Pray for Others

Strength to over come a weakness.

Please pray for my parents, David & Mary. They are being subjected to extreme spiritual warfare. Pray for the Holy Spirit to enter into their hearts and work a mighty change that only He can do. Pray for the spirit of peace, calm, encouragement, and the fruits of the Spirit to be exhibited daily. Pray for the enemy to removed from their home and hearts in the mighty name of Jesus! Thank you.

Please pray that I am delivered from fear and stress and worry. I work in a career that is 100% commission and sometimes I just have a hard time making the money last longer than the month. Without the worry and fear of that happening I will find more peace in my career

Please pray God will soon send new friends into my son's life and a Godly woman. Thank you.

Please pray for my husband who
Is struggling with a difficult job environment. We are praying for a new, better career move to a better workplace.

Please pray for me (Dorothy).

I have an unspoken prayer request. Please lift up to God this burden. Thank you so much.

Pray they can help me with this water bill .

I would like prayer to heal the pain and wounds that doctor can't reach deep inside my in most being.I feel a pole has went thru my chest Thank you,Robert

My daughter's ex husband is currently in a mental facility - he threatens, bullies, has crashed a car, was arrested for public intoxication & resisting arrest etc. She is scared for herself & 5 yr old daughter, distraught, angry & just wants him to go away forever. She has filed a summons for sole custody but his Dr refused to let the police serve him!! (Didn't know they could do that!). Please pray for Lauren & Sophie's protection from him (he had many guns but his current wife got them removed . Our concern is that with the lax gun laws in this country , he can get more illegally, buy another one or get them over the internet). She does not want to be looking over her shoulder wondering if he's around. Please pray for God & His legion of angels to protect them, keep them from harm & as my daughter says 'just make him go away permanently'.