Pray for Others

Please praying for me as my heart is so heavy and hopeless and I got involved of it. Lord, I don't know how to pray as I felt so much guilty that I have my mom/sister involve a financial help of it. It's a matter related to our trust relationship. I have no word to say for anything. Deep down just feel so badly for everything. Lord, please forgive my sin and hope that you also remember David himself. I really don't know as everythig are so hard onto me now. Lord, please help us to move on. In Jesus Name, Amen.

We have a friend who went in for heart surgery it went bad. she is now in critical condition. Her name is Carolyn. Prayers for the family as well

Please pray for my son Jeremy to find a job that will sustain him get his own place and car also my daughter Desiane to finish college and get her drivers license and be able to purchase a reliable car. Thank you

we received our foster to adopt license today,please pray that we get a call about a placement soon,thank you

Thank u Lord for giving me hope with the evaluation of the physical therapist help me work on being ad strong as o can please Lord let Ann kmow that I am genuinee tryiibfg tto be self sufficient and have no ill will in my heart towrds her be with Sylvia Lord and help her to be ok thank u

Our house has been up for sale since 2011. We are getting desperate. Please join me in my prayer that it sales soon. God Bless!

I was going to submit an answered prayer response today, my husband's cellulitus caused with his diabetes was better. He went on a train for a business trip. Today, his foot started swelling up again and he is on bedrest until he can take the train home tomorrow. I ask for him to be safely returned home so we can see the doctor on friday. I ask for healing, and for me to stay strong. this time, in this emergency, I got sick to my stomach. I caretake for him and my mom...and this is the worst I have taken any news yet. I have to handle things better. Please pray for him to get home safely and me to stop being ill. I put it all into God's hands. Thank you for what you do.

Pray so that those affected by stress the most are shielded, for despair is an aysmmetric weapon in the hands of the wicked.

give us the three things we are asking for, a child, blessings on our business, and a new home

Asking for prayer that my companion aide position goes through smoothly so that I can finally start receiving an income in Jesus' name I pray, Amen.