Pray for Others

Please pray for Steve .

Please pray for me (Sally for God to show me what He wants and gives me the job where I can be a blessing to others ).

Please pray for Edgel health, happiness and Salvation .

Please pray for Mom(Faye) health,happiness and to be able to relax .

Please pray for Dalten .

Please pray for Wanda health,happiness and job security .

Please pray for Rick and his mother to be completely healed by God.

Continue to pray for favor for nikki and myself. The decision was not one we wanted but we still believe God is able and is in control. Continue to pray that God will intervene on my behalf and God will get the victor in Christ Jesus. In Jesus name I pray.

God i came to nigth a thank you for macking me strong and for giveing me a good day lord pleas help and bless my teacher misster t. my family and those hoe hate me amen.

the pitched nerves in his back is flaring up and in alot of pain/hardly any rest/Lord, Lord help us soon and health restored.