Pray for Others

May God help us get through times of financial hardship. My husband has been unable to get a job. He is 60 and has had to start his own business ventures. May he have success. We still have a small daughter (14) and need to complete her education.

Pray for work situation and health issues.

Pray that my apartment neighbors are peaceful and quiet.

She is under stress @ work as well as having a procedure next week. Pray for God to go before her into workplace & smooth way for her as well as preparation for upcoming procedure. Thank you for praying

Lord, bless me and my elderly parents and grant us your favor. Heal us, guide us, protect us, and keep us safe... Jesus, by your stripes we are healed.
PS We need miraculous healing for my dad's dementia and my mom who is paranoid schizophrenic... and healing for me who is depressed and stressed out most of the time.

Heal me of my worry, stress, fear, depression, and hopelessness.... Jesus by your stripes I am healed.

please pray for donna,kayli,adam,ron,goldie,nell,me and all our family and everyone we know to do GOD'S will for us today.we praise and thank Him for everything and ask Him to forgive us of our sins.thank you

Please pray w/me for my dad and his health that he will continue to make positive steps and all will be good, also daughter and stepfather as they mend, heal and cont to communicate.
Also, i have a quiet weekend I have neigbors that like to drink and be loud outside till we hours of the morning. Praying they stop and let the neighborhood sleep. IJNIP

My 84 year old mom suffers from paranoid schizophrenia. She has been worse than ever lately with her delusions and acting up with everyone. Pray for her miraculous healing and that she gets the help she needs..
PS She also has a bad cold and congestion in her lungs- pray for her healing. She is in the hospital now..

I ask that the Holy Spirit enter my heart and push aside all
Negativity over my sibling spat and to be the person the Lord wants me to be - not how my earthly feeling want me to feel .
In Jesus name .