Pray for Others

I ask for prayer for myself and my family (Willie Gene, Michaela, Robert and Brandi) may we accomplish all we need to today and do so without fear. There is much to do and be done. Thank you for praying.

Please join me in prayer and ask God to provide me with a steady job, money, a car and a home for me and my family. I ask that he will watch over me and give me the necessities we need in life. Thank you for your prayers. I ask all these things in Gods name. Amen

Please pray for me. My job stinks. Yes, I am thankful I have a job but I have crappy coworkers. I wanted to take off tomorrow to be with my husband who is going on a business trip for 8 days. Well. now my boss might not be in and the Joann in the back says she is only to answer phones in an emergency. Well, I thought Joann was a friend.
I will take off tomorrow afternoon regardless.
God Bless,

Is this career move really from God and is it His Will that I do this.

Dear Lord, this is for the first time in my life that I have a clear picture of what I want by your grace. Lord I have applied for my change of branch to computer science on 13 july but the procedure is so complicated and slow that it is really getting over me. Add to that the quota system here owing to which despite of topping in my college, chances are slim. Now they have called a meeting on july 31. Lord it is really nerve wreaking and the system is unfair. Lord if in the meeting my seat goes to someone else, I will start crying then and there only. Lord I don't know how you will do but do this for me. this system is unfair Lord but you are just. This is for the first time in my life that I want something with this much intensity. Lord this is my plea. please listen to it Lord, please because only you can do this,none else. Please lord,please. I have faith in you. In your name,power and grace. Amen.

1. Pray that the Lord make me the head and not the tail on my job. 2. Give me favor with supervisors Aurelia and dept heads change rules and regulations just for me!
3. Give me answers of Peace on job with promotion and more money with Good early Retirement with good Benefits.
4. Lord give me Financial Security, and my chosen Godly mate he will bless me with. Mate to be manifested in my life permanetly with Peace, Unity, and him a healer and Unifier!
5. Do a Suddenly in my Realestate Career with Commercial Bldg ownership and large sales. Bless me to be a Blessing!!!
5. Children and seed serving God and walking in their Purpose and Destiny, with financial security.
In the Name of Jesus/Jeshuah

I am desperate for money.

Please say a prayer for me I need a job now since the one I had for 3 years is no longer available, my SS check does not cover my rent or meds and at my 71 years noone wants to hire, I don't look or act my age but people don't want to take chances, I am really worry and the only place I can count for help is with THE LORD . Thank you for your help.

Pray I pass the state test today. I need to pass so I can keep my job.

I ask that you join me in prayer and ask God to provide me with job security and employment for me and my children. I ask that he will continue to provide a regular scheduled paycheck for me and my family and allow me to get a car and home of my own. I ask all these things in Gods name thank you and Amen