Pray for Others

Father I'm struggling, have no motivation or energy to do things. Give me wisdom how to live healthily with my aging body. I want to rest in you but kind of avoid coming to you, I need you.

My son-in-law beat my daughter today. She has two little girls and a two week old baby. She is planning to leave tomorrow after he leaves for work. Please pray for their safety through the night tonight, for strength to get through this and for their continued protection. Thank you so much !!!

I haven't had much luck with jobs. I want to be where God wants me. I am looking for a job at this time and I'm not sure if I should stay in G. or move to another state where I have family but not the same faith life. I have only 3 weeks left to make a desision and I have to leave where I'm staying. I ask that you help me pray for direction. Thank you.

Please pray for my mom, Alice, who has gone to Heaven. We miss her so much. So much!
Thank you.

We need our shower fixed and our siding fixed. Our house is in bad shape. I wish we could put a shower upstairs. We have a tub but it leaks. Pray for my upper leg and knee to stop hurting. Pray for my physical therapy tomorrow. Pray for my son's house to cool off. Pray he can get some fans. That his landlord fix up the place. Pray for his finances as well as ours

Please pray for my daughter Beth that she will make wise choices and follow the path God has for her

Dear Lord,
Please help me at work.. My last chance to do good..
In Jesus Name,

Pray that doctors can find where the blood is coming from and God heals me of this on and off bleeding. In Jesus Name I pray! amen

I am so stressed as I filed chapter 13 and that for the moment saved me from loosing my home. It is getting harder and harder to make
the monthly bankruptcy payments and utilities and house payments. I have very little money to buy food. I cry all the time and my son is always needing money. He is grown and 50 years old but tells me I screwed his life up by not giving him the opportunity to stand on his own 2 feet. Long story but I hate the way he talks to me and it's killing me. I don't hate my son but hate his ways. I have tried to show him in black and white what he's gotten over the years and he's out of control. I can not keep facing life like this, I don't deserve it. I'm begging for God to please touch my life and especially my son. In Jesus name help me. I hate the thoughts I am having.

Will u pray that God will give me a girl from the church that i now go to i love her will you pray with me that god will bring and keep us together and that god will open doors so that i can take cair of her