Pray for Others

Please pray for Tyler's safety and health. Please pray that Tyler makes God #1 in his life.

I've got new metastacies in my skull and brain and I'm afraid to die - even though God has helped me live through 11 years of this already. The treatment for this new one is tough. My husband and I are both having trouble accepting its reappearance - again - and having ongoing faith. Thank you very much.

For solutions for excess ear wax to drain out, dry up blow away, from ear canals, perfect hearing restored, EYESears/sinuses all moist & cleared, all head esp RIGHT SIDE of SKULL&NECK PAIN GONE, UPPER R REAR TOOTH healed! realignment & healed MID-upper back, RIBS! Pain gone! healed & SHAKES STOP R FOOT, & R arm, incl bones, tissues, blood vessels, feet legs head neck, for healthy tissue bounceback resiliency to floors, enuf REST SLEEEP SLEEP healed STOMACH positive energies ONLY, Praise God!

TY God for solutions workable at Foster home, for me, aides, mgr., residents, including enuf Rest SLEEEEP SLEEP for all, For protection protection, kindness, for ME IN GREAT SHAPE FOR SHOWER, & APPTs, perfect solutions for meds distribution, food prep, & FULLY APPROVED EXCEPTION HOURS TO FUND NEEDED CARE, & PERFECT SUPPORT FOR THAT, For solutions that protect & arrange care for me as I NEED, incl no harsh chemical use, for communication/behaviors improving & I'm treated as NEEDED. My medical information/limits respected included. For perfect treatment prep & perfect needed treatments,, that aides mgmt., help keep stresses low so I CAN, TY for Your clear guidance on all of this & what's NEEDED, Lord! For support of ongoing healing, treatment, incl w/ CHR & strengthened mobility, with good esp phys shape/energy at day's end, everyone best behavior incl practitioners, all are protected fm negative emotions & energies. Praise God!

steady flow of decent clients for my chair in the salon

I've been a widow for seven years. My daughter and I would love to have a husband for me/father for her. I have no family on either side so whoever we pray for God to send will get all our love, friendship and gratitude! Thank you for asking God for his choice for us. Love, Mary

MY heavenly father I Pray for my son Michael his Salvation life in Jesus Christ my heavenly father I Pray in Jesus Name Amen

Pray that the HR dept will evaluate my sons explanation for past misdeamonor charges (that he provided restitution for )and still offer him the job. Please pray he his hired and gets this chance to start over . Thanks

Requesting God's guidance with the anger that I hold from my father who is gone, but my sister keeps reminding me that I have to forgive him which I did two weeks before he died in 1983. My sister has such unresolved issues in her life and seems to deflect them onto me and my siblings. I am in therapy I was abused by my father but forgave him in 1983 but this is a trigger point in our conversations which she brings to the surface I pray for her healing inside and for me to forgive myself for having had that turbulent childhood and as a young 20,30 year old. Please help me pray for not only me but for my sister and siblings to heal it has been impactful throughout the entire family and in our lives. Thanking you each one for your thoughtfulness and continued prayers. Aman

Please pray for me as I am trying to join our, stumbling blocks have been tossed in my path. Pc had virus, needed updates, that caused more trouble with my pc. Then I got sick for three weeks. Now, I try to log in and it days my password is wrong. I tried to change my password and even that won't let me get in to the website, etc. I am being attacked by the enemy, to keep me from praying for others. I give up and now will call my team leader for help and tech support. Bless you, I am pc savvy but I have never had such problems before. In Jesus name , I pray for you and me.Amen.