Pray for Others

I'm on vacation and I hope it's not wrong of me but I just pray that while I'm away that my bosses and co-workers miss me. I struggle with depression and I'm just in one of those places where I need to know that I matter I need to feel wanted. We have a lot of new managers and they don't know me that well and all I do. I just want to matter. My family is all passed on and the people I work with are like my home and family and I just hope during this week they realize all I do. The company is changing and I'm feeling lost I just need to know I'm wanted and needed. Please pray that God will hear my pray and bless me and make me feel love, when my depression hits it's so hard to see anything else.

One of my mother's oldest friend's nephew is very ill. I don't know the full details, but a few days ago, he went blind in one eye. At the hospital, they said he has a tumor on his optic nerve. Tonight the hospital said the tumor might be bigger than expected, and may be affecting his entire brain. Please pray for his family, the B. Please pray that his illness isn't fatal. He is only 22 years old. His name is Benjamin. I hope that this kind family doesn't have to lose a loved one.

Please pray for repairs to our Trailer and Truck
Pray for Dana health, job, and desire for a husband
Be with Linda post open heart and stroke, God's healing
Daniel, Krystal, Owen, Em blessings and guidance

Mom relief from her pain
God Bless you

I am praying for restoration of a relationship soon and a good sign of hope tonight. Vindication.
Also some urgent financial needs...
Several issues heavy on my heart. Really need a sign of hope tonight.

I am facing foreclosure, but I believe with God's help, I will keep my house. Please pray for me. God bless

Austin has been depressed and has bouts of anger, he is a good kid ( teenager) pleade pray gor him

Please pray for my family as they pray for me. I am waiting for a heart transplant and I am scared. I would like to be here for my family, watch the grand kids grow up. Just scared. God please help me.

With Love,

Please pray for Mark.

Please pray for me (Dawn).

Please pray for me (Dawn).