Pray for Others

Please pray for me (Sally A job that God has chosen for me to depressed to ask anyone else are hiring!).

Please pray for me (Mary).

Please pray for daughter and her stepfather!!! Pray they cont to move forward and have NO setbacks!! Really can use the prayers for them and also our family. IJNIP

Pleas pray for Kyleigh she needs the lord's guidance in her life. she is 17 and has been in several schools and just can't seem to find her spot. Pray that she will learn to be content and take orders from her elders so that she may find her spot in life. Thanks for your prayers

Please keep praying for my son Pat he is doing much better the stress from his job is better since the bully is gone. Please pray that they will find a manager that will be fair and nice to the people who work at the store an go into the store. Thanks for your prayers

Dear god please guide me in to the right path as day day. Keep my mind stress free. Give me the wisdom to under stand your word. And also i need your guidance when iam praying to you oh lord in jesus name amen.

Please pray for Steve he needs to find the love of God. He is a very unhappy man and because of this he feels the need to be hateful and feels that he needs to bully people. he has a little boy who he isn't very nice to and I am concerned that the child will grow up to be just like him If Steve keeps going down the road that he is. Pray that he will find peace and be a loving father and a friend to people . Thanks for your prayers

Oh God. PLEASE Bless me with a H&R B. S. Money Miracle Today!

Please pray for my daughter. She is going through a bout with ovarian cancer'

Our friend is in ICU after a fall yesterday.
Please pray for the Lord to do a miracle for Lee.