Pray for Others

Lord , please help the house be peaceful today. Mother in law is likely to be upset as usual when she comes back home for things she created herself. Okesse let her not take her unhappiness on me by being extra vertical , irritable, making derogatory remarks , say hortibke words, use bad words or harrass me or be nasty to me or abuse me etc. pease give me full and complete protection from
antthing that is not God's will and from mother in law. Please help angels to surround me , help me. Please help her to realize her part in creating her own strife. Please help my husband to be peaceful. Just help the house to be peaceful today. Tomorrow is a big day for an event. Please help that to go smoothly. PRACE FIR TIDAY PLEASE LORD. HELO MOTHER IN LAW TO LEAVE ME ALONE. PLEASE HELP ME TO BE GOOD AND KIND AS MUCH AS I CAN. HELP ME TO REMEMBERCTO PUT MY GUARD UP AN DO NOT FALL INTO TRAP IF FEEKING GUILTY FOR HER UNHAPPIBESS. PLEASE HEKP ME TO HAVE JOY AND PEACE AND HAVE A GREAT REST OF DAY.

Sending you my fears and worries -- having them prayed for -- has always helped in the past. Since quitting prescription opiates 18 months ago, I've had episodes of anxiety, depression, even despair; have been in the hospital 7 times. I know that when I find peace, it is by God's grace, but I still become hopeless at times. Will be so grateful for your prayers! Mary C.

Please pray for healing for my nephew Steve, who was brought to the ER within the last 24 hrs & found to have atrial fibrillation, which caused him to pass out. At that time the physicians were unable to correct his heart’s rhythm. Please pray that the Lord works mightily to restore his heart & entire body completely. Thanks & God bless.

Prayers for kids swimming. Prayers that they will do well and drop time. Prayers that they will have fun, make friends and work well with their coaches. Prayers that they will drop time and build confidence that they need.

Prayers for our finances. Prayers for much needed extra money immediately. Prayers that Brad will do well at work and get a large bonus. Prayers that creditors will wait patiently without penalty to us and without disconnection and without calling Brad at work.

Prayers for our cars and for safe travels.

Please pray nothing's serious wrong with Chrissy's son and whatever is wrong the Doctor's can help his get better-Chrisi

pray for divine healing according to His good and perfect will for Linda's leukemia/lymphoma... that counts will get better, tumors will shrink and Linda's body will be protected from chemo and new clinical trial drug will be available and will work.

pray for healing for Rhys - 5 year old with asthma...has a virus and now tight cough and asthma is worse... pray that he will be able to breathe and that his airway will stay open and he will get better and healed according to His good and perfect will.

daily and often i pray for the healing of the relationship between my daughter and her step father.
they used to be so close and its really the only dad she knows. she has tried to communicate with him and he is being very stubborn. I pray that their relationship will heal. she is away at college and i know she misses him terribly. if he would just send that message so she knows that everything is ok. i keep the faith and know that prayers work,please pray for a healing relationship.
god bless each of you