Pray for Others

May God Bless Everyone !Thank You God for You & everyone who prays!!! TY God for loving my son Mike, held safely in Your arms, for Your help on our journeys, with perceptions & regulated emotions, healing from & protection protection from negative actions & energies!! & forgiveness of the past for us both!! For peaceful happy resolution of needed issues, freedom from Fear, & LOVING EACH OTHER. TY God for healing, forgiveness, patience with each other, my willingness to heal, relieve his burdens, to heal from my love for him God & me, his willingness to cease unhelpful behaviors, support my healing needs, & willingness to help shield me from stresses. Particularly, I pray for his mercies so he doesn't abandon me or his or my needs, in this, & our being freed fm fear. TY for Your help God that we easily Rest & SLEEP, Rest & SLEEP!! Guided by You. For Your Blessings to his income on U.C., BOOK SALE, & other sources, TY for ASC for C. TY God for Your mannnny blessings for Everyone today!!!

Please God let house sell and debts be resolved and that things wll work out that I will have a place to live here if possivle help ne to have faith snd trust

Thank You God, everyone praying for Catherine & Michael's growing abundances & health, & these for everyone. For Viewers & income for Mike's Y. c., PERFECT BUYER FOR HIS BOOK & Perfect Guidance for OTHER WORK NOW!!! so Mike can visit at foster home 2x a week. Bless Catherine's healing willingness, perfect tools & practitioners, perfect CHR sessions, & perfect caregiver! state! foster! private! the Cgivers supporting & protecting Catherine's healing space, with lower stresses near healing times.
Thank you for blessing Mike's decision process, best decision for us, healing, my care needs, his needs, Lord let me be willing for the best you would have us do, Praise God!

My father found a buyer for his house in I. who requested a fast closing. My father packed up and moved to G. to be closer to my brother and his family. He found the perfect townhouse very close to my brother. Now, the closing that was supposed to happen on the house in I. still hasn't happened sincer the buyers' loan keeps being delayed. My father is in danger of losing the townhouse in G., not to mention the earnest money and other potential repercussions from the sellers of the G. townhouse. Please pray the the I. buyers' loan is approved very soon. Thank you.

My job bought me up on bogus charges.
Please pray I come out on top and don't lose my job

Please pray for Natalie - .

please pray for GOD to take care of kayli,she just got locked up for something i do not think is her fault.please pray for GOD to give her peace and faith in Him for everything.thank you

To heal him with cancer and for his salvation

that god heals my knee and helps me in school so i pass everything

My nephew Dusty fell off of a house and is in critical condition . I am praying for healing for him.