Pray for Others

Please pray for me (Aja).

Please pray for me (Get a good night sleep, be well rested and bless me at work ).

Please pray for Mom to get a good night sleep and bless her .

Please pray for Grandma to get a good night sleep, wake up well rested, have energy to get out of the house and bless her.

Please pray for Rick's health,safety,business and to let me know how he is.

For our friend Bernadette who is dying of pancreatic cancer; and for Bernadette's mother who has Alzheimer's and who Bernadette has been caring for.

Benjamin is my son. He feels like he is having a bout of diverticulitis....very painful and very frightening.

Coming asking for pray that i may get this job that God has in store for that the interview i go to in the morning be positive that positive come out of it

Please pray for my mom, Maria. She has terminal cancer and is in tremendous pain. She is suffering and it is shaking her faith.

Please pray for Pray the truth be revil n jennifer stop lieing n tell the truth n stop leavin the front n back doors open n than call lanlord on heididanna when she didn't do anything wrongdoimg .