Pray for Others

Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit please I am praying for my husband Arnold G salvation, and me praise be to You I am saved me Marta LG. but You know I am injured and I stay home and I provide with my sewing jobs but I can only make some what $ the most I made in a week is &100 and the least is $5 I don't collect from disability because I tryed one time and nothing I don't collect welfare, nor ssi , so my husband has been the main provider, but at this moment we need Your help financially way and I come humbly asking You to help us meet our financial needs according to Your will without indangering my marriage or my home or my family or me please? We need Your financial blessings and miracle ??? Please?

I am almost 13 weeks pregnant and having bad morning sickness all day and night. I am having a hard time sleeping and everything. Please pray that I and the baby are ok and that the morning sickness goes away. Please also pray that my baby your baby card is delivered tomorrow in time for my Dr's appointment I haven't been to the Dr yet and am getting pretty far along. I really really want to be able to go to the Dr tomorrow all your prayers help thank you and God bless you all!!!!

I stay so depressed. I have not seen my mom in two years . I have a old car and it wont make it. I,am disable two knee replacements. 12 years now. my sister came in town to visit mom. mom name is rosetta. I knew I was going to see my mom.

I miss to serve God,I need to be stable so I can be able to do the ministry without relying with my spiritual followers

Please pray for my dear wife's total healing, and the Lord's blessings upon our family. We thank Him and
ask in Jesus' name, Amen

I am about to lose my transportation if I don't come up with the $ needed!! Praying for a miracle, please pray for me!!! Thank you

God I pray for Kevin-, please soften his heart towards me. In Jesus name. Amen. Thank you

Please help direct heal KD
Help him to be aggressive in his quest-
Thank you for all our blessings❤️

Pls help me pray! The love of my life and I have been through MANY ups and downs, our timing has been off. We want to be together, but hes scared & struggling to push forward with certain things that will create a lot of change and turn his life upside down. I need him to make this change & push forward to be with me because if he doesn't we can't be together and I will just continue to get hurt. Right now we aren't talking. I miss him. I want to be with him with all my heart, but I want him to fight for us, push forward to make these changes & commit to me and be healthy. I pray he comes back to me, fights for us/me, commits to me, chooses us, makes me a priority, is faithful, honest and finds the strength and courage to do what NEEDS to be done to make our love flourish and succeed! I pray I hear from him and that he feels & misses me & is compelled to fight for this! Otherwise I pray I get closure, comfort, peace and hope for the future

My son, Michael, will be going to a job interview tomorrow. If this employment is a good fit for him, please pray that all will go well for him. Thank you for your prayer support.