Pray for Others

Please pray for Dianne for wisdom for a meeting with the board on Wednesday. Please help her with the ability to answer the questions and keep her calm.

Prayer is requested for our Christian sister Helen - and her two sons, Val and Vitalic in Ukraine that Helen will get a teaching position and finish her Master's Degree graduation. She has passed most everything, but a few things are left, costing $100 us dollars. Funds are available to help her, pray it will go thru ok and be enough In Jesus Name

Please pray for my son, Jeff and his wife Lauren. Jeff was laid off and in need of a new job. I ask for prayers for doors to be opened by God and protection for them until God's timing for this new job to come their way. May I also ask that their hearts be opened to the Lord and his love. Thank you.

Please pray that my special wish
Will be granted from above!

Praise God for safety on the highway to and from O. God was pleased to work a great car deal and He answered prayers for everything. May all who saw be blessed and able to see God's goodness to us, His children. In Jesus Name

Please let the country come together and work to make the United States a safe, drug free, compassionate country that allows all of its citizens to be the best that they can be.

Please pray for me (Good news n bad news I got a job but waiting for business to pick up so I can start new job need favor n hope to start assp ).

pray for me to start losing weight and keep it off. pray for my knees I have to have a set of 5 shots every week.
Pray for my other health problems and some pain I'm having. pray for my husband's health he has heart
problems and asbestos and also he has some numbness in his feet. pray for my hand and wrist it's numb a lot. pray for me not to die as I haven't lost weight and I'm worried about the effects of the shots. pray for me
to not have any effects I start the shots on Friday. Pray for our weather. pray for my son and daughter-in-law's business. pray for my grandchildren. pray for their schooling the rest of the month of May. They are
going to be homeschooled next year.

Right now its kind of tough, im staying with people and im real stressed out. I need prayer for a house or apartment for me and my 2 girls to stay in.

My son Adam has been looking for work very long time...has twins and wife...tomorrow has 2nd interview please pray they find favor in him.....He needs work badly....Is affecting all our lives...