Pray for Others

Please pray for Jean Guanchez and family.

Please pray for complete healing for my son and bring him into a relationship with the Lord. And pray that I draw closer to the Lord in this challenging time and that my family be lifted up In peace and joy. Thank you. Jennifer

Please pray for me (Ross).

Please pray for my daughter and her step fathers relationship. HEALING AMD COMMUNICATION!!!! This has gone on far far to long and they need eachother. Please please pray for their relationship!!

Please pray that bud finds work ASAP. Enough for us to be comfortable. He has a construction business and has no work. We are going to run out of money in a couple weeks. I have multiple health problems. Please pray for us.

Please pray God will not let any Hurricanes up into the Gulf or Florida Panhandle. Please pray he sends them all out to sea and dissipates the winds, totally tear it apart. In Jesus name I ask and pray. Thank you

Pray for me to lose weight. Pray for our sewer to get fixed. Pray for me to get better my knee hurts. Pray for my husband's health and for our marriage. Pray for my son to get a car this week. Pray for my son to get the counseling job

Please pray that we make the right decisions about my dad's furnace and how/when to pay for it. Please pray for God's guidance on this matter. And the roof.

Please pray that my husband Frank, who suffered a brain aneurysm and is in the hospital, will continue to become more and more aware of his surroundings every day, and will respond to the doctors and nurses who speak to him. Please pray that Frank's brain heals a little more each day, that he regains his mental clarity, and that the hospital staff will evaluate him correctly and place him in the proper rehabilitation facility that will give him the best chance of making a full recovery.
Thank you.

We would greatly appreciate your prayers for our family as two of our family members reconcile today. This meeting has taken about 2 years to get to this point. Please pray that God’s Holy Spirit will permeate the entire room and every heart present during this family meeting. Please pray that God will speak through each person in attendance, even if that ‘speaking’ is silence. Please pray that God will put a monitor on each of our hearts and mouths, so that God can work through each life there in a way to bring healing and restoration to our family relationships. Thank you so much for your prayers!