thank you sincerely.

Prayers for excess ear wax to drain out, dry up blow away, perfect hearing now, EYESears/sinuses all moist & mucous CLEARed, all head esp RIGHT SKULL/NECK PAIN GONE, UPPER R REAR TOOTH healed, realigned healed MIDupper back, RIBS by Shoulders& HIPS & LIVER Pain gone! That SHAKES STOP R FOOT, R arm, blood vessels, HEALED THERE &feet legs head neck, tissues bounceback fm stress! enuf REST SLEEEEP healed STOMACH/LUNGS, ONLY HEALTHY ORGANISMS, healed bladder sphincter, positive energies ONLY,Praise God!

César died last evening. He was my brother´s classmate and also my cousin Teresa´s husband. Please pray for God´s peace and comfort to all his survivors. Thank you.

Please pray for my dear wife's total healing, my healing, blessings upon our families, friends, pets,church, coworkers, employers, veterans, active military and country. We ask in Jesus' name,Amen.