Pray for Others

Please pray for a complete and total healing of cancer for my mom, Lisa. Also pray for wisdom for us as we go tomorrow (Weds 11/25) to discuss treatment options for her.

Please pray for healing from lung congestion for Tom. Father we give You praise for Tom in our lives. Please fill Tom's lungs with Your holy, healing light. Clear the congestion. We thank You Lord for what You're doing in Tom's life. In Jesus name. Thank you all for your prayers, bless you.

Please pray that I may have more job prospects soon. Thank you.

I have health problems with high blood pressure dietetics high cholesterol a skin disorder and bleeding fibroid tumors please pray for my total body healing. Thank you.

Thank you God for Gerry's good report on the healing of his foot please continue to heal him and quite the doctors in his care for you are th great physician and pleas God bless me with a financial wind fall so I can pay the taxes and continue to give me strength to,take care of Gerry And Richards needs Amen

Please pray for good test results from doctor. Amen

Please pray for Linda who had a major stroke. She and her husband Douglas are not close to The Lord. Please pray for them. Thanks, In Jesus Holy Name! Amen

Dear Lord Jesus,
You already know that Samuel have a small lump behind his left ear. Lord, please touch him and heal him dear Lord
Give mercy to us as parent. And bless Samuel with overflowing healthiness.

Please pray for my ability to understand and grab hold of God's grace. I am 23 years old, was introduced to Jesus at age 12, and I have never trusted that I am forgiven. It has left me at the point of giving up.

Please pray for my brother, Rene, who is battling a rare form of lymphoma cancer. He is currently receiving chemotherapy and just recently the medical staff collected his stem cells in the hopes they can transplant them back into his body and hopefully go into remission. He is only 59 years old and has tremendous faith. Thank you.