Pray for Others

Lord i want to pray for others even though I'm suffering. I pray for safety, and to take away fear and pain and abuse being done towards me as i reach out to help others as i hear their prayer requests and respond by writing prayer requests so theit situation can be healed and then mine. Use me as you will Lord...Help me and open doors to me to help my situation as i help others ij need as Jesus name..Amen

Please pray for Walker in M. who is undergoing treatment for brain cancer.

Pray for me to sleep at night and nap tomorrow after therapy. I can't sleep I need books to read. My knee hurts and I can't get comfortable.

please help Vera have good surgery, please help Kevin and Dan heal,,,,,,,please give hope to kathleen and
let her find that God loves her immensely, let her be guided by Holy Spirit and see all people from God's Jesus' name

LORD please help me i feel fear in my moms home. She is suppose to be a Christian yet her husband has come onto me since my 20s and now early 40s he hasn't changed and my mom was hitting me and kept trying to hit me and i hate being in this place. I have suffered since i was a child and I'm a Woman of God, and continue to suffer and i know its a spiritual attack from Satan through my mom and her huaband and I'm in fear. I need prayers for a job to suddenly open up for me been trying so i could get away from my moms where evil seems to be and i have gallstones and when i got scared my body reacts and now inflamed painful gallstones. Help me Lord Jesus for you are my Redeemer and i know everything is in your timing not mine....please help me Lord i sometimes wish i wasn't born because i been suffering physical abuse from my own parents and people from my past. Please make this suffering stop Jesus.....Send Angelic Intervention and be with me and see me through this really bad situation.

I am requesting prayer for my friend who is heavily addicted to drugs. He OD'd a few weeks back but survived, which I am so thankful for. He is in a lot of danger right now and is incredibly dangerous; I have no idea where he is or how he's doing. I am praying hard for safety and protection for him and everyone around him, for the light of the gospel to shine in his heart, that the enemy will no longer have a hold on his heart and mind, so that he will receive Christ as his Savior and power from the Holy Spirit to have victory over addiction and spiritual bondage. This is a very serious situation. I have been waiting for a miracle every single day. I am praying that God will send His people to meet my friend everywhere he goes, that the Lord will not relent in pursuing him. I am also praying that he will be a might man of God someday who will lead thousands to Christ and that his sufferings will help him relate to those in need.

I want to thank you-all for praying for my sister, Lisa. She got a job and a small place to live. The job doesn't pay much, but it's a start! She is relying on God like never before. Thank you, Lord, and thank you again for your prayers. :-)

I have an extremely wonderful employee who is very smart, proactive and influential among the staff. She has been with our organization a little less than a year. There is great potential to grown within the organization. However, she informed me that since her husband has not found a job they will be moving out of state. She doesn't want to leave, I don't want her to leave. Please pray that her husband finds a job that will be professionally and financially rewarding in the DC area and they don't have to move.

Prayer for Sasha,Bobby,Chris(for wisdom,break away from evil acquaintances),Vic,Neil,Joice,as well as my neighbors,friends,my health,finances,pets(especially,Tim,kitten with a broken back)Six Pack,Sie,John,Big Boy,etal.

Please pray for Mimi.