Pray for Others

For our friend Bernadette who is dying of pancreatic cancer; and for Bernadette's mother who has Alzheimer's and who Bernadette has been caring for.

Benjamin is my son. He feels like he is having a bout of diverticulitis....very painful and very frightening.

Coming asking for pray that i may get this job that God has in store for that the interview i go to in the morning be positive that positive come out of it

Please pray for my mom, Maria. She has terminal cancer and is in tremendous pain. She is suffering and it is shaking her faith.

Please pray for Pray the truth be revil n jennifer stop lieing n tell the truth n stop leavin the front n back doors open n than call lanlord on heididanna when she didn't do anything wrongdoimg .

I am a mother of a 20 year old young man. He seems to be losing his way in life. He's drinking, smoking marajuana, and doesn't seem to care that it's wrong. My hub and and I raised him to be A better person than that! He's breaking my heart! I'm so worried about his future, and his life! Please lift him up in prayer! Please! Thank you, and God bless you!

GOD bless you all. Please pray for my husband he is 56 and has had 2 hip replacement. His hip has really been hurting him. Please pray for TOTAL HEALING. Continue to also pray for his job 7 months and he really likes it. May the people he works with like him. Also prayers for my granddaughter Jasmine. 11 yrs old and has had 2 open heart surgeries. Please pray for her to comprehend at school. Starting in one week. Due to surgery she is a little slow. GOD can give her wisdom intelligence and understanding. Thank you for your prayers.

Help me to stop

Please pray for me to have peace restored please and thank you!

My work is shutting down in a week , I pray that God guides me and directs me to a new job that is perfect for me....thank you Lord