Pray for Others

Please pray for my aunt to have a change of heart. She is mistreating my grand mother a lot and my mother needs to recover from an injury before she can go to help my grandmother. Can you help me pray also to find a new person who is going to take good care of her! Thank you may God keep blessing you

Please pray for my marriage.. It's pretty shaky right now..

Please pray for Michelle .

Please pray for me (Heavenly Father, Your Word says, It is not good for man to be alone Genesis 2:18 .....I pray my Gerry comes back soon so He will not be Jesus name.Amen).

Please pray for Dolly.

Please pray for Everyone .

Please pray for Grandma to be completely healed and surrounded by angels and sleep all night, wake up well rested and ready to go somewhere .

Please pray for Kadeisha Weise .

Please pray for my granddaughter Kynlee. She is almost 4 weeks old and needs a heart transplant. We are waiting on approval from the transplant team.

Please pray for me (Dawn).