Pray for Others

I ask that you lift me up in prayer for the next three weeks. I am 12 1/2 weeks pregnant and today my doctor told me I have subchorionic hemorrhages which if it doesn't correct itself on its own, there is a chance I can miscarriage. Please pray that my body will heal and that it will be healthy to carry my child throughout my pregnancy. Amen

Today I found out I had a miscarriage. Tomorrow I go to the hospital to have my uterus cleaned out. I'm sad and scared about tomorrow's procedure. Please pray God will guide me through this difficult time and that I'll come through tomorrow's procedure safely.

please pray for my husband he's battling for cancer right now I need your prayers. I've witnessed the power of the Lord many times in my life and never it happened that he did not grant it not exactly how I wanted but he did answer my prayers. Please I need your prayers God is good all the time.

Please pray for continued healing for my husband Gary. For his cancer to be gone and any other illness brought on by the treatment. And for him to be able to eat more and not get sick, so he can gain his weight back and energy too. I ask, believe and receive and give all my thanks for Gary's healing in Jesus name. Amen

my friend needs prayer something happen and are at a c. h. in p. or please pray for what ever reason that god will heal them from what ever is wrong only with his grace can all thing come true

Cathyann needs prayers due to severe stomach pains for past three months and a do little doctors she had seen, went else where today for tests and waiting for some definite answers, she has lot 40 lbs during all this time...thank you.

Lil 3 yr. old Alice with grade 4 neuroblastoma childs cancer has finished her 6th round of chemo, recuperating from massive surgery at hospital in N. Y. c. for that issue is having tests this week to see what is what, and if shows okay then will be going to M. for her Stem cell Transplant surgery.She and her parents Bill and Kristin need your prayers to stay strong and well from the intense stress they have been going through with this issue for past several months....thank you.

I just turned 59 and am very active with 8 grandchildren that I love to do things with. I was just diagnosed with arthritis in both of my hips and my lower back. My children, friends and I have been praying that God will take the arthritis away. Any prayers you can contribute is greatly appreciated.
Thank You and God Bless you all.

Please pray for me (Mary- ).

pray for me to lose more weight I gained weight instead of losing it. pray for my health and for my husband's
health and my son's health. pray for my son to get a car soon and to ride the bus until he can get a car. pray for my daughter in law when he works and she works to take the kids to school and be able to pick them up.
My oldest granddaughter is going to go to the apartment and have a key to get in and a phone. pray for
them to be safe at the apartment. pray for us to be safe in this neighborhood. pray for my social security
to go through.