Pray for Others

Please pray for my daughter that she can have a healthy communication conversation with her 12 year daughter's father. They need to reach an agreement about their daughter's living arrangement for this new school year. That they end their dislike for each other and forgive each other.

I have given their problem to the Lord for his help and guidance. Thank you.

Please pray for Sheila Disotell .

please pray that my son, ned, gets a job soon. he's trying very hard and has many gifts to offer. thank you.

Pray for families of WDBJ here in -, VA affected by killing of co-workers.

Please pray for me (Everyone ).

Please pray for Marie McManus.

Please pray for me (Joy).

Please pray for Father in law in hospital. .

Please pray for my daughter Lauren who has applied for a new position at work.May the Lord heal and direct her as He sees best for her,pray that she is successful at the classes that she is taking and may her supervisor and those In author find favor in her.may the Lord bless her,Lead and direct her in all she does.may Lauren learn to forgive her sister Jen and draw them closer together. Pray that Jen forgive her sister and they learn to live and love.Remove any wrong things that Lauren is doing and change her to your likeness.Thank youLord.

Please pray for Robert O'Neal.