Pray for Others

Please pray for Extra travel prayers please..

Please pray for my husband & I to get together real soon. He's in Nigeria & I'm in the states. He's to become King when his father passes & I will become his Queen. Please I am not happy here with my children

My car is on the verge of breaking down (making lots of bad noise). I need the finances to repair the car, so that I can get to work.
Thank you

The angiogram says I have blockage, but I still believe and trust in the healing power of God. Please pray that despite the report I can still be miraculously cured through God's healing power.

please pray for Judith , and all who are seriously ill and injured , for travel safety for david and Chrissy ,for matt, for my 93 yr old mother for safety and health, for jen for all her needs, and for me for mental health, for forgiveness for two people who seriously hurt me in the last 2 days, both thoughtless painful words, and I need to forgive, my head is so full of disorder & health issues now that I cant have anymore thoughts in my mind that are hurtful to me, please pray for my mental health and for my work mon after being off all week I will be over loaded with end of the month, please just pray for all spoken and un spoken needs amen

Please pray for my son and his friend on his trip to O. and their drive home

Urgent Request - No.1 - I feel like I am losing my mind to depression and this holiday season I was so looking forward to and instead its been a lot of sadness. No. 2 - I lost one of my kitties in October. Please God - don't let me lose another. I will take Lenny to the vet this morning - please heal my baby - let it be something minor. No.3 - My dad needs help - please help him cause I need my dad. No. 4 - Help Andrew and I or if I need to walk away from this relationship, help me to do so. No. 5 - Help me to trust that you will provide a way so that I won't have to be dependent on anyone again and can continue to live comfortably, I don't require much - you know this. No. 6 - Please protect me and my babies and my loved ones. No. 7 - A prayer for those I don't even know who need you more this holiday season. No. 8 - A thank you for loving me. AMEN

Father, Heal and restore our country. Have Your people humble themselves and pray and seek Your face and turn from our wicked ways so that You will hear us from heaven and will forgive our sins and heal our land in accordance with Your word. Amen.

Please pray for Kay and Andy and their relationship. They've been together for seven years and are facing a seemingly unsurmountable challenge. But God can see them through. Please pray that He takes this in His loving hands and makes all well. May they continue to have happy times together. God bless you.

Please pray for me to have peace of mind, decisveness, joy, and gratefulnezs in my heart and mind. Please remove anything or anyone not of you. Please pray for me to find a nice affordable SUV that is reliable and nice. Lord guide me. Remove soul ties, transgressions, and anything keeping me from being who you created me to be. In Jesus name I pray. I declare victory love peace and grace today and always. Bless those praying for me and with me. Amen