Pray for Others

God, I don't know why you have given my sweet children a father that does not care for them. Why have you allowed him to turn his back on them. Why do my children have to suffer? I just don't understand this pain lord. I can't wait long lord. If you are with us please make miracles happen. Please help me God. I ask you to please help me. I need a miracle. Show me you are with me. Show me a miracle. Place my husband on his knees before you. Please save my husbands soul I ask you in Jesus name, Amen.

Lot of debts

No children,

Our management falsely acused me,and made an enquery with me,arranged false witness and finally depromoted me due to politics.

I was depromoted from head teacher to a teacher by our christian management.

prayer for career employment restored, have terr come back, prayer all goes well, prayer for kk to restore employment, prayer for no prob with car, prayer for no fi bt, prayer for gods hand over me, his grace, his mercy and his favor, god bles.

Faith to trust God and to be able to hear the holy spirit

***Please Pray, for my 38 yr. old Grandson, Chris, and 38 yr. old Chelsy, who are expecting a baby girl in, about 6 days, and have absolutely, NO idea of how to support themselves, or the baby, with strikes against them!! Thanks

To get a good vehicle n to pass my license driving test in Jesus s name

I have applied for several jobs and also attended an interview for a teacher/ trainer position part-time or full-time. I want to work only where God wishes me to work. Tomorrow August 3rd, 2015 I have a job interview with an A. A. called N. C. of A. around my time in I. between 11 and 1pm. If it is God's will let this job work out for me. I desperao need work as my finances are running low. Please pray for me. Thank you for praying. God bless each one of you for praying for me. I thank the Lord for each one of you.