Pray for Others

Please pray for my mom,Alice.

Please pray that God will bless me with a good paying job with benefits, preferably in healthcare (hospice). Many blessings for your faithfulness.

I got let go from a job. Praying my unemployment happens, and praying its more than enough to live on. Thank you

My marriage is at a breaking point. Please pray for God to give me strength during this time.

My hair has been thinning & breaking off badly. I also have bald spots on my scalp. Please pray for a complete healing of this condition for me and my cousin Brenda.

Please pray for Tim.

Please pray for me (Jenny).

11/26/2015 3:03pm

I ask that your continue to join me in prayer for immediate, total and complete restoration of my marriage as well as total deliverance for my husband and release from all demons, spirits, hexes, curses, spells, enchantments and witchcraft that has been put upon him by a voodoo worker in C. Thank You and God Bless You.

I have IBS as well as other colon problems. Lord please help me, I'm in such pain. I want to be healed. By the strips on your back, I am healed. Amen.