Pray for Others

I have had a physical ailment of bleeding for a long time now. I am asking for prayer for complete healing. Thank you

Please pray for my son Logan as he deals with mental Illness. Please make him realize that he has a problem and have him work on it. Just teach him to relax and not taking things too seriously. Please help him eat healthier so he can heal better. Please give his mother strength and wisdom to deal with his mental illness. In the name of the Lord Thank you.

healing,peace,love,joy,grace,favor,finances,protection,comfort,the blood of Jesus covering me,my home,car,job,blessings,and all things concerning me

Please pray for protection of my back at work etc. Asking I will stay healthy too, I am in a new work environment one that may expose me to more bugs. Thanks.

I've misplaced some files at work and could use some serious prayer. They are extremely private. Thank you.

Wes has a broken hip, and mental confusion that is hindering his recovery. He's also suffered from back pain for a long time. Please pray for him, for his family, and for his doctors.

Please pray for my niece Leanne in ICU.. Jesus Christ healing

My husband, Bob had a big heart attack a couple of years ago. He now has pain and weakness in his knee. He is as risk for surgery because of his heart. Please ask the Lord to heal his knee or have a safe surgery. Thank you in Jesus name.

Please pray for Farrah. She broke her leg in two different places. Thank you.

My sister is having another surgery on 09-03-15. Please pray that this will be her last one. She is raising a grandchild and great-grandchild and needs to get back on her feet quickly to continue caring for them. She has a strong faith and has perservered in the face of extreme financial and health problems. Please pray for a healing for her and her family.