Pray for Others

Please pray for me (Michaela ).

Healing,peace,love,joy,grace,favor,finances,protection,comfort,the blood of Jesus covering me,my home,car,job,blessings,and all things concerning me

My mom and I have been having health problems for a while now. Hers have lasted a few months, and I just developed some stomach problems about a week ago. No one knows what is wrong with my mom Donna, and I have to go to the doctor tomorrow. Also, my friend Bailey is very sick with dystonia, and she is not getting any better. Please pray for our healing, and that my appointment goes well tomorrow. Please also help us pray that my mom can get to a new specialist soon, and that they can diagnose her. Please pray for us to grow and stay strong in faith, and that my mom doesn't get fired. Lastly, please pray for my grandparents and my family friends, who also have health issues, and please pray for our medications to help us, not hurt us. And for the medicines to work immediately. Thank you for your prayers. We need them!

Hedge of protection at all times,keep inappropriate men away from my life

steady flow of decent clients for my chair in the salon

Dear lord I pray that you will help me to be successful at my job at st Paul's today and everyday thank you

Lord, I am planting a seed in a pot today to represent a new life being born in the heart of my friend, P. Please let it blossom and grow into abundant life. Amen.

My best friend up north was just told her husband's leukemia bone marrow transplant failed and the doctor gave him 2 months to live if he doesn't take chemo 2 years if he does. They just had twin babies and they need a miracle. Please pray for miraculous healing for Tommy. Thank you in advance and God bless.

Dear lord I pray that you will help me to be successful at my job at G area school district today and everyday thank you

Hi, I need prayer for my daughter Lila 22yr.s old and her boyfriend erick 21yr.s old that God teaches them not to argue and fight, I need prayer for my son Fred 25 yr.s old and his girlfriend Montana 24 yr.s old that montana stops doing cocaine and stops taking money from Freds bank account , she denies it but shes the only one he let use his debit card. And Pray for Salvation for Montana she has my grandson from my other son Ben 27 yr.s old so we need a miracle . Pray God delivers and saves Lila, Erick, Fred, Montana, Ben and my youngest grandson Owen 2 yr.s old that he always keeps Owen safe and cared for. Thank God and Thank u 4 your prayers.