Pray for Others

Please pray for my granddaughter Skye as she has knee surgery this Friday. Let the doctors be guided by God's hands and that her recovery is quick and with no complications. Thank you dear Jesus for your love and mercy. Amen

Please pray for me (Pray theschool talk to loop n teacher bout students peeing n poop

Please pray for Our Family in Christ .

Please pray for my older son who has been offered a new position on his job. Which he is grateful for. Only thing is that he will be replacing his good friend who has been lacking in performance. It's heart wrenching... he doesn't want to upset his friend...please pray that if he takes the new position that thinks will still be good with him and his buddy ...please no hurt feelings.
Thank you.

Please pray for me. This is a hard time for me. I just found out I have the BRCA2 cancer gene. I will have to make some decisions about my health. I am still dealing with the intestinal infection I was hospitalized for and today I have to start a series of MRIs and I have PT from my foot surgery and work and I am scared and overwhelmed. Please pray that I don't have problems with the MRI and that my health doesn't get worse and my fear doesn't take over. Thank you! In Jesus' name! Amen!

Please pray for Robin.

Please pray for HJ DB GK MY MR HY AS SG.

Please pray for DB to have academic success, to make good choices and be accepting of God's guidance in thought, word and deed .

Please pray for My family .

Please pray for Richard.