Pray for Others

Please pray for love, a husband and family for me.

Please pray for Ray.

Please pray for dee's mom as she just had a heart attack. Pray she, along with her kids will see Gids hand move in this situation, and the ones that don't know Jesus will come to know and love Him. In Jesus name--thx

Pleases prey for me thank you an god bless

Glorious God, provider, redeemer, and friend, you have told us to keep on knocking and give you no rest. The child for us is here right now. Bring many and big big sales to our home business. The abundance overflows for we are knocking consistently. Bring glory to your name through your children's business. Right now here it is praise God ty Lord

For my son Justin who is going through the process of becoming a girl. Please pray that the demons he's listening to will be silenced and that GOD will intervene.
For my daughter Riki please pray that the demons that are speaking to her will be silenced and that she can get back to the loving Christian she used to be and know JESUS loves her.
For my son Eddie who is living on the streets of C., addicted to heroin, and has become a thief. Please pray that the demons telling him that GOD doesn't love nor want him back will be silenced. That he will come back to his senses and be the wonderful Christian and father that he used to be.
Those are the most important!!!!
But I also have 2 daughters that need to come back to the LORD and raise their children accordingly.

Please pray for All the families of crew members on ship that is lost at sea in Atlantic waters .

Please pray baby Lily is happy,healthy,safe and with her family and they are well too. Thank U

please pray that daughter gets hired for a job in her career field (fashion design) she needs a job bad,she has worked so hard to get through college and deserves a break

My nephew is 13. His dad is in prison and he has a lot of anger about it. He is constantly in fights and being disrespectful at school which has lead to many suspensions. In addition, he is short and is bullied quite often. I would like for Our Prayer to pray for him.