Pray for Others

Please pray for Elizabeth .

Please pray for me (Mary ).

Please pray for our dear cat, Bootsie. We love him so much. He is battling an illness w a high fever and inflammation. Please pray that God will surround him with his living hands and let Bootsie be healed.

Thank you and God Bless

Please pray for my friend Lisa and her fibromyalgia and multiple schlerosis, please pray God to help her with her fear's and anxieties and help her with her health. Please pray for her extended family as many of them have health problems including depression and fibromyalgia, and many of them don't know the Lord. Please pray for my friend Florene, pray God helps her with her arthritis and depression, pray that she has a good summer and that many of her extended family come to Christ. Please pray for a lady named Jackie, pray for her that she is healed of mental problems like learning disabilities/attention issues. Pray for her son who has a lot of disabilities, pray that Jackie's mom comes to Christ and that their relationship can be healed and that Jackie doesn't feel like she is walking on glass around her mother. Please pray for countries like India, North Korea, China, Africa and many other hurting countries...pray that God brings many to Christ/in the millions this year and that many can see the truth and love in the christian religion. Pray that in America that many come to the truth about Yoga and other eastern philosophies/religions.

I pray that the truth of my issue at work will be revealed so that I can find peace. I am so worried.

Please pray for my brother Jon, not only as he copes with the pain of a bitter divorce, but seeks a job that will reward him for all his hard work. Thank you!

I would like prayer for all our veterans who are suffering from mental illness and all kinds of ailments. I pray for many other people suffering from mental illness and all kinds of ailments I pray for all those in need in whatever way. I pray for America, that many people come to Christ and that God gives many people wisdom. Please pray for our politics and medical/insurance issues, economic policies, foreign trade policies, defense policies pray if it God's will that we become more right in our behavior and understanding as a nation and that we repent of past transgressions.
I ask prayer for myself and that God helps me with my fear and gives me understanding and that he takes care of me and builds me up, I pray that I can be healed of premature issues that I have had since a baby. I pray that I can reach my full potential and that I can make a difference in many peoples lives if it is God's will, pray that I grow more in humility and love, wisdom and understanding. God Bless

Please pray for me (Sharon).

Please pray for my daughter. Serious legal problems and please pray for me to understand and help her

Please pray for me. Just lost my fiancé and have some urgent needs. Several unspoken Prayer requests