Pray for Others

Please pray for Everyone .

Please pray for Nancy Nicholson.

My Lord bless and heal me Lisa Tina Rebekah Natalie and give all a good happy healthy safe wonderful blessed awesome loving fun exciting mind healing stress free financially set life and Saturday and keep all afloat my Lord and bless and heal my whole body and keep well and give me a great blessed happy life and Saturday and a good easy day at work today my Lord and all be great and please help me to pay all my bills my Lord and stay out of Discover court my Lord and bless and heal Tia Rebekah Natalie and give all a good happy blessed mind healing stress free love kindness binding today my Lord and please have Tina take real good care of both girls today my Lord and all be great my Lord and bring Lisa home safe from Branson today my Lord and pour your mighty showers of blessings upon all over and over again my Lord for I pray and ask you all of this in thy most precious Jesus'"s name I pray to you my Lord Amen and Amen my Lord. Love you Lord. Thank you Lord. Bind all closely with love and kindness

pray for Mom and her healing from the accident, in Jesus name, who said ask and you will receive, amen

Please pray for Me.

For DB to make good choices and to be accepting of God's guidance and thought, word and deed.

Please pray for my son Daniel

Please pray for My family.

Please pray for Deanna.

Please pray for Tommy.