Pray for Others

Please pray for me (Bernice ).

Please, God, please help me..........heal me............spare me! I ask in Jesus' name. Thank you!!

Please pray with me that I get a new roommate who is quiet/clean/etc.

Please pray for a woman who is stalking and threatening my family. She is also spreading gossip and malicious rumors in an attempt to destroy me and my job. Please pray that she will receive God into her heart and that he will convict her of her wrong doing. She is very rich and her son is an attorney. My family is poor and I do not have the resources to fight her in court. Please pray for my family as this woman continues to harass us that God would protect us and prevent her from doing harm. Thank you and God Bless.

I would like to pray for Matt's safe trip back home. May his flight go well and he not face any hassles while traveling. If things do happen, I pray that you give him a sense of patience, peace and joy on his journey. Please bless him with a happy heart and a desire to serve God. Thank you for your prayers. :)

My husband was laid off 3 years ago. He is having a very difficult time finding a job. We have gone thru most of our retirement savings just to survive and it is almost gone. Trying to feed and clothe two young kids. Please pray for God's mercy on us that he can find a job in our area with a decent income and that he will also find a Godly Christian mentor as well. Thank you so much.

God I need a female companion to share my life with. In Jesus name i ask for this miracle today.. A man

Thanks for your prayers.Just today,God opened up my eyes of understanding to a problem I've had for a long time,only pray that I go about the solving it in the right way. I can't count all of the mercy,grace,love and blessings the Lord bestows upon me everyday,even in my weakest moments,He comes through for me.Keep praying for Penny -,Nathan-,the rest of my family,in particular Vic-,my neighbors,pets,and our enemies.

Please pray for my daughter, Ivy and her relationships with Justin. Please pray that he does not end up breaking her heart. Even though he already has.
Please lift her up and help her bounce back from this quickly. Help her to be strong. Help her to stop making excuses for his actions.
She forgive his actions, I find it hard to. I know it's not for me to forgive; help me dear Lord. My heart aches for her hurt.
Please pray for her to find love and happiness. Please let Justin really feel bad. Help me not to dwell on this and to be ok if Ivy forgives him.
Pray for my daughter to be strong. Pray that he calls and talks this through with her. Not hearing from him is torture for her. I pray he does really loves her. She thinks something is wrong with her.
Also, please pray that her stomach pain is not an ulcer or anything worse. She's under stress with her college work and now with this issue with Justin.
I need you oh Lord. Ivy needs you dear Lord.

Please pray for Skylar .