Pray for Others

Please pray for me (Dana for health!).

Please pray for Pattick Britt he is having heart surgery in the morning! And for his mom Patti a widow.

Dear lord I pray that you will help me to pay off all of my credit card debt today and everyday thank you

Please pray that the new doctor I go to see in a few weeks can help me and heal my thyroid and nodules. Please pray that God guides this new doctor and helps him to heal me completely. Thank you.

Please pray that God will take my fears and worry away... they are very overwhelming at times. Thank you, Lori

there are three requests i am asking for prayer fo.
please pray for 1 or 3 of them:
My friend Marlo needs help with her questions of faith due to the passing of her father she is questioning prayers and God Please help me pray for Marlo and her mother Susan who is seeing a doctor today having had open heart surgery and now has major blockage in her major neck artery as well as her hip causing pain to walk.. Remove the blockages from Susan, healing prayers for Susan. GOD we ask for help for all to stop smoking and repair of the lungs for Marlo, Mon, Walt, the family.. Lord bless Marlo and show her your unconditional love and remind her to trust and follow you with obvious answered prayers.----monica j.
Please pray for my mother to get her car fixed. We need a new starter for our car, but we can't afford it, and no one will help us. Without our car, we're stuck at home and very depressed. We feel trapped and we're so sad. She can't get to work, and I can't go to school without it. Please send us light and help, thank you.

TY God for C healed R ARM FEET TOES esp Right Foot, & 4th toes, also HEAD NECK PAIN GONE!! R ARM FOOT healed, shaking stops, is gone, ALL R SIDE. All TISSUES BLOODVESSELS BONES are STRONG HEALED FLEXIBLE & BOUNCEBACK fm FLOORING SO HEALTHILY! All TEETH healed esp upper R rear, (staying stable for perfect treatment options) 1 lower, SINUS EARS THROAT Cleared Moist Open Drained, ears HEAR PERFECTLY! all BLOOD VESSELS TISSUES strong healed resilient tough and JOINTS/BONES healed in TOES FEET head,neck,sides R knee. Healed strong contracting BLADDER URETHRA SPHINCTERS, for ALIGNMENT & Healed-Muscles Circulation-Space holding for BRAIN STEM & CENTER BACK, MIDDLE upper BACK ESPECIALLY & NECK/LIVER areas, for HEALED EYES, for complete PROTECTION SAFETY fm Negative Energies & Emotions, PERFECT PH BALANCE, only HEALTHY ORGANISMS, esp Digestive Tract, excess Mucous GONE, for much! ESSE, enuf REST SLEEP SLEEP SLEEP C & M! WE PRAY THIS FOR ALL NEEDING!

Dear God, please heal the outbreak of sores on Matt's nose completely; praying that the diagnosis after biopsy is not skin cancer!
Please heal Matt, in Jesus name Father! Amen.

Please pray for my son Patrick. He is suffering from bipolar disorder . He is so lonely and sad right now. He needs to have his spirits lifted from God. Amen

I really really need a blessing of financial help,