Pray for Others

Please pray for Rita.

Please pray for me (Laura).

Help me find the funds I need

Please pray for my family

Please pray for my boyfriend Adam. He is going through some things at work that can greatly affect his life and his sobriety.

I pray for all armed forces who fought for our freedom. I pray for their families as well. I pray for all my deceased family members, friends and that of the world. in Jesus Holy Name. Amen.

I need help my doctor said i have to get down 230 lbs and i 260lbs i get close to it i have been 240lbs three times and then something happens i get sick or i hurt my back and i can't walk or any exercise i am 58yrs old please help me pray for this to happen.

Please pray for healing for my husband, Ray, who is suffering from a salivary gland infection. Thank you!

That Erin- does all she needs to to get her children back. That she grows up and starts thinking of her children first.

Please lord put my mind at ease with my teeth please help me to stop worrying so much over nothing.