Pray for Others

Pray that THE CROSS OF CHRIST stands between me and getting my life in order: my home, my job, my finances, etc.

My life is a complete disaster.. Being destroyed by 2 people who are Evil, my ex husband and his NEW wife. He is a minister who had affair while married to me,with my best friend now he's married to her, still preaching.But destroyed my life and continues to So. No word to describe the agony, really no reason to ask you to pray for me, nothing is going to change. Sorry to bother you. Pray for someone else.

I have been widowed for five years. I will admit that the hardest part has been getting use to being alone. It has given me courage to do things I never thought I would do. But most of all I would like to get married again. I want to not marry in haste, instead I would like to marry someone that likes many of the same things I do and enjoy everyday life.

Please pray for healing for D. Father we give You praise. Please heal the drain D's been wearing so it can be removed very soon. We thank You for what You're doing in D's life. Please bless abundantly all the people in D's life that have help D. In Jesus name. Thank you all for your prayers. God bless you all.

Larry - undergoing open heart surgery
Marie - awaiting breast cancer surgery

Please pray for my son. He is struggling right now. Jesus, let Him turn to You for answers. In Jesus Name. Amen.

Please pray for EDB.

Please pray for Me.

Please pray for My family.

Please pray for Deanna.