Pray for Others


Please pray for me to feel more energy to fuction better without feeling no motivation and get up and go. I am wasting my life because I don't feel like doing anything. Please pray I find the direction from God to find the cause and or resolution to my exhaustion.

Please pray for my relationship to be healed. Heal his mental illness so that we can be together in a loving relationship. Amen

Guide me father in what I should say and ask for during my conversation with my boss at work . Help us both be understanding to the situation and help out each other. If I need to work mornings / full time may it be your will father.

My brother Steve is in the hospital for the 3rd time since his lung transplant in December. This time he had to go by ambulance. Please help him find the strength to recover and get strong able to live his life with healing. He is a strong Christian and God is his savior. Prayerfully in Gods name

For my sons and their friends to be safe at the lake this weekend. Thank you for the prayers

There is a possibility that I might be invited to a book signing at the 10th Annual T. W. W. F. in G. September 11, to sell my Christian, juvenile novel. Please pray that I might find a place for my 90-year-old husband to stay or someone to stay with him if I am invited. He has failing memory and is subject to falling. I hesitate to leave him by himself for two to three days. Thanks for your prayers.

Pray for Daniel my son 18 years old

My daughter Michelle single mother has back slidden no direction needs clarity of mind and heart of the power of Jesus Christ.

Please pray my fiancee can graduate Wednesday and come home Thursday so we don't have to cancel our wedding. Please pray we can have our wedding August 15th as planned! Thank you