Pray for Others

Trying to fix great grandparents home, great grandmother divided property into four parcels with no easement in 1948. A family member and neighbor refused to sign easement despite explanation. City won't accept plans to fix without documented easement. Had to speak to property lawyer who says it's easement by necessity since it can be proven that property was one parcel divided into four by same owner, my great grandmother. House is landlocked. Don’t want strife and conflict, may the Lord open their eyes that I am not taking anything from them. Using same driveway that has existed for over 60 plus years.

Please pray for Christina ,she's going for a test today that the Lord bless her and that its gonna be a good results

Dear Lord, please allow the loan officer to show favor on us while processing our loan. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

My mother is fighting an incurable blood cancer. I pray for strength and blessing for my mother.

searching for work since April, company division involved in a buy out/went SOB. Need FT Job. Also, Pray
for Our Nation. Thank You.IC

My name is Nora -and my daughter just got married a month ago to a very special Christian young man. They have dated for 6 years and have faithfully served the Lord during that time. Yesterday, her and her husband
came over my house and asked that I pray for his mother who tried to commit suicide about 1 week ago, she did not succeed but was in the hospital, but now she is out. I was told by by daughter and her husband that this
was not the first time, that since she was thirteen she has been feeling like she has no worth and wanting to die. She is now in her forties, I'm not sure what the stressors in her life are or if she is on medication for depression, this is the first time I was told regarding anything of this nature. Please, please pray for her, her name is Lety - and she is a beautiful woman of God, she would be a part of our churches dance ministry a few years back so she does know the Lord, but I guess depression and low self worth are the cause. Please pray. God Bless

Please,pray for my relationships with Michael. We got fight again and I need Lords help with Michael's forgiveness for me.
please,dear Lord,You know how much I love Michael and I want to be with him whole my life,please,Dear Father in Heaven,help Michael forgive me my fault and give me one more chance to save our relationships and us together as a lovely couple. Please,Lord,save our relationships with Michael.
In your Holly name I am asking You,Lord. Amen.

Recently DX with breast cancer & has three very young little girls. Please HOLD her in His Light & Grace during this difficult time on her journey. HEART-FELT thanks for all your prayers!

Give the family strength to overcome their hurt and sadness. Bless them and guide them to belief and faith

Please God let house sell and debts be resolved and that things wll work out that I will have a place to live here if possivle help ne to have faith snd trust