Pray for Others

Dear Jesus. I pray with all my heart and soul that you will allow My son Rich to win his appeal of unemployment with Jack -. I pray. I pray. In Jesus's name. Amen!

Please pray for Carol Sue.

Please pray for me (Pray I get a fulltime job through GRPS ).

Please pray for me (Father, please make the little kittens get out from under the hood and stay out of ours and others we don't want to see them hurt....I have to work and need the car...thank You Jesus name. Amen).

Please pray for me (Wendy).

We have been together 52 years. Married 50. My husband I want family members to pay their own way. They all have their hand out. Please pray justin will get a job and be able to support himself. And for Caitlin and Matteo also and for Danny to get sober and move to his own apartment. We are very tired

My granddaughter husband and baby and their dog live with granddaughter just yelled and screamed at me cause her dog keeps getting out....I can't take this nerves are shot. They pay nothing toward bills and save their money...for trips and flights to visit other family

Please pray for Gigi.

Having severe pains in left.arm.can not hold.anything severe pin sensations in left.hand

Praying for a friend in there are.risks