Pray for Others

i need to stay in paper at work

ihave arthritis in my hands and arthritis all in my body

dear god I still need a wife and a good job please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!thanks in advance

I ask for personal prayer for a legal issue I have to deal with in court later this day. Thank you.

Please pray for my son-in-law that he will serve God.

Please pray that I may be healed of Rheumatoid Arthritis - I am turning 47 this month and am on a very restricted diet to help control the pain .. I am scared of becoming crippled and dependant on my family for everything. Pls pray for peace in our home and marriage. Thank you and God bless you

please pray for dolly my mom who has knee pain and leg pain all night long please pray for her good health. thank you

Please pray that the orthopedist puts a cast on Lena's left foot to try and straighten it out. She's four months old. Pray that she can endure this for a few months and then the doctor can see its progress. Thank you.

I am 39 and a single dad with custody of my 7 yr old son. I need prayer for finances. Need a car desperately. Expecting inheritance check any day. Amount unknown; could be enough for a car. Was told it had been mailed. Every day I check the mailbox and it does not come. Then my bike got stolen. It takes 2 hours by bus to get to work. The bike was essential transportation to get to work. And I have to get to Day Care place each afternoon by a certain time or get docked $1/minute. Riding like the wind, on my bike, barely getting there in time. Well praise God a friend gave me a nice bike. Then my son's bike broke down. He rides bike to his school. I go with him of course. So now I have to buy him a bike. We are going through storms. Pray God will help us through it. Got help with Day Care grant.Thankful for that. Praise the Lord. Pray for my Ex, Joy. She has addictions. Pray for her salvation; that she will be a better mom to our son.

Father God,
In the name of Jesus', please bless the United States of America with a New President that will lead this country with integrity and not take us back to the dark & evil days of America and May That Person have a heart to come before Thee. Please hear Thee This Prayer, I Pray. Amen!
Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. May God Bless Us All. Amen!