Pray for Others

Please pray for me! I finances are gone, cannot seem to get job no matter how interviews and job I apply for I cannot seem to get ahead. I need help from God to please bless us financially through these bad times! I am so grateful, God bless all...amen

Please pray for Becky with stomach issues, thank you

Dear volunteers over the past few weeks I have been asking for prayers for my sister Maria who is fighting an aggressive form of breast cancer. Please continue to offer up those prayers. She is still taking chemo and will have scans next week to determine who progress. Please pray for her to get through tis ordeal and for good scans next week. Please also give her the courage to keep fighting. Keep her husband David in your prayers too. Pray that The Lord continues to give hi. Good health and strength as he helps his wife with her journey. Thanks for all of the prayers that you offer up for so many. God bless you all!

I have to go get testing after an abnormal test result at the Dr's. tomorrow. If I could have prayers for the Lord to grant me a good test result and give me strength and courage to not worry I would really appreciate it. Thank you so much!

God, I love u with all my heart, soul, mind & strength, Thanks for all my blessings, Please keep me & my family SAFE. God, Please restore my hearing in my ears & Please help me to feel better- I feel like I am coming down w/ a cold )Not good )

I thank god for my beatiful home. For my family and friends that moved me.i pray for
safe travel time over labor day weekend.for our family. amen Barb

In Jesus back hurts now gives me troubles. Looking for a better job...hopefully the Lord answers. Thank you.

Degenerative sic disease and ruptured discs in upper and lower spine that is making it difficult to walk and have quality of life - 24/7 pain

Please pray for my son Timothy and his family. His addiction and untruths are breaking the marriage. Three young children are impacted. Please pray for us all.

I just received a cancer diagnosis.. Please pray that I will have the strength to walk this road without taking my frustrations out on loved ones and friends who shae in my fear and try to help.