Pray for Others

Please pray for me to find a new job. Pray for an open door to a new opportunity that is healthier and supportive. Pray I will be confident rather than nervous in the interview.

Lord bless all people who are hoping you guide them through their lives. Amen

I pray for strength / courage / perfect health - perfect weight (154#) and the means to carry me fully through life. I am 66 and still working at attempting to get ahead so that some day I will be able to retire and have the means to support me easily - feel like the Golden Years are NOT so Golden - thank you

I ask for continued prayer for my Nephew Steve who is now home - his has the Infibulator vest on which will shock the heart if need be and the stent is work good - the dead arteries and part of his heart that is dead needs to be healed and made new - Steve gave his life to God and my prayer is that God gives Steve his life back. Thank you for your prayers

My husband's health is failing not only physically but more importantly mentally. Please pray that he improves.

David has to have open heart bypass surgery, please pray for him his family and all the doctors nurses and technicians

Please pray for my 22 year old daughter Rebecca who is suicidal. Please heal and protect my dear girl

Father God in Jesus name i pray that Aretha, Felton,Breanna,Zana. God you shape us to be more teachable,loyal and willing servant focusing on your will and not just focused on pleasing man. Lord in Jesus name i pray Blessings and Favor on our lives. I pray no weapon formed against us shall posper. Lord in Jesus name i pray we prosper on our jobs,in our lives and whatever we set our minds on. In Jesus name. Amen

Please pray fervently Diane is in excellent heath and does not have aNy worrisome symptoms and her doctor appt shows all is clearly fine right away and not even need any tests!

I have a heavy heart