Pray for Others

In thanksgiving for prayers answered! Thank you, Heavenly Father!! Glory and praise to you, Lord Jesus, Christ!

Father, I ask you to please let my husband get the job so we can pay the rent! Amen

God thank You for Scott. You know how much I love him. Please soften his heart and open his eyes. Please help him realize how much I love him and that I will never hurt him. Please help him realize how much he loves me and please have him act on it. I know that he loves me God, but he is scared. Please swing open the doors of his heart. God that you for having each of us be the one the other has been waiting and asking for. I know in my heart that he is the one. That you intend for us to be husband and wife and have a family together. God I pray that you continue to put up barriers and road blocks on all paths that don't have us walking towards one another. I thank you for Sherry and his parents. Please help them have the right words to say to him to soften his heart towards me and open his eyes. To trust me enough to give a relationship with me a chance. God I know that You have control over this relationship. Please surprise me with what you have in store .

Please pray for healing of my fractured elbow and that the pain will be reduced and the healing will be complete.

Please pray for me (Karen ).

Please pray for Mimi .

Please pray for my daughter, Katie and her son Atticus, protect them from harm or abuse.shield Katie from the father of her child and his illegal activities that she is safely removed from this and no longer deceived..

Please pray for my nephew who has been diagnosed with a rare disease that could become debilitating arthritis and he is only 35. Please pray for his treatment and complete healing and also that through this his family's faith will be strengthened.

Please pray for health issues for Tina. Her family includes a tiny baby and she has been diagnosed with a growth on her optic nerve that needs further testing. May our Lord heal her.

Please pray for Maxwell Appawu .