Pray for Others

Please pray for me (Heidi ).

Please pray for Pray apartment 2 stop leavin both doors open we don't need bugs or anything comming in the building .

Please pray for My own mom can't stand me I wish she stop dipped in everyone bussiness n stop asking me why they leavin why she got a man living with her why why why I don't care bout the nabors wish she butt out .

Please pray for me (Pray my mom mind own business n stop asking dumb questions why ).

I pray to have enough money because I'm planning to go abroad so I can help my family.

Pray for me to get the right pain medication for my surgery. Pray for me to lose weight. Pray for my surgery that they're no complications. Pray for me to get ready for my surgery bags packed. I have so many things to do Monday. Pray I get done. Pray for my husband's health. Pray for my son to pay his bills.

Please pray for my son Christopher who is currently being tested for some possibly serious heart issues . He has other health issues that he is dealing with and is very anxious as he awaits tests results . I am praying for good test results but whatever happens, I pray we feel Gods direction in dealing with this situation. Thank you for your prayers.

My close friend David, wholives in La. ,far from me here in.,Ca., has an addiction problem with pain pills, and drinking. He suffers from chronic pain, and takes whatever he can get his hands on,mostly Vicodin. He is almost 60 years old now, and has lost the job that he had worked at for 28 years, now having to start all over again, which adds to his suffering and pain and depression. I worry about him very much, as we used to do drugs together back in the early 70's when we used to play music. So I feel guilt for that really. I ask Jesus to come into his heart and clean his mind and body from the drug addiction and make his life easier and have less pain. I try to talk to him about faith and Jesus all the time, but he just tells me he doesn't want to hear it, or he is not in the mood for that. I ask that you all pray with me for David at this time of need. God bless you all! JCB

Please pray for Everyone .

Please pray for me (Pray I don't get falsely accused of anything I pray the truth be revil ).