Pray for Others

my son,Cort, still will not speak with me. We need to resolve personal and
legal issues. I miss him so much, my heart is broken. Please pray he has a change of heart and mind.
Thank you for continued prayer. R

Please pray for healing for mavis's back and her palsy.

Please pray for my neighborhood their are several teens that are breaking in homes And our cars stealing from people that have worked hard for what the have. People are scared of these teens if they see them doing things in the neighborhood. Please remove them from our area please put a headgear of protection around our homes and cars. They need God and I hope they find him before they go to jail. Please send Angels to watch over Haylee as she drives keeping her from tickets and accident. Let her be aware of her sped and other drivers in Jesus HOly name I pray amen.

Please pray that Melissa is able to get 2 letters of recommendation for her graduate school application. These letters of recommendation are required for my application. Please pray Melissa gets accepted into the master's program she is applying for.

Please pray I can learn to, meditate and have more faith.

Join me/my husband in prayer for the lord to open all doors in our business/allowing us to go into their homes and help them financially to a better future. Grant my husband/me the gift of 5-direct recruits/5000 production the month. Heavenly Father With your precious blood destroy all obstacles that come through our lives path. Thank you lord for all your blessing

Thank lord I pray that you will help my son Alex with his alcohol addiction and help him to quit drinking alcohol today and everyday thank you

i ask for prayer for and increasing proper understanding about speaking in tongues and the whole Bible. i speak in tongues. Children of God, Please Pray for me and all of us who speak in tongues for God to Please bless this increasingly in our lives. Please also Pray for the rest of the Children of God who do not speak in tongues--for increasingly more of them to seek that gift from God. (To The Glory of God and Jesus!!!) Thank You for all of You who pray for these things! (Father God, In Jesus' Name. Amen!!!)

Pray for my grandson get on the right path. To be drug free, have a great relationship with his family, graduate and believe in God.

Prayers me and my husband can make it home safely! Amen