Pray for Others

Pray for me and my family, we have been working out a modification on our home and they have denied it twice because of the property value. Lord help us get through the 3rd round with an approval before the house is sold in auction on 9/24. Thank you for hearing my prayers.

I am a senior citizen and taking on financial obligations for my daughter who has had emergency situations in her family. I trust that God will keep me healthy so I can keep my part-time job and be able to pay these bills.

Please pray for my friend, Froilan, for a speedy recovery from depression and psychosis.
Thank you so very much for your prayers; I know God listens to them.
God bless you.

I worry about everything, stress over little things and fear people. Please help me overcome these things..

I am pregnant in the beginning of my second trimester please pray that I can stop having the morning sickness and that I dint have the gestational diabetes this time. Please also pray that I can start to exercise now so I can feel better and be stronger for the baby and I. So that we can be healthy and have a safe birth. Thank you!!!!!

Please pray that all goes well for Lisa tonight

Please pray that Dr M. is a little nicer the next times I see her she wasn't her usual self thank you

Lord please help the.closing of ths house go smoothly and.the divorce decree be found so.this can proceed please Lord forgive me for my past actions and keep me on a Christain path

Please pray for my relationship to be healed. Heal his mental illness so that we can be together in a loving relationship. Amen