Pray for Others

Renewal is at the top of the list! I ask prayer that I will love the bible, love praying and listening again. Having a hard time getting started in reading bible and/or spiritual books. I miss the quiet!

My father in law has been at the all week with no answers yet. I know this is where God wants him to be. Please join my family in prayer that God will give us the answers we so desperately need and for his healing touch!!

Please pray for my husband of 41 years. He is profoundly depressed and has been hospitalized. He is receiving electroconvulsive therapy. Pray for his strength, courage and faith as we, his family, support him with love and hope.

Thank you so much for this prayer ministry. It reminds me I'm not alone and there are other believers who care. Me & my significant other had an argument and many misunderstandings. Sometimes it seems better if we're apart and don't say anything. Seeking God's guidance for what's best for us & our future. Thank you for your prayers

prayers for a normal mammogram next Tuesday. Insurance won't pay if they have to take more pics because then it's called diagnostic instead of preventive. so please pray for a normal mammogram and for me to not be nervous.

Prayers for continued growth in the new relationship with Keith. Prayers to rekindle friendships with f c and l c s. Prayers that j t and rr will leave me alone and I do not have any drama. Prayers I can receive my medicine correctly from the new doctor and I have continued Weight loss and health improvements. Prayers for job and financial security and for me to save more money. Thank you

God has been doing great things for me, he had guided me to a new job, but it is 150 miles away, I am trusting that he will
Provide a home for my husband and myself and the financial means to get it, please come together with me in prayer for
Strength, trust, and to
Always know that God has this all taken care of. I need that positive reassurance, and I believe and I will recieve, God bless you and your ministry. Thanks for the prayers, I know that they are answered. Amen

Please pray for Brenda's granddaughter.

Please pray for my full recovery and healing from lifelong abuse and a car accident so that I can function well in whatever job God wants me to have and in life in general and especially relationships. And please pray for God to clearly show me where he wants me to work and volunteer and his deliverance for my financial situation. Blessings on you for your prayers and compassion. Thank you!!

Please pray for Nick, a young American man who was hit by a car while riding a motorcycle in France. He is in an induced coma. Also please pray for Paul, who suffers from cancer. Pray for their families who suffer along with them. Thank you, prayer warriors!