Pray for Others

Pray ft job on 3rd shift either close to home or on bus line need favor

I am having surgery on August 3 for a growth on my ovary. I had breast cancer 5 years ago. Please pray that this cyst is benign and that I can go on and have good health and happiness for myself and my family. Thank you and God bless -

Considering a candidacy for local School Board. Pray that the Lord will give me discernment in this matter.

Thank you for praying with me yet again! Father, in the name of Jesus, I come with thanksgiving for the people in OurPrayer Ministry who are praying for me right now. You know, O God, my shortcomings, how I give away money that I need for myself; how I am involved in a relationship that I don't know how to navigate so I'm depending on You. You always provide everything I need; so thank You for doing it again so that I might meet my financial obligations due in August. You have created in me the ability to do many things--thank You, O God; so soften the hearts of those who are reviewing my proposal to do the work in the church and lead them to say "yes" to my proposal. Then, continue to fill me with the spirit of excellence so that my work will glorify You! Send other clients my way so that I might help them find the real estate solutions they need. Thanking you in advance for your manifold blessings, for your grace and mercy. In Jesus name I pray. Amen

Pray that the Judge sees this case is bogus and he allows our children to come home. Bring Mello and Toby home to us dear Lord.

I pray daily that I will not let the fig tree wither but bear fruit! That the lord will hear my prayers. My job was eliminated and I am left with no income. I know God will provide for me and my two sons as I am a single parent . I grow weary at night and know that all happens in his time not ours. Please pray for the wonderful new door to open up so that I can financially support our home and my children. In his mercy I wish to fulfill what work he has for me and provide for family.

I am now accepting a wonderful job that I enjoy, pays well - more than enough to meet my needs to pay rent/utilities/food/clothing/personal and household items, etc. and to help me pay off all my debts incurred over the last 10 years. May I be open to the Holy Spirit's prompting on which path to pursue higher education for a bachelor's degree; and/or work while attending school; or just work for now! Thank you thank you and Bless all of yoU!!! :)

Plez pray God will give us some rain very soon as we have a lawn care business and it's getting dry and we have to work. Also That Hod will open a door for the right job for Ron that God has if that's his will.

For a safe weekend for my sons as they go to a concert and the lake. Thank you for joining me in prayer

Please pray for my Son Colton. He had a SPINAL FUSION IN 2012. Unfortunately he became addicted to the drugs. Our family is trying to get him into a rehab program, but he's UNWILLING. I pray for GOD to deliver him from this addiction. Help him to figure out a career plan. And move forward toward a positive life. I pray his sleep schedule changes and his diet improves. Bless him with courage, STRENGTH, love, willingness and a drug free life. AMEN.